He comes downstairs with his socks on and shorts with the shirt


He looks at me and laughs at that I'm already cooking and struggling to reach the cupboards with my short self.

Just as I turn to grab a chair he's right there and a bit too close to me and in front of me is his chest.

He reaches for the top cupboard and he presses on to me as he takes out each spice and puts it on the counter.

 He turns around and makes himself coffee like he didn't just do that he is trying to drive me crazy.

I stand there for a moment not knowing what to do then I decide to continue cooking.

He goes to sit down and watch television or me I'm not sure which he's concentrated on right now because from the sitting room he can see the kitchen.

Now I'm not a gym freak like this man but I know I'm sexy hourglass sexy.

 I'm wearing a pencil skirt and a matching crop t-shirt which I'm sure looks good on me.

I'm done cooking and I'm happy with the food. It's beef lasagne with grilled chicken and I decided on wine with it.

I come to sit next to him and he looks excited for the food I cooked.

That beautiful silence again I really enjoy the moments where we don't have to talk to connect.

We're done and today I'm doing the dishes something else I don't like doing but he has a dishwasher and I don't have to do much. I also take care of the spills and all that stuff I hardly do in my own flat.

I'm done so it's time to sit down.

He stands up as I come to sit down and he picks me up and takes me upstairs to his bedroom I'm laughing and screaming for him to put me down and he does.

He opens one of the closet doors and inside is an indoor Jacuzzi all ready for us. I don't have a bikini or anything on so I don't know

 if I should he then says

“You can get in naked so will I.”

He is first to take his clothes off and he is left in his shorts so I follow suit. I take off my clothes and by now we're both naked. I really should keep my eyes above waist because what is down there I just can't comprehend this man is mighty indeed.

He's first inside and he helps me get in.

 We're next to each other and it feels so right. He continues to talk about his family as usual his father left years ago to be with a woman half his age and they've never checked on him before since then.

From what I gather they don't need him.

“Mother is lawyer and my little brother Akin is studying Graphic Design. Our names were given to us by mother's hippy friend who wanted us to not be in the norm.

Home is in Amanzimtoti and gran is alive but in an old aged



“So who is Banele Vezi?" He asks me looking deep into my eyes with those brown eyes of his.

I guess I have to tell him so here goes

"I'm a 23 year old woman


"I'm a 23 year old woman I had to drop off culinary school after mom couldn't afford my fees I have 2 younger sisters Fanele and S'phelele and one older brother Bandile. I also have a niece who is my whole world Owami she's my brother's baby. We lost our dad five years ago to cancer.

Home is KwaMaphumulo but my family moved to Stanger Manor when I was young. How old are you by the way?”

He looks at me with those eyes again and says "28. I've been dying to kiss you MaVezi".

He is standing and waiting on me to take his hand I do that and he gets out of the Jacuzzi first and takes his towel and wraps it around me then he picks me up and takes me to his bed. He then looks at me and gets closer then he whispers

 "Too bad I have a burst lip"

I can't believe this man! He isn't doing this right now. He then walks into another closet door and comes back with a black Nike t-shirt and says I can sleep in it. I get dressed with him standing over me watching everything I do. Then he switches off the lights and gets into bed without a single thing on his body. I feel him press up on me behind and get a tingle up my spine. Then he just

 holds me from behind and sleeps. Honestly I don't believe this guy. Ugh no!

If you've been with me you know I won't allow this to happen I turn around and face him then I grab his manhood with my hands and I can hear him breathe louder as soon as I touch it.

I think I shouldn't have done that last night I don't know if I can even get out of bed!

That man did new things to my body and I had an out of body

 experience with him. I mean how do I face him now? He didn't even kiss me because of his burst lip but the things he did do made me forget all about kissing.

Oh wow he's here with coffee and rusks he puts them next to the bed and says

"Good morning MaVezi. Did you sleep well?". Sleep? What sleep is he talking about?

The one hour nap? He couldn't possibly!

I give him a look and say

"Did you let me sleep?".

"Well you're the one who kept yelling don't stop what you're doing to me" he tells me with a slight smile on his face.

I can't believe him this guy is something else. He looks at me before joining my breakfast in bed then when we're done he says to take a shower and come downstairs.

He says this as he's going to have a shower himself. I don't know if I should join him or not.


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