Lwazi keeps getting phone call after phone call and I don't know what to think. So I just head upstairs the sun is out already and

  my baby could wake up before I do anything.

Unfortunately for me Zendaya wakes up as soon as I get to my bedroom. So I attend to her.

Lwazi goes to her room later and so do I. I go downstairs with Zendaya and call Mrs Daniels who agrees to babysit. I tell Lwazi I'll be right back and she doesn't seem to mind.

I leave the baby with Mrs Daniels and catch up a bit with her.

 "Fane and Matt are fighting for the first time since they lived together." She says.

"Is it serious?" I ask.

"No they'll fix it. It's just insecurities on both sides." She says. "I won't worry much then." I say.

We say our goodbyes and I'm driven to Lifestyle Centre. I shop for some supplies and leave. I then decide to Google Mr B on the way home.

He's a year older than Khulekani at 30 and he is sexy though I

 think Khule is sexier. He has long dreadlocks and he sorta looks like that Phil guy I see on WAGS: Miami mixed with Boris Kodjoe. He owns two night clubs in Durban and Cape Town. He's also into Property. He has been investigated before he was accused of dealing with blood diamonds but nothing was found. He's also single as far as the media knows.

I get to the house and find Lwazi staring into space with the television on.

She doesn't see me till I'm in front of her.

"You're back? Where's Daya? I wanna hold her." She says. "Mrs Daniels is bringing her later... I googled your boyfriend." I say.

"Oh... And?" She says.

"He was investigated for blood diamonds." I say.

"I know..." She replies.

"He's cute though." I say smiling.

"Isn't he? He's a dream! I love his hair! His smile those lips the body..." She raves.

 I can see her eyes she loves him I can just tell she's as obsessed with him as he is with her.

I listen to her talk about him and a few minutes later there's a knock. I open and it's Sphelele. She comes in and greets. "Sis I'm here visiting my neice." She says and smiles at me. "She's at Matt's house." I say.

"No fair! Fanele gets to babysit? Ai" She complains.

"Spend the night. I'm sorry." I say.

 "Really? Awesome!" She's excited.

"Call Mfundo neh?" I say.

"On it." She says and heads upstairs.

"Use Mfundo's room. Lwazi is in the spare bedroom." I call after her.

Lwazi and I watch t.v. for an hour and there's a knock again. This time it's Fanele and Matt with the baby.

"You guys stop playing happy families with my baby." I say smiling at them.

 "We're not! Thank you for bringing her. Kai just brings so much joy." Matt says.

"Something to drink?" I offer.

"No we have a date. I'll call you later sis. Bye Kai." Fanele. "Bye Kai." Matt to the child.

"Alright you two. Have fun." I say. I'm glad they worked it out.

Khule is calling.


Khule: Babes.

Me: Yes husband.

Khule: We found Khulani.

Me: Oh my! That's excellent! I'm so glad!

Khule: Yeah but his mother wasn't with him.

Me: Wait he was alone?

Khule: No. She left him with a relative from her mother's side in Lesotho.

Me: Wait you're in Lesotho?

 Khule: Yes. Ngubo and I flew here.

Me: Alright. As long as the baby is fine.

Khule: Tomorrow I'm coming back and Ngubo is taking Khulani to Magobeni with him.

Me: Okay be safe.

Khule: Will do. I love you and my daughter. And tell Lwazi it'll be okay.


 He said tell Lwazi it'll be okay? Huh? What is wrong with Lwazi? I go to her and hand Zendaya over to her. She smiles and takes her.

"Hakeem says it'll be okay." I say.

She looks at me.

"I don't know hey." She says.

"What's up?" I ask.

"It's the house in Ghana. Only a single room burnt down and it happened to be where the housekeeper was." She says.

 "Lwazi!" I exclaim.

"I didn't know her. Her name is hard for me to pronounce and she was only 34. I don't know the house either. I did ask Mike to donate a lot of money to her family. He promised he would so I know her family is financially well now but at the cost of her life and that doesn't feel good. Infact it feels wrong as if I'm bribing them but it's the least I can do." She says.

"Lwazi this stuff is scary. Are you sure you want to live like this?" I ask.

"Neleh I'm not sure. I'm only sure I love him." She says.

I give up. Sphe comes downstairs and asks that we order pizza. I miss cooking so I let her but I cook pasta too. The food can be a surplus it's okay.

Lwazi smiles at me cooking and says "You're still her. The girl who hardly smiled at anyone but cooked for everyone and made them smile. You're just married and mannered now."

"And you're still her

"You're still her. The girl who hardly smiled at anyone but cooked for everyone and made them smile. You're just married and mannered now."

"And you're still her the only girl to love me at first glance. Love me despite me not liking anyone. My only friend. You're just in

 love too deep now." I say to her with a huge grin. We laugh.

I'm done cooking and me and Lwazi eat pasta while Sphe eats the pizza and we're watching a movie. When we're done I'm full but Lwazi eats the pizza too. There were two pizzas and only eight pieces are left. These two can eat shame.

I pack the pizza to the fridge and Lwazi and I go upstairs.

 I fell asleep in Lwazi's bed we're cuddling. I wake up and I just look at her. My friend is beautiful that I know. I'm just worried about the man she loves being the death of her.

Zendaya didn't cry last night and I think Sphe took care of her. A call on Lwazi's phone and it's Michael. I don't know if I should wake her up or let it ring. I decide to wake her up and she just looks at me like I am evil.

"Michael is calling." I say.

"Oh shit!" She takes her phone.

 I leave her bed and I see Khulekani in bed with Zendaya.

He's back! I rush to bed and kiss him all over his face careful not to make noise and wake the princess up. He smiles and whispers "Take her to her crib."

I do as I'm told and come back to bed. I join him and we cuddle. "Is Khulani okay?" I ask.

"Yeah. He's fine. Mother said she would raise him." He tells me. "Your mother?" I ask sarcastically.

"Yes" He laughs hard.

"And what's up with Mr B?" I had to ask.

"I knew that was coming... Well wifey Mr B is... A friend of mine." He says.

"Okay but I'm not a child. I know he has to be a criminal to be like this. His housekeeper dies alone in a burning room? He buys Lwazi a lot of things even houses?..." I say.

"Okay look his father who was a business associate of Ngubos left him all his money and his businesses. Little did he know that meant dealing in diamonds... illegally. But him being smart he

 built businesses that are legit. He invested in real estate and other businesses. He's a multimillionaire and his real net worth is hidden because he can't explain the injections from the blood diamonds. He is my friend because out fathers made sure we met when we were 12 and since we got along we kept touch and would come with long as the other would be there. We didn't realize it then but now we know they were extending the connection with the families and the business. I'm also his doctor

 and I'm the one who checked Lwazi after he beat her up. He assured me he wouldn't do it again but I was angry he did the first time so we drifted apart a bit. Now we're cool again since he's proved he hasn't hit her and he's protecting her and buying her all this legit stuff." He says.

"Khulekani no! You were the doctor that helped her? And you didn't tell me?" I ask.

"Doctor-Patient confidentiality. I couldn't tell you even if it had been your sister." He tells me.

 "Mhm... Wow so he is dangerous." I say.

"Yes when attacked. He is currently looking for the people who killed his housekeeper therefore right now he is dangerous because he feels this was a personal thing." He says.

"But... Wait... Listen..." I hear something from Lwazi's room and I can see he hears it too.

I rush to her while he puts on a t-shirt and some pants. I find Lwazi in the bathroom and she's seriously puking.

I don't know what to do so I offer her water and she says she's fine.

Khulekani comes in and looks at her. She turns and sees him. "Hakeem..." She says.

"You didn't come for an injection last month." He says.

"I did Hakeem." She says.

"No Nolwazi you didn't. I'll go buy you a test." He says and leaves.

"Nolwazi" I say looking at her.

She looks at me and says

 "I'm hungry."

God help us. I go downstairs and just before I can take out the pan she comes down and says "Can I have the pizza from last night". There's 4 pieces left I'm guessing Khule had some and she takes the cold pizza and eats it without even heating it. I look at her and then I make breakfast for me Khule and Sphe. She heads upstairs with the pizza saying the smell of eggs isn't for her. Odd she just made eggs about three days ago. Khulekani

 comes back and goes upstairs then he comes down minutes later. Sphe follows and we have breakfast.

"Looks like you're ready to go Sphe." I say.

"Yeah Akin is picking me up in a few." She replies.

"Good..." I say and Lwazi interrupts me with a scream from upstairs.

I look at Khule and he just continues eating. So I run upstairs and find her looking at a pregnancy test. She gives it to me. It's positive and it says she's three weeks and five days along. No

 wonder she's been crying non stop.

I hug her. I don't know if I should be happy or not with the baby being Mr Boateng's.


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