I accepted Msweli's request to see me against Khulekani and his family's wishes I want this thing solved. I decided to do it while Khulekani is at work. I can leave Zendaya with Fanele at Mrs Daniel's house. I have to understand why Msweli did that.

They tell me they can hear what he says and they can see everything so I shouldn't worry. It's an interrogation room. The

  police man opens the door and I see him sitting with his hands cuffed. He's still wearing the clothes from that day my wedding day and it's been a week since. He smiles as soon as he sees me and tries to get up. I stop and he sits back down. I continue walking till I'm in front of him then I sit down.

"You came. Thank you for coming." He's a bit happy.

"You have a minute. Why did you do this?" I ask.

"Wow just a minute huh... I love you. At first I thought it was just because you look like Daya but eventually I fell for you. All of you." He says.

"I'm going. None of that tells me why you ruined my wedding day and asked for money in exchange for me." I say.

"I wasn't going to let you go. I would've gotten the money and left with you. I wanted us to be together." He says.

"You belong in a mental institution. Trust me. You love me but would've taken me away from my child?" I ask getting furious. "Yes she would've just been a reminder of the past. We couldn't take her." He's so calm.

 "You're insane! Bye." I stand up to go.

"I know who killed Bongeka." He says.

"What?!" I ask.

"Yes. I know who killed her. It was me but Lerato was trying to kill Mrs Ngubo not her. She said she would pay me and I could have you." He says.

"What?" I'm devastated and almost out of breath.

 "I'm sorry about your friend. It wasn't supposed to be her." He says.

"How was MaRadebe gonna get you me?" I ask horrified. "She was going to give me money and lure you into a trap so I can leave with you." He says.

"Do you have proof Lerato did this?" I ask and sit down.

"Yes. I wanted to tell you first. I will show everything to the police. I just wanted to tell you first." He says.

"Where?" I ask.

 "My phone. I kept every detail... Trevor I let Trevor know about you anonymously... Nomvula too." He says.

"What? Why would you do that?" I ask with disbelief.

"To shake your love for Khulekani. Show you he wasn't right for you." He says looking at me.

"You are sick!" I say crying.

"It wasn't meant to end like this... I love you." He says.

"I wish they could get you and MaRadebe the same cell and throw away the key. You deserve it. Actually I hope you get raped in jail and can't sit your ass for months. Nxx." I say coldly and walk away.

There is a reason I only have one friend. I am not nice.

I drive back home after a talk with the police. I'll get Zendaya later.

I get in the house and break down at the door. I can't believe this! How do I tell Hakeem this? Do I tell him? Poor Bongi. She died because of jealousy and twisted apparent love for me. Honestly

 how will Thabiso take this? His parents? Bongi's? This is too painful.

An hour later I'm getting ready to get Zendaya and Hakeem rushes in.

"Baby!" He says when he sees me.

"Khulekani?" I look at him.

"I have to tell you something." He says.

Oh snap! He knows. I know him. He thinks I don't know though.

 "I went to see Msweli." I say before he says anything.

"What? I told you not to!" He's angry.

"I had to. Now we know the truth. I did more than hurt your family with how I look. I hurt them with my presence. Thabiso lost Bongi..." I'm in tears and he's just looking at me.

He walks past me in the kitchen and goes upstairs. Snap! He is really angry. I cry unattended for a minute and I realize he's not coming here. I walk up and find him undoing his shirt like it's art he's perfected. He just hasn't changed. He still behaves like

 everything is done using a method.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have went there..." I say.

"When did you realise that? The moment you did it? After you did it? Or right when I told you not to?" He asks.

How do I even answer that? Where do I start? I feel so bad. He gets fully naked and goes into the bathroom.

I think of joining him to make him forgive me so I get undressed and go into the bathroom too. He's in the shower and I walk in. He doesn't even flinch when I touch him instead he just takes his shower and when he's done he leaves me there.

Well that went well. Might as well shower and go get my daughter. I'm done so I walk out into the bedroom and he is there in all Nike vest sweat pant and sneakers. He is sitting on the bed and it looks like he's been waiting for me. He's looking straight at me so I stop.

"I'm sorry Khulekani." I whisper.

"Not yet." He says in that deep voice and it makes me tremble a bit.

 He gets up and walks to the window then he turns to look at me. "Do everything I say okay?" He says.

I nod. I'm too afraid to talk.

"Walk to me... Stop. Now drop the towel... Good. Walk to the bed stop when you reach the carpet... Good. Now drop on your knees then put your ass up and your head down. Make sure your back is bended. Hands down too... Good." He instructs.

 Now I'm naked and exposed I can feel myself get wet and he's not even touching me yet. I can hear him walk to me and He stops behind me. I can see him a bit and he starts touching my ass then a hard slap on the right ass cheek and another on the left. I try to get up and he puts his hand behind my head and says "I said everything I say. I'm teaching you to listen."

He puts one finger in my pussy and I already know I want his manhood in me. He inserts a second finger and I'm moaning hard. He stops and licks one of them then puts the other in my

 mouth I guess for me to lick. He lowers his pants and I can feel his dick circling around my pussy but he just doesn't get in. Then he stops. I want to scream do it but I don't want to disobey him. He moves and sits on the bed.

"Face up suck it." He instructs.

I get to it. Circling with my tongue putting it in attempting a failed deepthroat as always it proves too big. He stops me and says "Face down again."

Then he goes back behind me says "Don't cum."

He puts his finger in. He uses two fingers and fingers me so fast I yell "Please" and pull my face up.

Wrong word. Wrong move. He stops. Then he goes to the closet. I really wanna get up and see what he's getting but I know better than to pull my face up again. He comes back. I see him with two ties. He ties my legs together then my hands.

"Get up again and you'll know me." He says.

Okay good this is much better. He starts eating me out I wanna cum but I was told not to.

 "Please!" I yell.

"I will fucking tape your mouth if you dare say the wrong word again." He commands.

Damn he's sexy. I think I know what to say now

"I'm sorry can I please cum?" I ask.

He stops and sticks his fingers in again and slaps my ass hard twice

"What did you do?" He asks.

 "I didn't listen. Sorry" I say begging.

He stops and takes his fingers out. Hey! I thought he'd say I could come now. Mmm his manhood fills me.

"Go on baby." He says.

After he hammers me I tell him everything and now we're in bed cuddling. I think I'll be disobeying my husband in the future just to get that. Part of me has always been a sadist.

"It isn't your fault that they are idiots. Those two little fuckers are crazy and deserve to rot in jail." He says

 "Let's go get Zendaya. I left her at Matt's house with Fanele." I say sounding panicked.

"I know. Mrs Daniels called saying they couldn't reach you." He says.

"My battery must've died. I need her please let's go?" I ask. "Okay." He replies.

On the way to get Zendaya Hakeem gets a call and he tells me Khulani's mother left with the child. Nobody has seen her. Hakeem is just worried about his baby brother being out there with a woman who isn't stable. That woman is crazier than I thought. They have to find her. The police just have to.

Now we don't know whether we should go be with his parents. Then I decide to let him go and I'll stay with Zendaya at the house. We have guards with us all the time anyway. After getting her we go back to the house and pack for him. I call Lwazi and she agrees to stay with me while I wait for "my heart" to come back.

Hakeem leaves early morning and Lwazi will come here after

 work anyway so I'm alone with Zendaya at the house... Well the guards are also here.


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