Chapter 03B

He ran after me and stopped me.

"Buhle my friend is having a house warming party tomorrow that's his house therehe has recently brought it" he pointed at a nice house that was opposite my apartment. It still had a board saying it's for saleI don't know why they haven't removed it because this guy just said it's his friend's. It was a huge house and when I looked at the priceI nearly passed out. It costs a fortunehis friend might be rich then.

"Can you please come with me?" He asked with a puppy face.

"How many people will be there?" I asked.

"A few peoplefriends and colleagues if I may say" he said looking happy.

"Okay I will come" I said. God! He got so happy and started jumping up and down like a little baby.

"Thank you Buhle" he got so happy to a point that he hugged me. I protested but then he wouldn't let me go so I finally gave in and hugged him back. He was warm and smelled good. I felt safe in his armsI didn't get uncomfortable like I usually do around men. I felt like I was in heavenI felt protected. I didn't want him to moveI wanted to be in his arms forever. He moved away from me slowly.

"Thank you I guess I will see you tomorrow then" he said and kissed me on the cheek. I felt like I was dreaming.

"Ummmh okay goodbye " I said and walked away..

I got to my apartmenttook off my shoes and had a glass of wine. I lay on my back on the couchI wondered how I will break the news of being fired to my mother. I thought about her blood pressureshe could have a heart attack. I drank another glass of wine to gather my thoughts. I started crying againmy family needs me. I stood up and went to have a long showerwore my pyjamas and decided to watch a movie. I couldn't eatI was so disappointed in myself. I wasn't even focusing on the movieI was crying my lungs out. I thought of my little brotherhe needed his medication since he had kidney failure. How would my family live? I can't be stressing my momshe deserves far more better. She's been my pillar of strengthmy role model. I don't have anything on my name even this apartment isn't mine. My aunt used to work here as a housekeeperthe house owners then went to live in America and they didn't want to sell the house. So they decided that my aunt must keep the house even though it still belongs to them. My aunt moved back home because her husband was sick . I also moved to Gauteng because there are great chances of finding a job in herethat's when my aunt said I can move to this house . I couldn't afford it even if I wanted to

it's hard enough paying for this huge electricity bill.

I was disturbed by my phone ringingI didn't know the number so I ignored it. The person called againI ignored. It rang for the third time then I decided to pick it up.

"Hello" I said sniffing.

"Heyyou've been crying" the caller saidsounding worried.

"Who are you?" I asked I was even scared now.

"It's Lonwabo" he saidbut still I didn't know this guy.

"Sorry I think you've got the wrong numberI don't know you" I was really pissed now.

"Buhleit's me. The guy who gave you a lift today" -him.

Shit! I didn't even recognize his voice.I then tried to gather myself and I kept quiet.

"If you don't tell me what's going on I'm going to drive right there.Now!" He said with so much anger that I even moved from the couch.

"It's nothing important I'm sleeping just now"I said.

"You can't be crying and say it's nothing. I know something is bothering you. Just tell me please" he said and I was really annoyed.

"Geez I'm finehow many times must I tell you? I don't even know you"I said with so much angerthis guy was pissing me off.

I dropped the call and went to sleep. I was woken up by my phone ringing I answered without looking at the caller ID.

"Yes" I said yawning.

"Open the gateI'm here" he saidpanting. I realized it's Lonwabo.

"You're here where?" I askedcompletely confused.

"I'm outside your apartment. Open up for me"-him.

"You must be kidding me. So you woke me up for this nonsense? Do you know how much I value my sleep? Just go to hellI'm not opening for anyone at 23:00pm" I said.

"Please don't drop the call BuhleI'm sorry okay. I couldn't sleep knowing you're not okay" he said.

"I'm good. Now I want to sleepgood night"-me.

"Please let me inplease. It's cold out of here"-him.

"You should've thought about that before you left your house. I'm sleeping now and I won't open for you. You can sleep there if you want"-me.

"Stop being so hard.Please open for me.I just want to talk"-him.

I stood up and peeped through the windowGod! There he washe was leaning on his carit was a different one this time.He was parked by the gate.

"Just go! Goodnight"I said and dropped the call.

I went to bedhe called again and I decided to switch off the phone. I slept like a baby.


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Sekhothali Bereng 2019-08-20 17:40:18

I don't get why she is crying, it's her fault that she lost her job

Sekhothali Bereng 2019-08-20 17:25:07

I don't get why is crying, it's her fault that she lost her job