Okay I really don't know where to start this whole flat is filthy. I even had to get off early at work to clean this place.

Usually I'd drink wine but I need energy for tonight so I will make coffee.

Might I just add not having to cook is nerve wrecking because I survive by cooking it's my stress relief and all day activity. Too bad I can't eat all the food I cook and end up giving it to my neighbours.

Funny how they hardly spoke to me before finding out about my

 cooking skills. I'm almost done cleaning well minus the bedroom. I hope he doesn't go in there cause that's a mess of note.

Let’s be clear as lazy as I am I keep a very clean kitchen it’s the chef in me.

I'll just freshen up and wait for him now I really wonder what I'd do without these hips they're all I can use to make myself look sexy in short pyjamas.

He's here!

He just buzzed at the gate and I opened for him. Should I wait for him to knock and open immediately to seem organised or should I let him stand there a bit and seem less desperate?

I decide to open immediately after he knocks.

The knock whew okay it's time I open the door and see him. Now I know I've already said this but this is a man.

The muscles the height the strong jawline...

I'm staring again?

What is going on with me?

Okay so let me invite him in before he notices "Hey please come


Oh wait he's distracted and not even hearing me all he's looking at is my face you'd think maybe my body but no just my face. He's weirder than I thought

"Hi Miss Vezi. You're one beautiful woman

thank you for inviting me here. This is a nice place. So cosy" he says all this coming in and looking around like it's cute.

 “Thank you I still don't know your name though Dr..." I manage to say hoping that he'll tell me.

"Oh yes I'm Dr Hakeem Ngubo. I'm sorry I forgot to give the lady my name" He says this sitting on the sofa and looking through the channels.

He isn't in pyjamas though like he said but I'll let it slide because that t-shirt is tight around the right places on him. I should join him and stop looking at him from behind the sofa.

"I thought this was a pyjama date" I say as sit next to him and all

 he can say is

"I sleep naked".

I don't have anything to say about that so I just keep quiet and start unwrapping the food.

Mmmhm he does know good food there's everything I like from Mr Browns here and it smells divine.

I stand up to get the plates and come back to find him watching The Notebook which is my favourite movie by the way.

He eats like no other man I've ever met. He's so neat with how he eats it's freaky because he eats a lot which is great cause I get to eat without worrying if he's looking at me eat.

I'm not as neat as him might I add. The silence while watching this movie is beautiful instead of awkward and he's taking off his shoes I'm shocked but act cool.

He puts his legs on the coffee table and reaches his arm out to put it around my shoulders and he's touching me.

I really tried for like 5 seconds to fight off the urge to lay on that

 chest but oops. My feet are up next to his and my head laying on his shoulders.

This is a moment I never thought I'd have in this place and it's amazing I feel a little sleepy though today was draining. I'll shut my eyes for 5 minutes.

Wait! What happened?

Why am I sleeping on the couch?

 Ah well I guess I had one of those nights.

Wait where is Hakeem?

The blanket over me it's from my bedroom and I know I didn't get it.

Wow Banele really?

You dozed off during a date?

He's definitely not coming back. My phone is flashing he sent me a text for the second time since he texted saying he was on his way.

 He says he couldn't wake me up but put me in a blanket and made sure I was safe before leaving and that he'll see me again this weekend.

Good job Banele! I guess you still got it.

This gentle brother took care of the dishes even. They're not even on the rack but inside the cupboards.

Let me just go sleep. My room looks cleaner than the last time I was in here please don't tell me he cleaned that too!

This is terrible!

Oh well I need my sleep right now.

I’ll face my shame in the morning.

Today seems even brighter than yesterday. The smile on my face isn't forced but real.

I think I met my one yesterday.

Oh but who am I kidding the guy is clean and I'm just lazy to do anything but cook.

For now I have to talk to Gogo Gloria and thank her though she

 didn't know anything about yesterday.

I'll just give her flowers from the garden in this building she won't know anyway.

Oh but I forgot to talk about her health maybe its best I avoid her. I'll hang out in the kitchen today.

Honestly all I've been doing is texting the Doctor whenever he can answer since he's a busy man. I live for his WhatsApp messages

 even though we haven't even talked about anything concrete yet. This man will have me burning these old people's food.


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