Chapter 01

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.Damn! It's Monday alreadyI thought to myself.I woke up with a banging headacheI felt heavy. I got to the bathroom and took a quick showerdried myself and put lotion on my body. I decided to wear a simple long sleeved body-hugging black dress with my silver stilettos. I went to the kitchen and it was so damn messyI even regretted being drunk. I made cereal and put the bowl in the sinkI was going to clean when I come back from work.

I took a cab to work I worked at Dyson Communications as an assistant and as usual I was late. My boss Mr Dyson looked so deadlyI was surely going to pee on myself.

He waked towards mefuming with anger. He stood by my desk at reception and I totally ignored and continued to type on my computer. He cleared his throatmy heart nearly stopped beating.

"You've got some nerve young ladyyou come here late as if this is your father's houseyou then ignore me and don't even greet"he said.He looked so annoyed right now

."Ummm I'm sorry sir I got stuck in traffic it will never happen again"-I saidfeeling tears in my eyes.

"Yeah rightthat's what you always say.I'm getting tired of you Miss Khumalo.I'm giving you only tomorrow and if you come in late I will fire you.Are we clear?" he said with that scary voice he has .

"Yes sir

I will fire you.Are we clear?" he said with that scary voice he has .

"Yes sirI promise I will be early"-I said with tears threatening to come out.

He left and went to his office I continued with my work and on lunch time I went to get myself lunch at Spur. I got ribs and steak with extra chips I am a perfectly shaped lady with a fine assit's not big but it's not flat either.I wear size 36so I'm officially chubby. I've got everything on the right places thoughcurves and stuff. I eat like nobody's business I don't care if I get more fat or notI love my food and yes "nginomkhaba" . I dug into my food like nobody existed in this placeI finished and paid then went back to work. Time flies when you're enjoying yourselfMr Dyson was out of the office and I had no one breathing down my neck .It was 17:00pm already time to go home. I realised that I would be short on money if I decided to uber everydayso I took a taxi instead. I got to my apartment and it was dead quiet I couldn't get to the idea of living alone yet it's been years. I took off my clothes and wore my grey pants and a vestwent to the kitchen and started cleaning.


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