I hate it. I hate this job the people my flat my life basically! The only thing I like really is the pay cheque every month. I never understood why people did jobs they don't like but here I am. I'm just like them.

I work at this old aged home and I basically just cook for the elderly. I know it's not as bad as cleaning their crap but these people can't eat most things that make food taste good. Don't get me wrong I love healthy food but this is tasteless. Those who can consume the spices and salts I have to cook another meal for. Everyday I come in here without a smile on this face not even a bit. Working with old people requires energy that I really don't have.

Today all that changes. I'm determined to have a good day. I'm

  going to treat these people right and even force a smile. I doubt these old hags will notice but what the heck.

The sun is bright today it is the first day of spring after all. It's time for me to take a quick shower and walk to work. Yes it's a walking distance from my flat which is the one thing I find good about it.

This kitchen feels different today like it's not the same one I used

 just yesterday. Since I also have breakfast here I'll make us oats and some mealie porridge.

The other cooks arrive they look rather surprised to find me already cooking. Oh well I'm surprised myself.

"Good morning Banele" they all say.

I smile and say "Don't look so surprised ladies. It's just the power of spring!".

We chat away and sooner than normal we're done.

I've decided to eat with the old people. I know it feels weird just

 thinking about it myself. They all pause to look at me make my way to one of the ladies who've always been kind to me even when she could see I was really not into talking.

Gogo Gloria talks a lot and I usually run from her but today I feel different.

"My child what is your name again?" she asks.

No use telling her she'll ask again next time.

"I'm Banele gogo how is your BP this week?" I ask.

Not that I care but hey.

I’m not just being mean by the way I never knew my grandparents so I just don’t gel with old people.

"Oh my child. I never understand these things the doctor tells me" maybe he hides things to make me feel better." she says.

"I doubt that gogo but I could sit in on your next appointment so I can explain to you what he means" I am surprising myself today. "He is coming this morning my child. You wouldn't mind doing that for this old lady today?" she asks.

You've really done it this time Banele. "Yes. No problem let's get

 you ready" I say standing up to push her wheelchair.

"No. I need to make a phone call my child. I will ask for you from a nurse when he is here." the old lady tells me.

I guess that's cool I can go help the others with the dishes now. Another thing I never do.

It’s not in my job description okay!

Did I mention that I’m lazy?

I’m very lazy.


the old lady tells me.

I guess that's cool I can go help the others with the dishes now. Another thing I never do.

It’s not in my job description okay!

Did I mention that I’m lazy?

I’m very lazy.

 "Banele Gogo Gloria is asking for you in her room. She said to tell you it's time" one of the nurses tells me peeping in through the kitchen window.

Now I have to take steps to her room since well the lifts are occupied by old people.

Whew! Finally!

Okay so her room is down the passage? Just my luck. Oh well I offered.

I knock and hear a "Come in" from inside and enter.

 Oh wow even better the doctor is wrapping up. I missed the whole thing.

Gogo looks at me with a smile and says "You missed it but here's my doctor maybe he can tell everything to you on the way out. I have to rest."

At least she doesn't look mad when she says this. I nod and then greet the protein shake food and gym in front of me he's not even replying or facing me. He finishes up and says goodbye to the old woman and then turns around to me.

Now see I hardly gag but that made me gag.

The voice that came out of that body is deep and rich but has a lot of hurt in it. I know all this and all he said was hello. Don't ask me how I know though.

While all chocked up by that I see his eyes they're brown and are absolutely gorgeous those lips look better than mine and he has no lipstick on his skin looks so perfect I wanted to touch it! Ooh now this man may be light skinned but he is a black man!

One with character you only see in movies. Oh damn! He notices

 I'm staring and I quickly look away.

A slight smile!

He definitely can see my thirst.

"We can talk outside miss..." he says expecting me to say my name.

“Banele Vezi" I say wishing I made it sound more interesting like in the movies.

"Glad to meet you. Let's walk and talk shall we?" he asks.

 "Uh yes let's" I say.

We walk outside and I'm first out the room now I don't know if I'm naturally awkward but I don't know if I should look at him and blush or not look at him and sweat thinking his eyes are on me.

I decide to look at him and luckily his eyes aren't on me. His every step looks tailored and not just because his pants are.

"Well since I can tell you won't listen to me today but just stare how about I take you out to dinner tonight? We'll talk about Gogo then?". I don't know if I should scream or what.

 I mean I only have dates with movies wine and food. This is major for me.

“Oh I'm sorry for staring. I just am not ready to go out tonight. I wouldn't know what to wear" he looks at me and for the first time I feel like he's looking at all of me my work uniform never felt more terrible.

Also the heat just turned all the way up.

He says "Okay how about I join you in pyjamas and a movie? I'll bring snacks".

I should feel insulted but that sounds great. The only problem is he's a stranger but that's what panic buttons are for. If you've been with me all this time you know I'll say yes by now. "Alright my place at eight it’s right up the road twelve Daisy Court." I say that cause I have to clean that place up first before having anyone over.

"I am there. Goodbye MaVezi" he says.

Wait! We're downstairs and he's off to his car a beautiful Mercedes-Benz G something car I don't know these things. I

 really have to get cooking for lunch now.

All I can do is think about Dr... Oh right I don't even know his name.


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