Laying here I don't know what's wrong with me. I lost track of what I came here to do.

My mother would be so ashamed of me! I really have to talk to Hakeem and find out what we are to each other. I get up and


 realise he's a bit dominant because he practically ordered me to shower and go downstairs.

That's exactly why I'm in the guests bedroom.

The towels here are clean and I'm just going to take a hot shower and try to find a way to ask him about us.

By the time I'm done he's in the bedroom in gym gear and he asks "Why didn't you use the bathroom in my room? I was waiting for you".

I don't know if I should reply or not but all I know is he's making

 me feel like a child and so I just look at him and avoid apologizing. He then tells me about the clothes on his bed and says I should wear those then he just leaves.

So I walk back to his room and there's gym clothes here. I want to ask who they belong to before wearing them but I don't want to offend him before I even know what we are.

I'm done these are a perfect fit.

I then head downstairs and he has laid out two yoga mats and he tells me

“We're doing yoga right now then if you're up for it we hit the gym upstairs".

I could try yoga but he's dreaming if he thinks I'll go to that gym of his for more. I join him on the mats fold my feet like his and the first thing I say is

"Are we dating Hakeem?".

He looks at me and says "Oh no no we aren't. You slept with some random guy yesterday.”

I should've known I try to get up and he puts his hands on my

 thighs and says

“But today you woke up with a boyfriend".

I'm sorry I'm a bit weak but I melted and looked him in the eyes and he kissed my forehead. This yoga thing is harder than I thought but I'll stay on it to get off gym.

We're done in what seems like forever and he's going upstairs for his routine gym stuff I'll just stay here and cook a proper breakfast for us.

 The way I'm blushing though!

Especially every time he would touch me when we were doing yoga my panties felt it too.

By the time he's done I've made a proper and healthy breakfast and he picks me up and puts me on the kitchen counter and kisses me. I like how he smells of sweat and his cologne reminds me of last night.

Then he puts me down and washes his hands before diving in. He says to go shower together and who am I to say no? We go

 upstairs and take everything off.

His bedroom is always clean with a dark purple and white linen and he has curtains covering it. It's really beautiful. He takes my hand and leads me to the shower it's in the Jacuzzi room on the corner and it's stainless glass. I walk into the shower and realise it's small for two people because his chest is all I see when I turn to look at him. He let's the hot water run first and he finds the right mixture hot and cold then he takes the shower gel and starts pouring it on my wet body. His body is right under the shower head so I can see the water run all over every detail of his muscles. He begins to use his hands to wash my body he starts on my neck and moves down to my breasts which he makes sure to apply the gel on generously. He moves to my tummy and does the same before going on to my thighs and legs. He turns me around and starts from my back to my ass just applying it all over he pays special attention to the ass and hips though I must say. He turns me again and washes me down there where he is careful not to use the gel too much because it might cause


He's done then he moves me right underneath the shower head and now he's where I was and he again makes sure to rinse off every inch with delicacy. He turns off the shower and goes outside the shower grabs the towel I used this morning and turns off the water. He then wraps the towel around me and tells me not to get dressed yet as he takes me out of the shower.

 Then he goes back in alone to shower. I don't believe him! How does he think what he's doing is right?

I should be washing him too! Despite all that I just can't bring myself to get dressed after I got an instruction not to.

He's done and he finds me naked on his bed he looks at me then goes somewhere and comes back with the lotion brand I use

then he tells me to get up as he sits on the bed and begins doing with the lotion what he did with the gel. Then when he's done he goes out again and comes back with the clothes I had on

 yesterday all clean and I can't believe he did all that. He allows me to put on my own clothes as he puts on his lotion. Unfortunately I can't help myself so I stare when I'm done. Mhm I couldn't possibly tell you about that again!

He then tells me his mother and brother will be here in 5 minutes. "Hakeem what am I supposed to do now? I'm not ready to meet them. You should've told me sooner!" I shout at him.

He just looks at me and says

"Go reheat the lasagne and chicken for them. I'm coming down now".

Did he hear me?

Ugh it's so unfortunate I don't have time to argue or I'd be telling him exactly how messed up that is.

I run downstairs to find a car driving in and I already know it's them. Okay let me reheat this before they come in. I can still make a salad right now so let me do that. A knock on the door do I open or wait for Hakeem to do it?

The man upstairs isn't going to move is he? Annoyed as I am I

 have to open that door.

"Hello you must be Hakeem's mother I'm Banele" she doesn't say anything in fact she looks rather flabbergasted.

I see Akin walking towards us and he drops all the groceries on the floor I think he might have tripped or something.

His mother turns to look at him and says "This is Banele. I think she and your brother are in some sort of relationship. Pick those up and come in."

 I see him look down and starts picking up everything. I don't understand it. Why are they ignoring me? No hi at least? Actually I'll go upstairs and talk to Hakeem and find out what is going on with them.

Shoot! He's halfway down the stairs and him and his mother have an intense eye lock going on that I don't understand.

Am I missing something?

Unfortunately I can't bring myself to ask because this family hardly even knows me. I'll just mind my own business and leave

 this place before I see more weird stuff.

I take the food to the sitting room and they can dish up for themselves I'm out.

Found my bag now I can get out of here the silence in this house is suddenly chilly.

Hakeem stops me on my way to the door and tells me he'll get an Uber to take me home.

He kisses my forehead and walks me out.

As soon as he closes the door behind him I ask "What is going on in there Hakeem? Why didn't they say anything? What is wrong? Is it me? Am I not worthy of you? Is that it?"

I'm fuming at him.

He looks at me and says "I've been hurt before by a woman they allowed in their hearts. She almost tore us apart as a family. They vowed never to trust my girlfriends again. My mother is probably just hurt I didn't warn them at least. I'm going to face her wrath now after you leave".

I can't help but feel sorry for him the man who can make me take

 instructions is scared of his mother? Now that's just funny but also sweet.

I smile and hug him then I say "I will not come between you and your family. They don't even have to see me please assure them I'm not planning on hurting you."

I can't see his reaction but he kisses my forehead and hugs me tighter. The beautiful silence again oh how I missed that! It's like our hearts speak and we don't need any words.

 The Uber is here he opens the door for me and waves me goodbye as it drives off. I see him scratch his head as he turns to walk back to the door.

My flat suddenly seems small I have to cook so I don't worry because I can't text him he might still be in hot water with his family.

It's late I'll go to bed now I have work tomorrow morning. Another beautiful morning though it's a bit cloudy. I forgot to charge this phone let me charge and go take a shower. Now I

 miss him helping me take a shower but hey there's nothing I can do.

Let me check this phone. Oh a message from him he says his mother was livid but he managed to calm her down and he's thinking of going to the hospital today because he feels he's fine now and doesn't have to stay at home.

Let me send him a sweet reply and go to work now before I'm late.

It's oats this morning so not much work. Let me go see Gogo Gloria. I can't find her anywhere let me ask nurse Thuli.

She says "Her family moved her to another old aged home yesterday late at night. Nobody knows why".

What? That's just weird though.

lI'lll ask Hakeem if he's still her Doctor or he also lost a patient.


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