Home sweet home!

This sofa smells like Hakeem. I can't wait to see him again this weekend.

  He's so perfect.

Oh well it's still Thursday but hey I'll be alright. Time to shower and eat.

There's food from yesterday but a little pasta won't hurt so I start cooking some. I decide it's time to text my best friend about all this I just hope she doesn't drive down just for the scoop. I really would rather be alone if not with Hakeem.

I call her

Me: Hey bestie how are you?

Nolwazi: Hey boo why the call? Did something happen?

Me: Well the girl had a date yesterday and it was amazing! Nolwazi: And I'm only finding out now? Nah ah boo who is he? How? When?...

Me: Calm down girl I'll tell you that on WhatsApp! I'm still cooking here.

Nolwazi: Hurry up I'm on the way.

Me: Thought you might do that... Okay come over cause there's no stopping you.

 Nolwazi: Ok see you now.

Me: Bye

This girl is forever looking for an excuse to come here. Let me just finish this up.

Missed call from the Doctor hmm let me call him back.

Someone: Hello miss I've been trying to call you and everyone

 else on this phone's contacts the guy who owns it has been in a car accident on the N2.

They're taking him to Durdoc Hospital after they finish attending to him.

I drop the phone on the floor.

No no no!

This isn't happening! I have to wait for Lwazi at the gate and have her take me to Durdoc as soon as she gets here.

This isn't happening right now!

 I switch off the stove.

Here she comes in her Mini Cooper smiling with that bright smile if only she knew.

I get in "Please drive me to Durdoc bestie. He was in a car accident." I say this and she doesn't even look at me again now I know this will be a bumpy ride.

We haven't said a word since I told her. In 40 minutes we're there and I have to speak again for the first time since the last words I said broke my heart.

"Hi Dr Hakeem Ngubo who was involved in a car accident on the N2 was brought in here about an hour ago I presume please show me where he is." I've managed not to cry.

“I can't give you any information unless you're a family member miss". This girl is testing me she really is.

"I'm his wife please show me to his room" I manage to lie. “Wife? Dr Ngubo...” Argh she’s so annoying.

“We're married traditionally.” I snap.

"I'm sorry Mrs Ngubo I didn't realize. He is still in ICU according to this unfortunately you'll have to wait." she says this with a sympathy smile.

I know I won't like her.

Well I hardly like anyone but still.

Okay fine let me sit on these benches and wait. It's 9pm and Lwazi and I have to go I can't believe I'm leaving without so much as an update.

The ride back is even worse than the ride to the hospital. I'm just going to wrap myself in this blanket and sleep.

No food today no bed I'm sleeping on the couch he left me on. Seems Lwazi is sleeping over to keep me company

I honestly wish she'd leave but I owe her for taking me to the hospital so I'll allow.

I can't believe I'm up before 7 let me bath and go ask to be excused off work.

That's done I can't believe the boss was so understanding but then again I am hardly off so I guess I understand.

Whew! Okay Lwazi is getting ready for work I'll just go catch a taxi and trust her to lock up.

I'm in town finally but now to get to Durdoc. I feel like a zombie not even talking to anyone or even on my phone.

I ignored Lwazi's calls even.

Okay here I am let me see what I can find out today. Well from what this doctor tells me he has a stitch on his head and he busted a lip but that's about it. The reason they took long yesterday is because they had to determine whether his brain had any damage.

I'm so happy I can see him!

He looks good even though he has a bandage around his head and his lip is busted in fact I find the burst lip cute. His eyes find mine and I can't help but cry

“I'm going to be fine it's nothing much you shouldn't worry”

I'm inconsolable.

“Nothing even touched my skull it was just a cut and it bled a lot that's it.”

I calm myself down.

“Don’t scare me like that again!” I yell.

He stares at me “Come. Join me.”

Not ideal but it's a private room so I guess we can.

I climb on the bed next to him.

I love the way he smells it's all over this room and he's only been here a day.

“I’m being discharged tomorrow I'd love it if you came before that so I can show you my place.”

“Uh okay... I’ll come.”

I leave later on since he insisted on calling an Uber to fetch me. I get to my flat and I'd really prefer being in that hospital with him. Oh he just sent a message saying he misses me.

I reply with a song Khalid - Location.

We chat away and by the end of our conversation we agree on what time I'll be there to help him check out of hospital.

Oh well bed time for me and him.

You know I forgot to ask him how he's driving us home if his car was in an accident. I guess I'll find out tomorrow should he even drive though?

Okay I'm sleeping I can't worry myself about this stuff right now.

The morning is lovely again I notice because yesterday I didn't even have time to check out anything. I'm happy to say no more tears or worry.

Hakeem is fine and we're getting along more than we're supposed to for people who aren't even together. I'm determined to find out today what exactly is going on between me and this fine gentleman.

I find him packed and ready to go all he's waiting for is to sign some documents and he's all mine.

We keep locking eyes and he doesn't smile or anything but just looks at me while I'm sitting here blushing like a high school girl. Some nurse comes in and he signs papers then he looks at me and holds my hand as we walk out all he has is a patch on his stitch and that's it. He still looks dreamy and turns a couple of heads as we walk out.

He makes a phone call and leads me across the street to this blue BMW car that's here. I'm tempted to ask who got the car here but I don't have to because in seconds he's telling me

“I’m thankful for my baby brother who's not so much a baby anymore. He is 19. He brought the car around today before you came to the hospital.”

“It’s great that you have that. Your mother must be proud of the relationship her sons have.”

“She is proud of us. You know she's still working even though she has a Doctor for a son who could be taking care of her.”

From what I gather there is no father and I can't bring myself to ask whether he is alive or not I choose not to.

We arrive at his place it's in Ballito.

I cannot believe my eyes! This is a mansion like the ones I see on Top Billing and vow to own one day.

This guy really has no responsibilities but himself.

He talks about his investments in businesses and banks also which explains why he'd stay here. There is a pool and a Jacuzzi! I have a feeling I'm not going to want to leave this house.

Call me desperate but I'd be dumb to not want to be a part of this. "Make yourself at home" he says from upstairs.

Uh is he kidding?

I'm cooking in this kitchen!

I might never have a chance to if I miss this one.


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