I don't know how she can say she even loves him!

"Lwazi what about all that is lovable?" I ask.

"He has never hit me since that first time. He makes me feel important. He does things for me and doesn't expect anything in return. He stayed with me even when I denied him sex and told him I don't love him. He told me he loves me. He protects me. He bought all my cars in my name. He always checks up on me though he knows exactly what I'm doing and where. He never makes me feel like I'm not his only one. He always picks up when I call. He calls me an angel and he puts up with my outbursts. He comforts me. He never leaves no matter what I say. He told me

  he's here because he loves me and if he didn't he would've left by now. He is into me all of me." She says.

"Sounds like he's obsessed." I say.

"Yes maybe. But he's not going to leave me. He's not going to make me second guess myself. Long as I follow his rules." She tells me.

"Rules? You live by rules?" I ask.

 "Yes simple stuff like not giving the guards a hard time never having a guard in the house unless there's an emergency coming home every night and if I'm angry I sleep in our bed and he can use the spare bedroom. I don't meet his business associates. I don't go to his clubs also." She says.

"What? Nolwazi are you crazy?" I ask her.

"No. I know it's not right. That's why I don't know if I wanna go back there but I also love him Neleh." She says.

"Lwazi no..." I just look at her with tears falling down my cheeks.

 "I know... I know." She cries.

We cuddle and fall asleep. We're woken up by Zendaya crying and we head upstairs. I attend to Zendaya and Lwazi goes to her room.

I decide to ask about this Michael Boateng guy

but I have to be clever. My guards don't have a rule against being inside so I go downstairs and open the door. One of them they call him Oga rushes to me and asks what's wrong. I just tell him to come in. "Oga do you know Mr Michael Boateng?" I ask.

He just looks at me and bows his head.

"No it's just the guards he hired were following us." I say. "Madam Mr Boateng uses our security a lot especially to protect Miss Nolwazi. That is all I know." He says.

I thank and dismiss him. He clearly won't tell me much. I call Hakeem and he answers immediately.


Khule: Babes what's wrong?

Me: Nothing baby.

 Khule: Okay so? The worry in your voice is in my imagination? Me: No but we're fine... It's Lwazi... She's..

Khule: Dating Mr B.

Me: Huh?

Khule: Yes. I know. She's with Mr Boateng Me: What?

 Khule: It's complicated but I'll explain soon. Don't try and save her. Mr B isn't someone you want to make an enemy of. Besides he promised never to lay a hand on her again.

Me: How do you know such an evil person.

Khule: I'll explain later. Babes I have to go. I love you and my baby girl.


What is up with this guy? Even Khule knows him? But how? What has Lwazi put herself in? She even spoke of cars. I thought she

 only had the Range.

I see Lwazi run downstairs towards me and she looks like she's been crying.

"My Ghana house is burning!" She tells me.

"Your what?" I ask.

"I didn't know I had a house in Ghana until today either. I got a call that it's burning. Now Michael says to stay here and not go to work or my house." She tells me.

"How can you have property in Ghana and not know?" I ask.

"I don't know either. I'm just worried about Michael." She says. This must be some joke. Lwazi is kidding. A house in Ghana? Nah no way.


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