This movie is just beautiful and the last part always makes me all fuzzy. I get up and take the plates to the kitchen he's following me. I put the plates on the counter and look at him. He walks towards me and stops right behind me.

He pushes my braids to one side and softly asks "What do you want to do now?".

I'm speechless so I keep quiet and enjoy the little kisses he places on my neck.

 I try turn around and he stops me. He places my hands on the counter and says

"I know exactly what I want to do."

He has this control in his voice that makes me so wet! He moves his hands down my hips and he opens up my legs.

He takes his t-shirt off before he helps me take mine off and the bra too. He then starts grabbing my breast softly while kissing my neck ever so seductively.

Then his pants and underwear are off right after he takes my leggings and panties off too. He moves his one hand back to my breasts and the other he begins using to play with my punani. I'm breathing so heavily and I wish I could do something to him but he's making sure I don't face him or move for that matter. He squats and now my ass must be right in front of him I hear a soft mmh probably because I'm dripping wet right now. I feel his tongue on my punani and

“mmmmh” I let out a soft moan.

He continues and I really want to touch him right now but on his

 instruction I can't and it's driving me nuts!

He stops after I explode and kisses me from my back to my neck. He smells of me and I like it. I try to turn and return the favour but he pulls my arms together to my back turns me around to face him. He tells me to go on my knees and I do I think I know this part so I start slowly with the head of his manhood on my tongue then gradually take it in my mouth.

 I attempt to deep throat him but I'm unsuccessful because it's just a bit too big and I still have to keep my hands off him by the way which makes it hard for me to take him in. My jaws are failing me so I keep pulling away and he keeps groaning in pleasure and touching my hair.

He tells me to stand up and face the other side again. He picks up his pants and takes out some rubber.

He bends me over with my arms on the counter and my ass up. Ohh my!

 He's in and he starts moving in and out of me I can't stop moaning as he picks up his pace then suddenly he's moving in circular motion.

I can't take this! I let go all over his kitchen counter and I can't stop shaking. He pulls out and takes off the condom. Then he carries me upstairs to the bathroom and runs me a hot bath. Mhm it smells divine and it's a lavender smell all over in an all white bathroom with a huge bath tub a toilet a huge mirror and a sink.

He goes out and comes back 20 minutes later while I'm still in there just soaking. He smiles and leaves me to go shower in his room. I can hear the water running from this room. This man is something I don't know. I don't understand him at all. He has different elements that's for sure.

I find him in his bedroom drying off. He looks so good doing it. He turns around and smiles then he says

"MaVezi you shouldn't stare".

 I smile and say "You're hard to resist though. I'm sorry Doctor". He laughs and says

"I want us to talk today. I want to know more about you my one". My one? I can't help but blush

"As long as I get to know you too" I say.

I get under the covers and he joins me after removing his towel. He really does sleep naked.

 "So how was growing up in Stanger Manor?" He asks with a slight smile


"As long as I get to know you too" I say.

I get under the covers and he joins me after removing his towel. He really does sleep naked.

 "So how was growing up in Stanger Manor?" He asks with a slight smile

"Well I went through a lot there. My childhood was great though. My father was a good man who took care of for us he taught me so much that I still use today. He was a taxi owner who died due to cancer. My mother never worked but she was such a great housewife. She did everything for us probably why I'm lazy..." he laughs at me and I can't help but join him.

"... She did however grow my love for cooking. I think it's because

 she would watch those cooking channels with me. She's helping my brother raise Owami after her mother left them. She's an amazing mother and grandmother but she's also very judgemental. As for myself I grew up to be a bit wild during my teenage years but I hid it so well. I wasn't a floozy or something but I partied! The house parties we had there were always off the hook. I grew up though eventually. My life has been a blur though for the last year since I got a stable job at the home. I've been feeling like I'm not where I want to be but I'm settling in now for some reason."

He looks at me smiles and kisses my forehead.

He asks "No bad boyfriend? Or relationship you won't forget?" I don't know if he's jealous or something but let me tell him

"Only one. He was Indian and his family hated me because they thought the relationship was haram apparently. We had to break up so he could keep the peace..." He looks a bit worried then I say

"He's married now".

 He laughs and says “I didn’t say anything.”

I then ask him to talk about who he is and he says

"Well I've told you about the family before they're my whole world. We did lose my little sister at age 20 though 5 years ago. I'll forever love her I didn't tell you about her before because I hate talking about her but her name was Zendaya and she was also named by my mother's best friend"

I feel his pain. It must’ve been hard.

 I hug him and kiss his cheek.

He finches a bit and continues to say

"I used to be troublesome though in high school. I smoked weed a lot. I was a serial dater and I was basically a womanizer. I have changed though trust me. I was always smart but never in class. I would have a girl write the notes for me and was able to catch up at home using the internet and those notes. I studied medicine in Cape Town but had to come back and work here. I'm strictly the one who takes care of all my family medically. My life has been a

 rollercoaster since losing Zendaya. It seems to be calm though now for some reason."

I smile at him I'm so happy there wasn't silence tonight. I think I'm in love.

I wasn't sure but now...


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