Work was tiring today especially since Hakeem was busy too. I haven't been able to talk to him like I normally do. Oh a call wow! ...

Me: Hello Doctor.

Hakeem: Hey baby I'm so sorry I've been busy today. I'm going to surgery again as soon as I get to EThekwini Hospital.

Me: So no talking today?

 Hakeem: Unfortunately baby. I'll make it up to you though promise.

Me: Okay no problem. I guess I'll see you even less since Gogo Gloria was taken out of the home by her family.

Hakeem: How did you know about that?

Me: The nurse told me.

Hakeem: Which nurse?

Me: Does it matter Hakeem?

Hakeem: No. It doesn't. I have to go baby talk later.


Just like that the conversation is over?

I guess he was at the hospital already.

Hmm so what to cook? I feel like pie today so let me get to whipping.

I could watch a movie or catch up on reading The Hlomu Series it's not really a choice now is it?

I'm reading until 9pm then it's bed time.

Another lovely morning I guess in Spring they keep coming. Let me get through the morning routine and go.

Someone's buzzing at the gate.

It's Hakeem. Isn't it a bit too early?

Alright though I'll let him in.

I start on making him breakfast. I'll eat at work.

He comes in and I'm almost done with his omelette. He comes to me and puts me on the counter and starts kissing me a little unprepared for this but I missed him so much I'll let it happen.

 We're done and he tells me to go shower while he puts his clothes back on.

I go leaving him in the kitchen alone. My work uniform has a slight tear. I can hear him scrapping the burnt omelette and cleaning the kitchen. I don't understand that man but hey I hate cleaning.

I'm off to work and I leave him making himself a sandwich and coffee. He said he'll sleep and leave before I come back. That

 man is always calm for some reason but he was a bit aggressive today.

Weird for him to be like that.

I'm just happy I got surprise joy today. I'm smiling from ear to ear at work. Everyone is asking me where the sudden happiness comes from. I can't even bring myself to tell them because I don't believe it myself. I'll have to tell the bestie though. I'm going to invite her over today actually.

Unsurprisingly she said yes and I'm cooking for us now.

 She comes here often for the food anyway.

Finally! She's here! I'm super excited and she seems even more excited than me.

We chat about everything and I tell her all that's happened and she says "Weird how his mother reacted. She sounds a bit icy. I'm happy for you friend but I'm not sure about how fast you're taking things".

She's making me feel a bit like a hoe now

I'm not sure about how fast you're taking things".

She's making me feel a bit like a hoe now but her points are valid.

The weather today is a little cold. I'm going to have some coffee before going to work Lwazi will lock up.

At work things are so tense Mkhulu Jacob passed on in his sleep last night and everyone is just sad. It's always hard when that happens but we hardly go 3 months without losing one of the old people. Gogo Gloria was so close to him it's unfortunate that she isn't around anymore and will not know.

Hakeem called me during lunch and I told him. So hopefully if he's still Gogo Gloria's doctor he'll let her know. I'm tired as I get home

 and I'm definitely having last nights food today.

A month passes by slowly since I haven't been seeing my Doctor it's only been phone calls and WhatsApp sometimes. I really miss him and he asked me to come for the weekend so I said yes. I can't wait till he picks me up so we can have some time together. I'm in sporty wear today all Adidas.

 He's here! This man looks like he's in some movie scene he's so perfected in the way he gets out of the car to the way he hugs me and puts my bag in the back seat to the way he takes my hand and opens the car door for me and even the way he enters the car.

The way he speaks and drives is sophisticated so much I forget to talk and just look at him. I'm really wondering if he is naturally like this or he grew into it.

I would ask his mother but she doesn't really like me.

 We're at Lifestyle in Ballito? Why? Oh the Nando's drive through. Okay well I guess I don't have to cook.

It seems he's a regular here judging by this girl who addresses him by Dr and looks at him like he's water to her thirst. I honestly don't mind it. I love it when girls drool over him because I have what they don't.

I really wish to know why any woman would hurt such a man? His ex must've been crazy. I'm happy she did that though because now he is mine!

I'll never get over the beauty of this kitchen. It just makes me want to cook! I take off the sneakers I'm wearing on the sofa and start flipping through the channels.

He comes to sit next to me and I set a reminder for Safe Haven another favourite Nicholas Sparks movie. I get up to get the plates and food and he goes upstairs. I dish up for us and take the food to the sitting room. He comes back downstairs and throws away the paper bags before coming to join me. I notice my sneakers are gone I guess that's why he went upstairs.

 Funny I don't even feel embarrassed by it it's like I expect him to act like a dad.

The movie is starting and we're eating I have a feeling the beautiful silence is all there'll be for now.


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Sphie 2020-10-24 17:25:42

Something doesn't sit well with how the Doc acts hmmm🤔