I asked the guards to take us to Thabiso's place and they obliged only after calling Khulekani and asking if it's okay. I really don't get the fuss but okay.

I buzz Thabiso and after almost thirty minutes he opens up for me. Only me and Zendaya go in leaving the guards in the car at the parking.

The flat is dirty but not too much. Mostly it's just baby toys. Uthando comes running to me and I put Zendaya on the sofa and hug her. She looks happy.

 She's telling me lots of stories I can hardly make out but I'm just happy she's okay. Thabiso comes to us and I look at him. He seems to not be taking care of himself his hair isn't cut and his beard isn't either but at least he's clean.

He greets me and sits opposite me and Zendaya while Uthando plays with Zendaya trying to get her to play with her toys.

"Did the family tell you?" I ask.

"How MaRadebe is the devil? Yes." He says with so much anger. "I'm hurt because I am the prize Msweli would've won." I say.

"I hope they both never come out of jail. I actually want to..." He stops himself.

"Don't say it infront of the kids. I understand. They deserve it." I say.

"They will get it." He tells me.

"Thabiso..." I say and he raises his hand.

"I know. I just can't allow them to live." He says.

"They deserve pain. Not death." I say.

"They'll get both." Thabiso says and offers me something to drink.

 "No thanks. I'm here to beg you to allow the family in." I say.

"It's hard Maka Nokwanda. It's really hard. I don't want Uthando forgetting her mother. Ever." He says.

"Thabiso she won't be replaced. No one can replace Bongi. She was unique. Uthando's birth mother. No matter if someone tries they can never be her. You can make Uthando be aware of who her mother is but if she's not around she's bound to forget her. You can only keep her memory alive." I say.

 He looks at me and I can see tears from his eyes.

"I'll try Maka Nokwanda. I promise." He says.

He receives a phone call and leaves the room. I turn to Uthando and she's busy with her toys and still trying to get Zendaya to play with her. It's cute. I ask her if she's hungry and she says she wants pop corn. I laugh and say no but I can make her a sandwich and she says

"Okay aunty. I can have a sandwich."

I get up and make the sandwich. It's simple bread tomatoes

 mayo and strips from the chicken in the microwave here.

I give it to her and she says

and strips from the chicken in the microwave here.

I give it to her and she says "Mama puts on tomato sauce."

I smile and look for it. I pour juice for her and watch her eat. She's not concentrating on the food but I'm glad she is eating.

I look up and Thabiso looks like he just saw a ghost. He shakes his head and says "I'm so sorry. That's never happened before." "What?" I ask him.

"For a minute you were Lango in my eyes." He says.

I stop and look at him. I don't know what to say so I ask about the call.

"Oh that... Uhm... Msweli is dead." Thabiso.

"What? When?" I'm shocked.

"This morning. Half past eight." He says blankly.

This is shocking. I know I wished him bad things but death? Death is too easy.

I decide I'll ask Khulekani about it later for now Lwazi was texting so I had to go home. We said our goodbyes and I promised to see them soon.

 I get to the house before Lwazi and try to get her room ready. Zendaya isn't having it though. I end up looking after her until Lwazi arrived.

"New housemate alert!" She says as soon as she gets in. "Finally we're in the big brother house together!" I say and she laughs.

"I noticed the guards hey. Hectic." She says.

"I know hey. It's too much but hey what can I do." I say.

 "Where is my baby?" She asks.

"She just fell asleep." I say.

"Alrighty lemme take these upstairs." She says.

I order food for us and check for movies we can watch. Khule calls.


Khule: Hey babes.

Me: Khulekani Hakeem Ngubo.

Khule: Haha you guys okay?

 Me: We're fine. Lwazi just got here.

Khule: I know.

Me: Oh the guards... Well Thabiso told me something too.

Khule: Yeah. Msweli is dead.

Me: Did you do anything?

Khule: Oh no my darling. It was suicide.

Me: Oh alright. Progress on MaRadebe?

Khule: No. Nothing yet.

Me: Is Ma okay?

Khule: She's fine. Just pissed. Ngubo is livid.

Me: Understandably. Send my love to them okay?

Khule: No problem.

Me: I love you.

Khule: I love you more. Kiss my baby for me.


I don't believe he didn't do anything. I know he hates Msweli. I just realized I couldn't talk about it over the phone. Lwazi is taking too long upstairs so I go up to see what's holding her.

 She's not in her room.... Hmm strange.

I go check Zendaya's room and it's half open. I hear Lwazi talk while crying.

"She would've been a month older than you Daya... I just couldn't protect her. He took her from me before I could even hold her. I mean it might have even been him... He took away my child..." She says.

 I'm shocked. I don't know whether I should go in or not but I don't want her thinking I'm in her business... No this is my best friend. I have to talk to her.

"Nolwazi..." I say and rush to hug her.

"I couldn't save my baby Neleh. I had no chance. I didn't even know... He did it I love him but he did it." She cries in my arms. "What happened Lwazi? Tell me everything." I say.

She cries and after a while calms down. I take her downstairs luckily one of the guards took the food when it arrived. They don't

 eat at the house and apparently it's a rule so I ordered just for me and Lwazi.

She takes a fruit then she goes to her room. I won't eat this alone so I make a sandwich and go to Zendaya. I know she'll be up soon.

I wake up and shower then I bathe Zendaya and dress her up then we head downstairs. I'm in a grey body hugging dress that's below the knees... Lwazi is up a few minutes later and she's showered and looks good in black leggings and a white vest. She greets and makes us breakfast as I'm feeding Zendaya. She isn't saying much and I don't want to push.

"How about Westwood today? Change of scenery?" I ask.

"No problem. We can go but I'll put jeans on." She says.

That's odd. She has never been the type to worry about leggings in public. I don't ask though.

After breakfast we take Zendaya's stroller and her bag and head out. The drivers help us pack everything and we're driven there. After shopping and laughter and a full day of feeling like it's the

 old times before Khulekani and Zendaya we go back home. She looks lighter and happier.

On the way back our guard who is also driving us tells us one of their men are following us but they don't know why because it's not under Prince Khulekani's orders. I get anxious and try calling Khule. Lwazi stops me and sighs.

"They're guarding me." She says in almost a sigh. "You?" I ask.

 "Yes... I'll explain later. It's Michael Boateng's order. You can call and ask them since they work with you." She tells the driver.

He calls and confirms then he says it's alright. I look at Lwazi and she looks out the window. Eventually I give up. We get home and she goes to her room straight.

I take out yesterday's dinner and reheat it a couple of hours later after being with Zendaya. Lwazi comes downstairs and sits with me.

We eat in silence while watching t.v. She eventually breaks the


"I met him that December the one where you lost your mother. He is a business owner. He came to me during a meeting with a client and kept annoying me till I had to give him my number so he leaves. He introduced himself as Michael. He called so often I got used to it and it became an everyday thing. I loved his voice. He was from a Ghanaian father and a Swazi mother. Light skinned tall and muscular but you can tell he's got foreign in him. A beautiful mind too. He asked me to visit him two weeks later and I agreed. We had fun at his flat and ended up having sex. After that he got possessive. He would freak out over my long hours at work what I wear and one day I slept at a hotel because I was tipsy and came back to my apartment the day after. I found him there waiting for me. I don't know how he got in but he was there. He asked me where I slept I told him and he then asked me why I am with him if I won't sleep next to him. He said I should always be with him. He said a good woman sleeps at home. Then he got up and started beating me up. He slapped kicked and

 dragged me through the floor. Then he stopped and called a doctor. The doctor checked me and said I must come with him to his office. Michael took me to the doctor himself after making me take a shower. He also hid my face so nobody sees me. We got there and the doctor tested some stuff and found out I had been pregnant and lost the baby... Michael was furious and hurt so he kept apologising. I pretended to not blame him and blamed myself instead. I tried getting him arrested but he came back four hours

 later and apologised some more. He stalked me and violated the protection order I got for him daily. I realised I can't do anything about him. He moved my stuff to a house he bought for me. It's under my name. I tried moving back to my house but he moved the stuff back to the new house same day. So now I sleep with him in my bed. He tells me he loves me and as much as I love him I never say it back. I can't forgive him for killing our child... The only way I'm here is because I begged and blackmailed him to prove he trusted me and would never hit me again... I don't

 know if I want to go back there Neleh." She's crying and looking at me.

My mouth is on the floor and I'm crying too. This Michael is heartless. I don't know how she can say she even loves him!


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