Chapter 02

I don't remember my alarm clock waking me upbut I just thought I woke up before the alarm. So I slowly woke up and took a long showerprepared for work in a very slow pace but then I realized that the sun is scorching bright outside . I checked the time shit it was 8:45amI already knew I was fired because work starts at 08:00am . I hurried out of my apartment and took a cab. It dropped me off at exactly the office. It took 30 minutes to get to the office and I knew I was in deep shit.

I walked slowly to my desk with the walk of shamethere stood Mr Dyson with a box besides him. My heart sank I knew I was fired . I got to where he was standing he stared at me then tossed the box towards me .

"Leave now!" he said angrily . I just started cryingmore like venting the whole office with my loud cries .

"Please Mr DysonI will be goodI will come to work earlyplease sir I can't lose my job. I will even take extra hours. My parents and siblings depend on me please sir. I will be good

I will be good sir"-I said wailing .

"I'm tired of your excuses Miss Khumalo. I will deposit the money on your accountit's for the whole month" he said with no care.

He then called security on meWTF . I was escorted by security out of the office with my box .I kept walking by the side of the road but I didn't know where I was goingI was still crying. I walked for a period of timethen I heard a car park next to me . I ignored and kept walking.

"Get in the carunless you want to be kidnapped cos you look like you don't know where you're going" he said with a smirk on his face.

I sighed and looked at himhe was a fine man with broad shoulders he is dark in complexion and his hair is all shavedyou could see his bald and shining head .He is extremely fit and tall. I stared at him and shook my head no. I knew deep down that I shouldn't trust a mannot after what I went through. I was even scared to be alone in the same room with a man. He then stopped the car and got out and stood in front of me .

"Listenyou get in this carI'm not a serial killer. You look like you're in a bad space so please get in I will drive you home"he said with his smooth voice. I couldn't risk it even though he looked innocent.

"I'm not letting you go. I would never forgive myself. Now come on and get in the car" he said


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