Chapter 04

I woke up at 11amyep that's how much I slept because I was unemployed. I went to take a shower and decided to wear a black short and a silky shirtit showed the black bra that I was wearing. I took my phone and it was still switched off I switched it on and saw many messages. Some messages came from my sistersaying I should call my mom. I wasn't ready to talk to my family so I ignored and charged my phone.

I made myself a sandwichI was hungry.I finished eating and took my laptop. It's time I started looking for a job. I found a few places and sent my CV via email.

My phone rangit was Lonwabo. I ignored but then it rang again and when I checked it was my mother.


"I've been trying to call you all morning are you okay" she asked and I could sense she was worried

"I'm good Mahmy battery was dead" I lied.

"I know you're not okay my babytell me what's bothering you?"she asked. She always knew when I wasn't okay and I don't know how. I have to lie to her because she won't let this go.

"Nothing important mom. It's Mr Dyson"-me

"What has that man done now"-her

"He was shouting at me mamain front of the staff" I said

"I'm sorry my babyyou know you can quit and come back home right?" She saidit's what she always say forgetting that we need the money.

"No momit's sorted now. He apologized" I was lying Mr Dyson never apologizes no matter what.

"Okay my love. We miss youcome and visit whenever you can"she said.

"Okay mama I love you. Bye" I dropped the call.

Right then a message from Lonwabo came init read "Don't forget about our date tonight".

I was lostI don't remember a date. Right then I remembered about the house warming party. "I'm not going" I replied . My phone ranghe was calling.

"Lonwabo" I said.

"Please don't do this Buhle. I'm sorry I bothered you last night it won't happen again. Just come with me to the party then I will leave you alone" he said feeling down.

"Okay" I said and found myself smiling. His voice was just out of this world.

"Thank you. You won't regret it."he said.

"I hope so"-me.

"I will fetch you at 18:00pmplease be ready" he said.

"Okay" I said and dropped the call.

It was 16:00pm already I had to start preparing because I'm slow. When I'm on my right senses I can even take a 2 hours shower. I packed my laptop away and had a glass of winemy fridge is always packed with wine even during the month. I filled the bath tub with water and bath oils then took a long bath. I finished and went to my closet I checked and checked but still I didn't know what to wearnot that I didn't have any clothesmy closet was fully packed. I wasn't financially stable but I knew I always had to look good. My wardrobe is pleasing. I finally decided to wear black ripped jeans with a peach top peach adidas sneakers and a white hoodie. I checked myself on the mirror and I was on pointmy ripped jeans exposed my flawless and big thighs. I sat down and applied my make up. I'm not really a yellowbone but I'm light in complexion and I have no dark spots. My hair is always kept wellI have a haircut that leaves little of my hair which has a line on the side. I prefer ladies cutweaves and other stuff make me look like an adult with this body I have.

There was a buzz on the gate

I opened the gate without asking who it was because I saw Lonwabo's car. His car drove in and he parked it outside then knocked on the door. He was early it was still 17:15pm. I opened for him and he was carrying flowers. He looked at me from head to toe and as soon as he saw my bare thighs his eyes got locked on them typical of men. He quickly gathered himself.

"Ummh Hi Buhle. You look beautiful" he said smiling.

"You also look good" I saidhe didn't look good but he was damn hot. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt that showed his sexy muscles he was sexy. I was busy drooling on his body. Damn! This man is hot. I've never looked at a man this way in my entire lifeit's a first.

"These are for you. I'm sorry about yesterday" he said giving me flowers and as I took the flowers he stole a kiss.

"I'm sorry I couldn't resist" he said with a smirk looking so handsome . I couldn't utter a wordthis man did things I didn't know existed on my body.

"Ummh sure. You can get in" I said and moved out of the way. He got in and settled on the lounge.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" I asked looking at him straight in the eyes.

"Water please" he said. I went to the kitchen and took a bottle of water and gave it to him.

"Can I please have a glass" he said .. OkayI'm embarrassed. I went back to the kitchen and came back with a glass.

"Thank you" he said and poured the water on the glass.

"Your house looks beautiful"-him. I felt a little embarrassedif only he knew.

"Thank you. Let me go and finish up so that we can go" I said and went upstairs.

I was actually done preparing I just wanted to gather myself and see if my cheeks weren't red. This man was "levels". He was dazzling hot a hot chocolate by the way. I went to the bathroom and washed my mouth with a mouthwash. I finished took my handbag and cellphone then went downstairs. To my surprise he was in the kitchen busy on my fridge. As soon as he saw me he raised his eyes.

"You've got a wide range of wines in here. I almost thought I was in a bottle store" he said. Ooh I seehe thinks he's funny and he's busy making himself comfortable on my house.

"I love the taste of wine" I said getting annoyed.

"Okay. I'm starving MaKhumalo and I couldn't find anything to eat on the fridge" he said .

"I haven't done groceries yet" -me.

"Okay then we should get goingwe will eat at my friends place" he said grabbing my hand. We walked out the gate.

"And then .. Why are you leaving your car here" I asked puzzled.

"We will walk. The house is right here" he said pulling me by my arm. I was annoyed I hate walking but then I had to oblige since I don't have a car. We held hands like love-struck teenagers. We got to the house and there were a few people. Men and womenthey were already drinking.

"Finally the woman and man of the house are here" some guy said and fist-bumped with Lonwabo. He shook my hand.

"Lovely seeing you Ma'am' he said and walked away. I'm confused.

"Let me get you something to drink" Lonwabo said and disappeared into thin air.

Alady came to me with a huge smile on her face. She was slim like she only has one meal per day.

"Hey Nobuhle. You look beautiful" she said.I didn't know what to sayshe was above beautiful. She had long nailslong weavelong eyelashes too much make-upeverything was just above board. She was wearing a very short dress with heels that were too high. I don't even know where she gets my name from.

"Thank you. You also look beautiful" I said faking a smile. She looked coloured.

"I know right" she said moving her head slightly and looking at her nails. God! This is some bubbly diva. "I'm Lucy by the way" she said squeezing me to a hug.

Luckily Lonwabo came with our drinks.

"Excuse me BuhleI have to go and prepare meat with the guys outside. You can finish off with the salads and pap in here" he said kissed my cheek then walked out. Great! Just greatnow I'm left with this diva and some drunk ladies. I looked around and luckily there was this one girl who wasn't drunk. I picked her out in the bunch of other girls.

"Please come and help me with the salads" I said grabbing her by her arm. I wasn't really asking her. We got to the kitchen with this Lucy diva she was just looking at us.

"Won't you help" I asked her and she shook her head no.

"No I won't ruin my nails. I had them done today" she said then walked out. We burst out laughing.

"Sorry I didn't even get your name" I said looking at this girl helping me.

"I'm Pretty Mokoena " she said. She was simple but beautiful.

"I'm Nobuhle Khumalonice meeting you" I said hugging her. We made salads over silly conversationsI think I'm going to like her. She will be my friend. Come to think of itI've been in Johannesburg for 2years now and I still don't have friends. YesI'm that bad at socializing.


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