It's the festive season and 3 months since we started dating. We've been making time for each other though his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and he's constantly attending her medical needs.

I wanted to go see her but he said she doesn't want to see people right now.

We both want to be with our families on Christmas but we've planned to welcome the new year together. He said he'll take care

  of that whole part I must just be there when he picks me up in Stanger on the 31st. He seems to be excited by these plans. Well I've been home for 2 days and my mother is so happy. Owami has grown so much!

She's 3 now and she is a weapon of mass destruction. Fanele and S’phelele are forever fighting over petty stuff.

 My brother looks happier it seems there's a new woman in his life that he's hiding from us. I know he'll talk to me though cause we're closer.

Christmas day arrives and I'm doing most the salads and marinade for the meat. My sisters are helping out though and we asked Ma to sit this one out.

Owami is with her father outside playing while he is braaing the meat. I don't tell my sisters about my boyfriend but they seem to not mind sharing info about their boyfriends.

 Fanele is sneaking out to her boyfriend later on. She says he might introduce her to his family. She seems happy.

S’phelele's boyfriend is coming here to see her later on too. I just hope they can hide all this from Ma and Bandile because I'm not helping them.

After a delicious lunch me and Ma watch television while they go to their rooms. I'm guessing it's time to sneak out. They all go to their boyfriends and I head to the bedroom so ma doesn't notice no one is there.

I know I said I wouldn’t help but these are my sisters.

Bandile comes in and we talk about his new girl He says “She’s amazing sis. I think I’m ready to let her meet Owami. Though in very afraid of her leaving us like Owami's mother did.” “Bro no two women are the same. If you like her enough to consider that then she must be a good woman.” I tell him.

As we're talking there's commotion outside and we head out it's Sphe and her boyfriend.

He's beating her up and shouting "Don't disrespect me woman!"

 Bandile goes ballistic and pulls her away from him she runs to me.

I hug her tightly.

Bandile starts beating him up and his friends come out to stop him but he's not listening to anything or anyone.

I shout “Bandile! Stop it! You're going to kill him!” He's just not hearing me.

 They manage to pull him away from the guy and he runs to his car and drives off.

The look in Bandile's eyes! He doesn't even ask Sphe if she's okay. He walks past us and back to his outside bedroom.

She looks at me nervously and says

"Fanele is at her boyfriend's house and she texted HELP to me. That's why I wanted to leave him in the car and he went crazy". These two will be the death of me I have to tell Bandile about this because I can't just go to the guy's house.

 I go in his room he looks so angry already but I have to tell him this.

I take a deep breath

“Bandile Fanele texted the word help to Sphe. She’s at a boy's house.”

“Oh hell no!” He shouts.

He's ballistic again then he just walks past me.

He shoves Sphe in the car and I go in too she tells us his house is just 2 streets away so we drive there and my brother is first out. He shouts Fanele's name while knocking on the door.

The door opens and we don't see him or her everyone here looks at us like we're crazy.

Bandile goes out and Sphe explains the situation to the family in here. I go after and find Bandile knocking on the outside room and a guy in his boxers opens up he shoots past him and shouts "What the fuck? Get dressed!"

The guy who opened the door runs past me and I go in to find Fanele in her panties looking more scared than I've ever seen


Bandile runs after the boy.

I sigh.

“Get dressed and let's go home”.

Fanele looks like she’s about to die. She’s so scared. We walk out of the yard.

Bandile starts the car he looks at us “Banele get in.”

 I look at him and say “I can't leave them here. I'll walk home with them.”

God only knows the conversation he's about to have with my mother when he gets home.

If he'll even talk to her about all this.

We walk home together.

I can guarantee the gossip in these streets about these two us heavy and the juiciest thing.

We get home to find Ma knocking on his room door and asking

 him what's wrong. I take the girls inside.

“Fanele what was that?” I ask.

She cries and says "I didn't do it. He was trying to make me

but I didn't do it. I promise".

That's enough for me.

Bandile can deal with Sphe.

I head outside and ask Ma to come in I'll talk to Bandile later. I sit her down and tell her everything.

The disappointment in her eyes though.

Nothing is worse than this moment.

She says "I am a terrible mother."

“No mama you’re amazing.

This breaks my heart and she goes to her bedroom. I don't really know what's wrong with my family.

What went wrong really?

I call Hakeem and tell him everything that happened. He is worried about me but I assure him I'm fine.

He isn't convinced but advises me on how to handle the bruises

 on Sphe's face.

I'm so worried about my family that I cancel the New Year plans with him and he is disappointed but understands why.

Owami wakes up and I pick her up from the sofa. She's one thing that makes sense to me in this house right now. I open cartoons for her and just watch her laugh and be happy on my lap.

She just doesn't even know what is going on and I wish I was her. It seems it's just me and her for dinner tonight.

 Everyone is sleeping but us.

We have leftovers and watch an animation film together. Halfway in she also falls asleep so I take her to mom's room careful not to wake Ma or her up. I go back and have a call with the doctor again before retiring to bed also.

I'm woken up by a loud scream it's Sphe. .

She's in Ma's room.

She looks at me and shouts "She's not waking up".

I panic and call an ambulance while trying to wake her up.

 She doesn't respond. Fanele comes in and we're all in panic mode.

Owami is woken up by the screams and starts crying. Bandile and a girl come in the room and look at us.

“She's not waking up.”

Bandile just sits on the floor and stares into space.

The girl takes Owami outside and tries getting her to stop crying. I'm numb by the time the ambulance arrives and they tell us she passed on and it is too late.

They take her body out covered and tell us they'll do a post mortem.

Bandile hasn't moved. Owami is no longer crying but she looks like she senses that something is wrong.

The girl takes her inside and sits on the floor with her and Bandile who hasn't said anything since he sat on that floor. They look like a family but a hurting family.

I'm heartbroken.

I can't be in this room. So I go outside and call Hakeem to let him

 know. He's heartbroken and offers to help with the burial.

We now have to call our extended family and deliver the news. Everyone here is too hurt to do it so I decide to do it. The neighbours are here helping with moving stuff from the sitting room to the bedrooms and all that.

Bandile's girl Thandi is of great help with that. I haven't talked to any of my siblings. But my cousins aunts and uncles keep

 arriving with groceries and prayer. The neighbours also.

Today on the 30th of December was the funeral.

My mother had a lot of love from this community.

Owami didn't understand anything and she was running around and laughing.

Hakeem was here and he was of great help with some of the things we needed like transporting some elders from the family. They already call him "mkhwenyana" but that's just the women. The men looked rather annoyed.

 Nolwazi was here too and she has been so supportive.

I just can't believe I no longer have a mother. Apparently she had a heart attack in her sleep.

She went to bed heartbroken and my sisters blame themselves. Bandile called a family meeting for tomorrow when everyone has left. I wonder what he wants to say.

The house is crowded right now but by tomorrow it'll be just us. It's the morning and most people have left except for my uncle Sphiwe who thinks he's eligible to take care of us as we're his sister's children.

Bandile has had to take him home himself we're waiting for him to get back. Thandi is here and I don't mind her presence because it makes things easier for my brother and Owami.

He's back.

He comes in and sits on the sofa with me. Thandi Owami Fanele and Sphe are opposite us.

He then says "We lost our mother. That however doesn't mean we are orphans. We're all still young and we will make mistakes

 but let's try being people our mother would be proud of. Fanele and Sphe stop dating people like those boys. Find good people. Banele I saw him and he seemed to be a good man I hope you're happy. Thandi you're my whole world and thank you for showing me you are in my life to stay. I love you."

He looks at our sisters again and says "Since Banele and I are older we will try our best to help the two of you finish your studies but with the NSFAS you guys got I know it won't be too hard and

 don't change just because you're in university now Sphe. Fanele please guard her. Don't get into more trouble both of you." We're all in tears now and I we all stand up for a group hug. He then says “Yeah now for New Years Eve food.”

We laugh and get to cooking and having a braai. We chose to be happy as a family and there's nowhere I'd rather be.

After the countdown and fireworks my brother goes down on one knee and asks Thandi for her hand in marriage. I can't believe how much we went through in this one week.

 I just wish my mother was here for this.


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Sorry for your loss Banele😪

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This is a light but good read