Chapter 07

The past few days were awesomeI think it's safe to say I love Lonwabo and he makes me happy but there's still that moment I'm dreading. I know eventually he will ask and I have to give it to him. Yesterday he fetched my clothes from my previous placehe took everything that belonged to me. I got crazy and kept on shouting but he managed to calm me down and make me understand that I don't have a place to stay and his friend is away on business. He needed someone to stay here. This place is emptythere aren't any pots or anything. He always buys us food and sometimes he comes back with home-cooked meals.

Today we went to his mother's place again. I love that houseit is warm and beautiful. It has a beautiful view and it's a breath of fresh air.

We came back late in the afternoon. I took a shower and wore my pyjamas. I sat on the bed with Lonwabo. He was busy on his laptop but he stopped when I got in bed. He put it away and came closer to meI rested on his chest.

"So did you enjoy your day?"he asked kissed my forehead.

"Yes I did enjoy. There's something I like about that house" I said and looked at him. I could see the lust on his eyeshe wanted me.

"I have to take a showerdon't sleep"he said and got off bed. He took off his shirt and pants and left his boxers.

"Please help me take these off"he said pointing at his boxers and smiled. I just looked at him with a straight facehe got the message and took them off himself while chuckling. He was erectI saw his penis and he wasn't shaken by this. He went to the bathroom and I got to have a good look at him. He was tall and perfectly shapedI liked his round butts. He was darknot too dark but not light dark either. His bald and shining head didn't make things easier for me. He was perfect just the way I've imagined my first boyfriend. I hate man with hairI don't know why.

I watched the bathroom door till I heard the shower tap closing. He came out naked and he was still erect. His body was still dripping waterhe hadn't dried himself. His penis was big and I got scared for a moment. I felt myself getting wet.

"You like staring don't you?" he said with a smile on his face and jerked his penis for a little while. I was still watching. He took a throw and dried himselfthis house doesn't have any towels. He finished and got in bedhe got on top of me and started kissing me. His lips were warm and I liked the way he kissed me. I felt his hand going down to my pyjama pantshe put his hand inside my underwear and started playing with my clitoris. He stopped kissing me and took off my T-shirthe moved down and took off my pyjama pants together with my underwear. He opened my thighs and buried his head in my vagina with his tongue stuck on my vaginal opening. He didn't movehe moved down and took off my pyjama pants together with my underwear. He opened my thighs and buried his head in my vagina with his tongue stuck on my vaginal opening. He didn't moveI tried moving away from him but he held on my waist tighter. He started muffing meI swear I've never felt anything like that. He was licking and rubbing my clitoris with his thumb and I was going crazythe whole house was filled with my moaning. I was loud. I felt my body heating upI felt tingles on my body and I felt like I was about to explode.

"Let go" he uttered with a deep and slow voice and I let go immediately. I was embarrassed that I did that to him but he just surprised mehe licked me clean. I just had my first orgasm in my whole life.

He lifted up his head and started kissing meI felt the tip of his penis enter my vagina. Suddenly my body felt numbI felt like it was the same scene from when I was 15. I felt that man's beard scratching my face I felt his scent suffocating meI felt his strong grip on my body and I gave vent to a howl so loud that Lonwabo jumped away from me and held me closer to his arms. I could see confusion on his face. He let me cry on his arms without disturbing me.

"Baby what's wrong?"he asked brushing my back. I buried my face on his neck and cried more.

"Talk to me MaKhumalo. Please muntu wami"he said and I could sense the hurt and fear on his voice.

"Were you raped?" he asked and I nodded slowly.

"It happened when I was 15. My mom sent me to the shop around 18:00pm. It was starting to get dark. On my way home I met a man wearing a suit and he was carrying a briefcase. I greeted and he asked for directions to a nearby supermarket. I directed him but he insisted that I accompany him so I agreed since it would've been rude to say no to an elder. When we were passing by an old house he dragged me there and told me to shut up. He made me lie on my back and he raped me... He took my innocence Lolo.... My pride" I said wailing. My eyes were red and I had a blocked nose.

"It's okay baby you don't have to tell me all about it" he said.

"I want to. I've never talked about it to anyone"I said and sniffed.

"While he was busy on top of me I saw a broken beer bottlehis eyes were closed so I took this as a chance. I slowly took the beer bottle but he saw me first. He stabbed me below my right breasthe didn't care I was bleeding. He continued with what he was doing and when he finished he left me there. I managed to limp back home. My mom nearly died when she saw meI was covered in blood and couldn't walk properly. It's a miracle that I managed to get home. She wanted to take me to the clinic but I refusedif I went to the clinic everyone in our community would know what happened. I didn't want that. She nursed me back to life and I later found out I was pregnant" I said and stopped for a moment. Lonwabo was focused and he listened attentively.

"I wanted to abort but my mom begged me not to do it. He said I would regret it for my whole life. I listened to her and I started loving my baby with my whole heart. I gave birth to a beautiful princess and I named her Sinazo. She was beautiful and healthy. When she was two months old she died of pneumoniaI swear a part of me died with her. I lost myself that dayI loved my daughter Lonwabo and God decided to take her away from me. I miss her LoloI miss holding my baby.." Tears were streaming down my face. Sinazo's death is one thing I would never forget.

"I'm sorry babyyou will get other children"he said.

"That's not the point Lolo. I lost my first baby and no one can take her place in my heart" I said. He got up and went to the bathroomhe came back with a bottle of water and gave it to me.

"Can I please have a glass sir?" I said. He turned away quickly and I laughed.

"I'm joking. Come back to bed and hold me"I said. He quickly got in bed and held me.

"You're a strong woman MaKhumalo. I love that about you. Our children will have a strong mother"he said and kissed my forehead.

"Thank you Cwati"I said and his smile got wider. I love him!


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