My name is Nobuhle Khumalo. I'm a lovely 23 year old woman. I've been through many hardships in life but I've always held my head up high. I'm forever smiling you'd swear I've got glittered teeth. When I grew upmy father was absent. My mom had to pay a big role in our livesshe was alone. She pretended like she was happy but every night I would hear her crying. We suffered a lot

we didn't have much. The absence of my father was clearly visible. There were times where I needed himI needed him to save meto be my night in shining armour but he was nowhere to be found. I wanted him to fight my battles but he wasn't available. At some point I had to drop out of school but I managed to go back. I finished my matric and had to go to Gauteng. The city of goldlife was better and I was happy until one unfortunate event... It all crumbled down. Bear with me on this journey ....


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