Chapter 06

It's another day and I have to make the best out of it. Lonwabo hasn't called since he leftI'm sad though. Why did he turn me on if he would just leave me hanging? That's totally wrong. I'm starting to fall for him and I hate thatI don't want to fall in love with him. Love has broken so many peopleit has destroyed many people's lives. I don't want to be a victim of loveI saw my own mother suffering in the name of love.

She was in denial that my father left she prayed and cried asking for my father to come back but he didn't. We didn't have muchit was only child support grant that kept my family going. It also wasn't enough but it made changewe never went to bed hungry. When Mbuso was 1 year oldmy mother went to look for a job. She kept looking but she never got employed. She only got part time jobs in the communityshe would do people's laundry or plough on their fields. We survived on the money that mom made in people's houses for years. When Mbali was 09 years oldshe asked my mom to buy her sweets and chipsshe wanted to sell to children at school. Mom brought them for hershe sold everything in two days time. What surprised me though was that Mbali was still in grade fourI don't know where she got that idea from.

Mom saw an opportunity in Mbali's idea and she took it. She also started selling fruits and vegetables her business grew. She fed us with that moneyshe brought us clothes and made us who we are. When I started working I built a small tuck shop for hershe still uses it but she hired someone to look after it because she had to take care of Mbuso sometimes.

My phone rangit was my mom. She always makes sure to call me everyday.

"Mom" I said.

"Baby are you okay?"mom asked.

"Yes I'm fine mom. How are you?"

"I'm good Nini. When are you coming back home? You haven't visited us in such a long time" she said.

"I'm not sure mombut I'll be home soon"I said.

"We still need to renovate the house"mom said.

"I know momI'll be home as soon as I can" I saidthis conversation makes me think about Lonwabo.

"Okay I'll be waiting for you. Mbali wants to talk to youshe says she will call on her own time"-mom.

"I'll wait for her call. Bye mom" I said and dropped the call.

I have an interview to get to. I was surprised to hear that I've been called for an interview. I didn't expect it with my zero experience. I dragged myself and took a showerI made sure I look good. I applied make-up to hide that I was crying all night Lonwabo's leaving really broke me. I got to the place on timethere were other candidatesthey looked like they would make good assistants. I went in as it was my turn.

The interview was horribleI don't know why they called me there if they wanted to insult me. They told me I'm inexperienced I should be studying instead of roaming around looking for money. I'm a crierI really did cry.I got to my place and slept without eating or taking a shower.

I woke up in the morning and checked my phonenothing from Lonwabo. I felt my eyes wateringLonwabo has been playing with my feelings. I let him be. I took a shower and decided to wear grey tracksuits with a vest. I headed downstairs and got a smoothieI don't have groceries yet and I'm lazy to go shopping. I had my breakfast and decided to watch t.v . I heard cars driving init sounded like there were many cars.

As I was about to stand up and lookthe door opened and my house was suddenly flooded with men and women carrying guns.

"Don't scream!" A short muscular black man said. He was chubby and ugly he was wearing a tight black T-shirt with black trousers. All the people in this house were wearing black clothes He bad a scar on his left armit looked like he was stabbed or something.

"Are you alone?" He asked and I quickly nodded.

"Where's your cellphone?" He said looking at me.

"It's upstairs" I managed to saybut I was scared. I was already crying.

"Go fetch it"he said pointing at some colored woman. She went to fetch it and came back with itshe gave it to the man. He switched it off and tossed it back to me.

"Start searching"he said to these people and they started going crazy. They moved around the whole housesome men came back with spades and peaky tools. They dug on the floor tiles and came back with big black bags. The short man opened them and they had white substances in small packages. I think it's drugs. He opened another bag and found guns. They continued digging and they came with more bagsthey found some bags upstairs and came down with them. They were also dusty so I think they also dug them.

They put all the bags in front of the short manhe looked at them one by one.

"Take them to the car"he said and they took the bags and left. I was left with him only. He came closer to me and touched my cheeksI was still seated on the couch.

"You knowif I had time I would take off those clothes and eat your pussy. After that I'd fuck you till you can't breathe. I'd eat you raw and look straight in your eyes as I'm fucking you. When I'm done I'll cum inside you and leave you begging for more"he said and unzipped my tracksuit jackethe touched my boobs and let out a loud groan.

"Fuck!" He shouted. I was crying my lungs out history is about to repeat itself. Why me though?

"I want to leave but my body wants youI want to eat you....Unzip my pants and blow me!" He shouted. I cried moreI didn't want to do it.

"Now bitch I don't have all day"he shouted again. He pulled my hands and put them on top of his pants.

"Unzip and blow"he said. Just then his phone rang.

"Boss" ... "Yes we're done"... "Give me 10 minutes bossI didn't want to do it.

"Now bitch I don't have all day"he shouted again. He pulled my hands and put them on top of his pants.

"Unzip and blow"he said. Just then his phone rang.

"Boss" ... "Yes we're done"... "Give me 10 minutes boss I need to wrap up something"..."I'm sorry bossI should listen to you".... He dropped the call.

"You're lucky the boss called. I have to goyou never saw anything or anyone" he said and kissed my cheek then left.I heard their cars driving outI wailed. I didn't know what to do. I went to lock the door.

I switched my cell phone on and called Lomwabo. He didn't pick up the first time and I called him again.

"Muntu wami"he said and I cried morehearing his voice made me more vulnerable.

"Baby what's wrong?"he saidsounding worried. I cried even moreI couldn't talk.

"Thetha nam Nobuhle"(talk to me)he said.

"There were man carrying guns in here Lolo. They nearly hurt me"I said in between my tears.

"What? Okay baby relax I'm on my way"he saidit sounded like he was moving.

"You're in Eastern Cape Lolowhen will you be here" I saidI was beginning to calm down.

"Don't worry I'll be there in no time"he saidjust then another cars drove in. I went to peep through the window they were different cars from before.

"There are other cars driving in Lolo"I saidI was panicking again.

"Ooh God this is not happening. Listen and listen carefully Nobuhlego to the kitchen" he said and I went in. The people outside were trying to break the door.

"Now remove the cupboard towards the sinkyou'll see a door. I'll give you the password and you'll get in that door" he said panting

"Stop playing games Lonwabothe cupboard is built init is stuck on the wall"I saidLonwabo thinks I'm joking.

"Nobuhle do as I say!" He said in a low voice but it was commading.I tried removing the cupboard and it was heavy but I finally removed it. I saw the door. "Password!"I shoutedit sounded like the guys outside had finally found a way to get in. He told me the password and I punched it in. The door opened I got in and it closed immediately. My call with Lonwabo was disconnected there was no signal in this place. There was a double bed and a two-sitter couch. I settled on the couch and thought about what was happening. I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up and it was almost late at nightI was still stuck in this place. I played games on my phone till my battery died. I went back to over thinking I've fallen for Lonwabo. I hate the fact that I'm loveas to what is going on in hereI have no idea. I don't know how one gets to store drugs in the house. They were even buried in the roomwith guns. I fell asleep again.

I was woken up by someone touching my faceI looked up and saw Lonwabo. He looked good in jeans and a black long sleeved t-shirt. He lifted me up and kissed my forehead I just cried. He led us outit was still dark outside but it looked like it was already in the morning. There were other cars parked outsideLonwabo looked like he knew them because he looked comfortable with them. They also looked dodgy like they were criminals.

"Lolo what's going on?" I asked

"I'll explain when we get home"he said. I didn't ask which home he was talking about. We drove to his friend's house. We got in and Lonwabo led me to the main bedroom. I turned and looked at himhe knew he had to explain.

"He's on a business trip so don't worry. Plus you need a place to stay"he said. I had to agree on that. I got in and went to the bathroomthis time I found bath oils and bath salts. It looked like they were Lonwabo's because of the scent they were exactly his. I took a quick showerI've been wearing this clothes for far too long. It was already at 4:00am but I had to bathI felt sticky. I found a gownI wore it and I went back to sit on the bedLonwabo sat on the couch.

"You can talk" I said as I looked at him. He looked like he didn't know what to say.

"Where do I start? ..... So the first time I came to your house I instantly knew it wasn't yours. It costs a lot and the technology is way too advanced. I'm into properties so that's why I saw that easily. I bet you didn't know anything about it. That day when you found me on the kitchenI went to get food but I discovered many things about that house. So I did my research turns out that the man that used to live in that house was a well known drug lord and he sold weapons. He hid and buried everything then went away. Opponents found out about that and they went to steal his stuff. The people you saw first were actually stealing" he said

"Lonwabo you let me live in a house full of drugs and guns? Is that the way you show love to me?" I asked feeling angryhe should've told me.

"I wanted to tell you but how was I going to explain all of this?" He said and I sighed.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"Nothing. I talked to my father and he handled everything. It's his line of hobby anyway. And now I owe that man"he saiddefeated and it looked like he regretted his decision.

"You didn't have to do that. I could've moved back home and no-one would've found me"I said

"And risk losing you? No I can't. If you went back I wasn't going to see you again. I can't do that"he said and came to sit next to me.

"It's all overno need to worry. My father will handle everything trust me"he said and kissed me. He untied my gownat least I had underwear on. He drew circles on my thighsmy body was visibly shaking in a slow manner. I felt my palms get wetthis man is something else. He stopped kissing me and looked at me for a long time.

"Get some rest"he said. We both got to bed and cuddled. His arms were the warmest place I had ever been inI'm sure my mother's tummy when she was pregnant with me wasn't as warm and soft as my man's arms.


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