I've felt pain but I recoveredI haven't recovered completely but I'm getting there. With Lonwabo by my side I'm sure I'll overcome any obstacles.

We're sharing a bed with Lonwabo and every morning I wake up to his erect selfI know he will get tired and leave me eventually if I deprive him sex. I feel him getting bigger behind me as we're cuddling up under the blankets. He's been suffering from this everyday.

"We can do it Lolo" I say and shift closer to him.

"No I don't want to rush you into anything. I'll wait"he says and kisses my forehead. I could see the pity on his eyes.

"This is what I didn't want" I try to get off bed but he holds my hand.

"What is it that you don't want?"

"I want you to look at me the same way you looked at me beforeI hate this pity written all over your face. Suddenly you watch everything you say and how you say it"

"MaKhumalo I'm sorryI'm just worried. What if you can't move on from this? I hate the fact that someone took advantage of you. If I knew him I would kill him with my bare hands"he says with his eyes closed. I want to look at him straight in the eyes when he says the last words but his eyes are closed.

" What's done is done Lonwabothere's nothing we can do about it" I can see he's still tense so I shift to a more better topic.

"So what's your son's name?" I ask and he immediately relaxes. I can see the joy on his face

"Oh thank youI thought you'd never ask" he chuckles.


"You took your time to ask about himI was beginning to think you don't like him. His name is EmihleI love that boy with everything in me. Now that you've asked about himyou should meet him soon"

"Mmmh" that's what I manage to say.

"Where's my phone?" He searches and finds it under the pillow. Really? I think he's hiding it. He slides through a few pictures and finally finds the one he wants.

"Therewe really look alike" he says as he hands me the phone.

"He's beautiful and cute" I say. It's a beautiful picture of him and Lonwabo. They seem to be in a parkLonwabo is all smiling you'd swear he's the baby. Emihle though doesn't look happy and he looks like he's faking a smile. I want to ask if he's okay but I don'the might start thinking I'm desperate to be a stepmother.

I look at other pictures and Emihle is still wearing his fake smile. Maybe I'm being forward maybe that's how he smiles. An incoming call from Zee disturbs meI give Lonwabo his phone . He quickly presses the end call button and says "Hello .. Hello" . I'll pretend like I didn't see that.

"Some people have time to waste" he says and puts his phone under the pillow.

I think I know what this meansit means he has a girlfriend. I know he wouldn't drop his girlfriend over mewe've just met after all. I'm a little disappointed thoughI almost had sex with him. Now that I think of itit would've been wrong. We've just metI don't know anything about this man yet I almost slept with him. But then I love him. I have an ideaI have to put him up for the famous 90 days rule. If he doesn't make it to 90 days then I would know I made the right decision.

"What's on that beautiful mind?"

Ooh really now?

"Nothing. I have to take a shower" I say and get off bed. He follows me.

"Can I join you?"


We got in the bathroom and we were both naked. For some weird reason I wasn't afraid to walk around naked in his presence. The water is warm as well as his handshe keeps caressing my body and I'm suddenly wet. He cupped my breasts and let a loud groan. His hands are shaking it's like he doesn't know where to touch me.

"Can I put him between your thighs?"he asks and I know exactly who he's talking about.

"Mmmh yes" I say. I feel like I'm losing herethis is not what I wanted.

He puts his penis in between my thighs and groansI squeeze tighter and his grip on my breasts gets tighter. His body collides with mine and I feel his semen run down my legs. He groans loudlymy work here is done!

He goes down and wipes his semen off my thighs and legsthe shower is still on. He parted my thighsI know what is next. I touch his chin and make him look at mehe raises his head and looks at me with his small sexy eyes. I love them.

"I'm hungry" I sayit's the only way I can stop him. I close the shower tap and leave him in the bathroom I can hear him chuckle. I perform a 30 seconds victory dance and say a silent prayer. Yes I didn't have sex with him

I escaped even though I wanted him.

I dried myself and applied lotionhe comes out just as I look for something to wear.

"MaKhumalomy friend asked you to do something for him"he sayshe's wearing boxers only. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at his body.


"Yes. He wants you to buy furniture for this house. Everything from bedscurtains utensils and other things to make this house bearable"

"It's short notice Lonwabo I can't"

"Come on MaKhumaloit's not like you have anything to do. Please do thisit's the least you could do for him"

"I don't know what he likes Lolo"

"He will like anything you buy. Take it as if you're buying these for your own houseyour dream house"

"Fine I'll do it. So what's the budget?"

"Budget is unlimited buy anything"

"Unlimited budget? That's a dangerous thing to say to a woman"

"The guy is loaded so don't worry"

"Okay then let me get ready"

I want something simple but I also want to look beautiful. I settle for a long sleeved white dress that is above the kneeblack sandals. I looked for a comb but I couldn't find it so I wrapped a doek on my head. I applied my make up and I looked good. I'm ready to go.

I find Lonwabo downstairs waiting for mehe's wearing a white T-shirt with black pants.

"Wow you look beautiful Mrs Cwati" he says and comes closer to me. I'll ignore the Cwati part. He also looks handsome but I won't say it.

He kisses me and lifts my dresshe wants to put his hand on my honey pot.

"Muntu wami why are you wearing tights? Now they make it hard to reach my honey pot"he sayshe's all over my body.

"Good for uswe have to get going" I try to move away from him

"I love you MaKhumalo" he says and I can see he expects an answer but I'm not giving any. Yes I love him but if I say it often he might think he's the King and start being full of himself.

"Let's go"I take his hand and we head out. He loves singinghe was singing all the way to the mall. His voice is gooda total opposite of me. We had lunch first and he had to leave. He gave me the card and pin. He left me with 3 guys who would help me with shoppingI had to choose what I want and they would make sure its delivered and everything is taken care off.

I brought a lot of thingsI brought bedsbed covers and sheetscurtainsnew couches and a lot of other things. I am pleased with myselfit's not really my money but it feels good. Lonwabo is also excited about this new furniture.

I spent the following day in the bedroomLonwabo kept refusing when I wanted to go downstairs. It's afternoon and I'm still stuck upstairshe gets me food and anything I want but I'm tired of being in here.

His phone rings.

"You're done?" .. "We'll be there shortly" he says and drops the call.

"ComeI want to show you something" he says and I follow. I'm still dressed in my sleep wear.

I nearly fainted when I went downstairsthe house looked beautiful. I rush back upstairs and the bedrooms upstairs are also furnished. I rush back downstairs and find Lonwabo where I left him.

"Wow who did this?" I ask with excitement.

"I got someone to do it for me. You like it?"

"YesI love it!"I say almost shouting.

"Good because this is your new home"


"MaKhumalo I said that this is your new home. And please stop saying "huh" to mefind another appropriate word"

"Lonwabo are you crazy? What do you mean?"

"I brought this house on the day I lied about a friend having a housewarming party. I only saw the house that one time and I decided to buy it. It's on your name"

"So you meet me for a few minutes and you decide to buy me a house? What kind of picture are you painting in my mind? You mean to tell me that you meet a girl for five minutes and you buy her a house!"

"But Nobuhle I love you. I wouldn't do this for anyone but I did it for you. I love you Nobuhle and love is making a fool out of me"

"I don't believe this! I'm not taking this house. Maybe you're a thief. Where do you work anyway? You're always stuck here with me"

"That's what you should've asked in the first place. I own a logistics company and two hotels. I also rent out propertiesall in all I'm a businessman"

"Okay but you can keep your house. I'll find a job and buy myself a little flat"

"Fineone more thing. You should get your drivers license soon"

"Yes that's more like it. You should be empowering me like thisdo no shower me with gifts and money. If you continue with it then I wouldn't find the need to look for a job and empower myself"

"Would that be a bad thing?" He asks getting closer. He shuts me with a kiss before I could answer.


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