I'm in our Magobeni room with my baby girl and I've missed her so much! I spent the whole day without her. Hakeem is here too but he's making phone calls and sitting out on the balcony.


 He comes in and smiles at the sight of me and Zendaya then he says

"Baby I have to go there's a huge fire near a crop field and the house with the kraal that has the royal cows. We have to help the locals take it out I'll give you me when I come back." I know what he means and I can't wait.

"Go baby. I'll go to bed and hope you wake me up when you get back. Cause I want you." I say. With that he's off.

Five minutes after Hakeem goes Msweli peeps in and says

 "Hakeem would like you to come where he is. Something about boosting your image in the community."

"Okay give me ten minutes." I say.

He goes. I wonder when Hakeem thought of this but it's great. Usually he'd be worried about me being at a place like that. I'm done and I walk out. Msweli is so creepy! He's right here in the passage.

"I'm ready" I say.

"Okay let's go." He replies.

I can see the fire from here and it's south. We drive off and I text Hakeem to say brilliant idea and I'm coming with Msweli right now. Wait Msweli isn't going towards the fire.

"Msweli the fire is south not north." I say.

"I know there's a shortcut that goes around." He says.

I put my phone in my pocket and enjoy the beauty of this place even at night. It must be like half past ten. No Msweli is going out of Magobeni what is going on? I look at him and he says

"Well it's a surprise Hakeem set up for you in Richards Bay." He


"Oh that explains the calls he made. I'm excited now." I say.

"He smiles and says you're lucky MaVezi. He is luckier though." He says.

I hate it when he creates these awkward vibes so I just lay back. NRB is an hour or so from now.

"Wake me up when we're there. I'm tired." I say.

"Alright perfect." He says.

 I guess he sensed the awkwardness too this time.

I wake up and immediately sense I'm in an alien place. I don't know this place. This bed this room. I don't know where I am. My mouth is sealed and my hands tied I can't scream or anything so I try to get up but I'm not winning. After multiple tries I'm up. What? Msweli? He's sitting in a chair right next to the bed and looking at me.

He looks calm but he is also tied and his mouth is also sealed and he's tied to the chair.

 We just look at each other for five minutes and I'm crying. Somebody comes in. A man in a baraclava and he says "Do you want to see your child again?"

I don't know if I should say yes or no. What if he kidnaps Zendaya? But I nod.

"Alright then. I will remove this tape if you promise not to scream." They say and I nod.

He turns to Msweli and says "I'll remove yours too but if you scream she dies. You copy?" He says and Msweli nods.

"Before I do this please don't beg me. Both of you. I just want cash from your husband and I'll let you go. No killing no torture nothing." He says and starts with Msweli's tape he doesn't say anything.

Then mine I fight the urge to scream and the guy leaves us. "Are you alright MaVezi?" He asks.

"No Msweli how could I be? I might never see my family again my daughter my husband my siblings my nephew..." I'm sobbing and I'm sure he can't hear a word.

 "We will make it out. Hakeem can pay the money. I'm sure he will for your safety." He says.

I can't even talk so I cry for what seems like forever before I can compose myself.

"How did this happen Msweli? How?" I ask.

"I don't know. I think they did something to me that made me forget yesterday entirely." He says.

"I need to see my daughter again. They have to let us go." I say.

 "They will." He says.

"What if? No it can't be." I say.

"What? What if what?" His eyes are popped out.

"What if it's the people who tried to kill Mrs Ngubo? What if it's the people who killed Bongi?" I'm going crazy.

"You might be on to something MaVezi"He says.

"Msweli promise me I'll see my baby again." I say.

He takes a moment to say anything

"You will MaVezi. You're Khulekani's new bride

he'll pay." He

 eventually says.

Not convincingly at all.

Two men come in and one drags Msweli's chair away.

The other looks at me and says "You're gorgeous. I understand him now."

"Understand who? Why are you taking Msweli?" I ask.

"Nah don't sweat it sweetheart. He'll be back." He says and goes. I am frustrated and tired. There is no food or water here. Why won't they bring Msweli back?

Someone comes in and places food good food infront of me and some juice. They untie me and go. See now I think I can get out of here but I need to see if I'm right about the window here. I take a bite of the food and gulp the juice once then I go check the window and I was right. It's awfully close to the neighbor's wall and it has no burglar guard.. I go back to the food take the last bite and go open the window as carefully as possible.

Msweli will have to understand why I left at the first chance. I struggle a bit but I'm out and I start running. I can hear cars so

 there's a freeway or something here. I keep running and eventually get to the street after a small passage with steps I'm going down some street here and I see a bridge down the road. I swear I am pushing all the training limits I never push when training with Hakeem. I dont know where I am. I have to keep going though. I've seen a Durban Transport bus written "Umlazi 4" so this place is at Umlazi at least I'm still in Durban.

 I get to the bridge and I can see something. I'm not sure what but it's something with a board outside the gate and what looks like container offices. I run even faster and just my luck! It's a Metro police station. I'm sure they can help me. I run in and go in the first door I see. I'm literally drenched in sweat.

A lady here asks if everything is okay. I try to talk but I'm too tired and crying with relief at the same time. She goes out and a man in uniform comes back with her.

They try to get me to calm down and even give me water. When

 I'm better I start talking

"I don't know where it is but I can show you I was kidnapped. Me and my husband's driver. He's still there... My husband. Please let me call my husband."

I'm talking fast and they're all looking at me like I'm crazy but they let me use the phone after telling me it's dangerous to go there and most police officers here are out on road blocks. I call Hakeem's number.


Me: Baby I'm okay. I'm okay baby. I'm at a Metro police station in Umlazi.

Hakeem: Baby! I'm coming there now. Msweli isn't with you?

Me: No I fled alone. Where is my daughter?

Hakeem: Safe. I'm coming there. I'm already in Durban so it won't be long.

Me: Hurry up. I love you.

Hakeem: I love you too.


 I don't want much just my daughter. This whole thing is draining me so much! I'm tired. I'll sit here and wait for my husband. I'm worried about Msweli too.

The officer here tells me about a call with a station in Durban and something about working to find the kidnappers. I'm too happy and exhausted to listen. My husband sounded drained and happy too over the phone and I just can't wait to see him.

 In what seems like a lifetime to me Hakeem drives in and I go outside.

Our eyes meet. He gets out of the car and runs to me. He looks angry more than anything but he's also overjoyed to see me. I just want to stay in his arms like this. After a long hug he kisses my forehead and says

"I'm sorry he did this to you." Then he sighs.

"Who? You know who did this?" I ask looking at him. "Yes. It was Msweli." What? He's kidding.

 "No baby. Msweli was taken with me. He was also tied up." I let him know.

"Yes to make you believe he was taken... I realised when your message saying you're on the way was after the message saying I should pay a ransom to see you again." No no no it can't be. "What?" I ask.

"Yes. He wanted to cash in on us and leave... At least that's what he said when he knew we had caught on." He replies.

"You spoke to him?" I ask.

"Yes. I did and he wanted a ridiculous amount of money in exchange for you." I can't say anything.

"We kept stalling to trace them but they kept hanging up. So it was hard." He continues.

"But he was tied up next to me... He..." I say and he interrupts me. "He was just doing that. I don't know why but I guess he was keeping the truth from you." He says.

"Why would he do this? I trusted him. He couldn't hurt me purposely. No..." I'm crying at this point.

 "I'm sorry babe. Let's get out of here." His tone is so angry.

We walk to the car and I'm still crying it's just hard to believe Msweli did this to me. Msweli calls some police officers.

On the way home I'm clinging on to Khulekani in the backseat as one of the security guards from the royal house drives us home. The police will take my statement from there. I'm exhausted though I hope they come much later.

 Msweli was caught an hour or two later and he is in custody along with his friends. The police told me he said he's not talking unless he sees me.

We're at the house and my sisters Akin and Matt my brother Thandi and Azisa Bab Ngubo Mrs Ngubo Lwazi MaXulu who is the help are here. My sisters are still in shock worse Fanele who won't even eat now though I'm here.

They cried and came to hug me as soon as I entered the house and Khulekani tells them about Msweli's request.

 "Msweli says he won't talk unless Banele goes to see him and he explains things to her..." He says.

I hear tongues click

"He's crazy." Akin.

"Sick bastard." Matt.

"He is insane." Lwazi.

Khulekani turns to me and says

"He is crazy if he thinks he'll get to see you again. He used you to get to me. He took you from us!" He is having none of it.

"It will help speed up the process baby. I have to see him and know why." I say.

"No! Makoti you will do no such thing. Msweli will be dealt with." Bab Ngubo tells me.

"Sis you cannot do that he hurt you. You can't face him" Bandile. I nod. Lwazi comes to me and takes me upstairs. She looks so good! She's losing weight even.

"Take a bath and come see your baby girl after." She tells me and hugs the life out of me.

 "I love you friend." I say.

"I love you too friend. I also miss you." She says and kisses my cheek.

Everybody has left by the time I'm done with my shower. I go to Zendaya's room and hold her in my arms though she's asleep. I never want to feel like that again I never want to feel like I'll never see her.


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