Chapter 03

I turned and looked at himhe looked goodlike really good. He was wearing a sky blue suit with a tiehe looked like he was from UK. He looked presentable .

"With all due respect sirI can't get in your carI'll take a cab home"

"Okay then I can take you home then you can pay that money to me"he said smiling.

I eventually gave inhe looked cute anyway. He took the box I was carrying which had work accessories and put it in the back seat . I was so embarrassed that I was still carrying that shit all along.

"So what's your name" he asked as soon as he got into the car.

"I'm NobuhleNobuhle Khumalo" I said softly.

"Wow your name suits you. Where are you from?" He asked looking at me briefly.

"I'm from Port Shepstone" -me .

"Okay. You look good by the way" he said smiling and revealing his perfect white teeth.

"Stop fooling around

I look messy and crazy" I said feeling a little embarrassed. I even had dry tears.

"No you look good"he said. I smiled briefly.

"Thank you". We drove in silence.

"Please give me your address" he said and I typed it for him and gave him.

"So who made you cry today" he asked sincerely.

"It's no one important" I said as tears ran down my face.

Luckily we were disturbed by his phone ringing. He hesitated taking the call but once he saw the caller ID he picked it up immediately.

"Mama"... "Ndizokubona Ngecawe MamaNdikufumanele Umfazi" he said then dropped the call.

Gosh! He's Xhosa he speaks it with such authoritylike he invented this whole Xhosa language.

"You can stop right therethat's my apartment" I said and looked at him.

"I was hoping that I could drive you in" he said looking a bit disappointed.

"No thank youyou don't have to" -me

"I don't mind really" he said.

"No it's fine" I said starting to get annoyed .

I took my handbag then opened the doorhe also got out and stood in front of me.

"I'm not even invited for coffee?" He asked looking sad.

"Nohere take this money that I was supposed to pay you with and buy coffee for yourself"

"That's not necessary you can keep the money. I guess I will visit some other time" he said.

"I don't invite strangers to my house. Thank you for the lift and goodbye" I said and took my box in the back of the car and started walking to my apartment. He ran after me and stopped me.


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