"The meat is ready. Should we bring it in or we'll set the table outside?" Lonwabo asked looking at me as he appeared on the door.

"You can bring it init's a little bit cold outside"I said looking at him.

"Your wish is my command"he said and went out. Pretty giggled.

"He really loves you" Pretty said looking at me.

"Who?" I asked.

"Lonwabo. He loves you"she saidjust then the guys walked in with meat. They didn't sit on the tablethey went to the couches insteadsome were seated butt flat on the floor. Pretty and I dished out for everyone and we gave them their food. Every girl was sitting next to a boyyou'd swear it was a couple's party. We distributed food to everyone it was now Pretty and I left

"Don't worry sit down I'll fetch our food" I said to Pretty and left. I got our food and when I returned there was nowhere to sitthe only space available was in a couch next to Lonwabo. I went to sit next to him and started eating.

The guys were funnyI enjoyed my night. Some guy kept talking about a "Zimasa"Lonwabo's face changed immediately and he became tense. Everyone looked at that guy with a face that says "stop talking". He kept talking things I didn't understand. Two guys stood up and told him to leavehe didn't oblige so they dragged him out. He shouted "You think the world revolves around you Lonwabo? You think you'll always get what you want? I swear I'm going to tell Zimasa". They whisked him away before he could finish talking. The party went on without any disturbance. It was around 01:00am and everyone was leaving. I wanted to leave too but Lonwabo asked me to stay. I stayed until everyone left.

"Can I leave now?" I asked

"No we're spending the night here" Lonwabo said.


"I just want to spend time with you"

"I don't have time to spend in the middle of the nightthat's my time to sleep. What about your friend? Where will he sleep?"

"Don't worry he's sleeping in my house"

"I don't have sleepwear in here"

"Don't worry you'll sleep with my T-shirt" he said and I looked at him.

"It won't fit me"

"Come on I'm sure it will" he took my hand and we headed upstairs. He stopped on the main bedroom and opened the door.

"We're sleeping here"he said. Is he serious right now?

"I'm not sleeping with you"

"I'll keep my distance and besides this is the only furnished roomwhere will I sleep?"

"You'll sleep on the couch"

"They are old and uncomfortable MaKhumalo. And there's only one blanket in this house"he said in a low voice and I suddenly felt sorry for him.

"Fine but pleasekeep your distance" I said and got in the room. I took off my shoes and hoodie.

"T-shirt please"I said looking at Lonwabo. He immediately took it off and gave it to me. I went to the bathroom to change. I took a quick shower with water onlythere weren't any bath oils or anything. I tried wearing the t-shirt but I couldn't it was way too small. I repeated my underwear. There aren't even towels in this bathroom but then I understandthis house is still new.

"Close your eyes" I shouted from the bathroom.

"Why? Are you okay?"he asked sounding worried.

"I'm fine. This t-shirt doesn't fit me so I'll just get in bed without you watching" I said I'm sure I sounded so silly right nowbut this is my life.

"Okay"he said. I peeped through the door and he was indeed closing his eyes. I quickly rushed to the bed.

"You can open your eyes" I said. He smiled and sat on the bed.

"Can I sleep now?"he asked.

"Sure" I said. He took off his shoeshe stood up and took off his jeans. He was already toplesshe was left with boxers only. He looked goodhe was fit and muscular. His dark chocolate skin looked well on his tall and muscular body.

"I didn't stare when you were naked you know" he said with a smirk on his face.

"I'm sorry" I said and pulled the blankets over my head. I was embarrassed. He laughed out loud.

"I'm joking"he said and continued to laugh "Please talk to me"he said. I ignored him. My phone rang indicating that there's an incoming message. I took it and I saw that Mr Dyson had deposited my money. I sent some to my mother.

"Who is that?" Lonwabo asked.

"No one" I said and he snatched the phone away from me.

"Who's sending you money?" He askedhe somehow looked angry.

"It's my boss that's my salary" I said in a defending manner.

"Who are you sending the money to?"he asked.

"It's my mother"

"So you work and earn this money" he asked with a disapproving look. He looked like he felt sorry for me.

"Yes!" I snapped and took my phone from him. He took his phone and typed something.

"Please lay on my chest" he said.

"No"I said. He pulled me to his chest and I rested my head.

"Please tell me about you"he said.

"I don't know where to start. What do you want to know?"

"Start from where you were born and bred"

"I'm Nobuhle Khumalo. I was born in Port Shepstone KwaNzimakwe. I'm the second born to Gloria Khumalo. First born is Londekawhen she was 18 years old she was a rebellious teenager. Mom complained about itshe couldn't handle it so she decided to run away from home. No one knows where she went to. Mom got sick her blood pressure was beyond high. She got sickso I had to leave school and look after her. The following year she was better so I went back to school. Third born is Mbali who is 16 years old. Last born is Mbuso who is 14 years oldhe suffers from kidney failure. I'm 22 years oldturning 23 this year" I said to Lonwabohe looked focused. But I'm not continuing that's how far I'm willing to go.

"What about your father?" He asked.

"He left when Mbuso was 05 months old. He said he was going to look for a job in Gauteng. We never heard from himhe didn't even send a cent to his family. He left my mom brokenhe left us to suffer alone. Do you know how much Mbuso wants to know his father? It's better I still have a memory of himbut Mbuso and Mbali don't know him" I said I was crying.

"If there was a possibility of finding himwould you look for him?"

"No I don't need him anymore. I suffered a lot when I was a teenager I needed him but he was nowhere. Having him in my life would bring back all the pain. It would break my mother" I saidhis chest was wet because of my tears. I held on him tighter.

"One last question. What happened on the day I met you? Why were you crying?" He askedI might as well tell him.

"I got fired at work. The worst part is I don't have any qualificationsI only have a matric certificate. I couldn't further my studies due to financial factors" I said

"Don't worry I'll make a way."he said

"Now tell me about you"I said. Trying to gather myself.

"I'm Lonwabo CwatiI'm from Eastern Cape in Bizana. I have a 7 year old sonthat boy is everything to me. I live for him. Mom and dad are divorced mom remarried. I don't have a strong relationship with my fatherhe's a gangster but I don't want that life. I decided to keep away from itbut I know everything. He groomed me to take after him but when I grew up I didn't want anything to do with his life. So we aren't close. I'm 34 years old" he said.

"Okay. Can I sleep now?"I asked.

"NoI thought we'd spend the whole night talking"

"Nope I value my sleep. I have to sleep"

"Can I at least get a goodnight kiss?"he asked.


"Take it as if I'm your baby. A mother gives her baby a goodnight kiss"

"But you're not a baby right?"

"Do you have a baby?" He asked. I suddenly felt my eyes watering.

"I would've told you if I have a baby!"I snapped.

"O-kay! You can sleep nowno need to bite my head"he said.

I started drifting off to sleepthen I felt him getting closer behind me. His body was warm and softjust like his hands.

"What do you want?" I shouted.

"I just want to cuddle. Please?"

"Sure"he got more closer. I felt safe in his body. I don't know what's going onhow can I be so comfortable with a man I hardly know?

I woke up to something poking my back. I suddenly remembered that I'm in bed with Lonwabo. His erect penis was poking my back I panicked and sat up straight.

"I'm sorry Buhleit's nature" he said smiling.

I quickly rushed to the bathroom. There was only a mouthwash here I washed my mouth and face.

"Please pass me my clothes" I shouted from the bathroom.

"Why? Just get out of thereI've already seen you half naked anyway. What's that scar for below your right breast?"he asked. ShitI didn't think he'd notice.

"I'm not getting out of herepass me my clothes Lonwabo!" I shouted. I was getting more annoyed.

"Your phone is ringing. It's your mom" he said. No! Now I have to get out of here naked

but no I'm not doing that. I can't!

"I'm taking the call since you won't come out" he said. I rushed out of the bathroom with my hands on my breasts. I snatched the phone away from him and got under the bed covers.

"Mah" I said as I answered the phone.

"Nini did you win the lottery or something?" Mom asked.

"No Mah why?"

"Stop fooling around Nini. Didn't you send R300 000?"

"What? No"

"If you didn'tthen who did?"

"I don't know Mah but I think the bank made a mistake. I'll check with them and get back to you. Love you"

"Love you too babybye" she said and dropped the call.

I covered myself with a blanket and looked for my clothes. I went to the bathroom and wore them.

"I have to go to the bankmom thinks I sent more money but I didn't"I said looking at Lonwabo who was still in his boxers sitting on the bed.

"You don't have to. I kind of sent the money"

"What do you mean Lonwabo? You hardly know mewhy would you send money to my mother" I said in a low voiceI was defeated.

"I feel like I've known you all my life. I'm sorry I thought I could help"he said in a smooth and low voice.

"Help with what Lonwabo? I'm not a charity case" I shoutedtook my handbag and headed out. As I was exiting the main doorI felt his warn hands on my waist. He turned me to look at him and kissed the hell out of me. The kiss was amazingI felt tingles on my bodyI felt myself sweating. I wanted more but unfortunately he pulled out and smiled.

"If I continue I'm going to rip off your clothes. Look here"he said pointing at his erect penis that was visible on his boxers.

"Have breakfast with me. I'll fetch you in about an hour"he said. I just noddedfor some silly reason I couldn't utter a word.

"Let me walk you out" he held my hand and we went out. He stopped on the driveway.

"I'd like to take you home but as you can seeI'm in my boxers" he said and laughed slightly. I smiled.

"OkayI'll see you just now" he said and kissed my cheek.

I walked slowlyhe was watching me and it felt uncomfortable. I walked till I couldn't feel his eyes on my backI felt at ease. I got to my apartment and I had a glass of wine. I needed it. I couldn't believe what just happened so it takes a kiss to shut me up? I'm cheap then.

I took a showerI finished and applied a little bit of make-up. I didn't know what to wearstory of my life. I looked and looked until I decided to wear a body fitting red dress with a black fur coat. Nothing fancy but it looks good on my chubby self. Oh well my nails need a bit of work. I don't do artificial nailsI think they are a waste of time and money. I just apply nail polish and I'm ready to go. I think it's because I grew up saving I can't pay so much money. For what? Nails only?

Lonwabo buzzed on the gateI opened for him. He got inhe looked hot. He was wearing formal black shoes and black trousershe had a white t-shirt on.

"You look beautiful"he said as he looked at me from top to bottom.

"Thank you. Can I get you anything to drink?" I asked.

"No don't worry. We should get going" he said. I took my handbag and walked behind him. He stopped in front of his car on the passenger's side. He looked at me with pleading eyes. I could see he wanted to kiss me but I wore my straight face. I looked at him straight in the eyes. He leaned on the car and gave me his hand. I took it and he led me to his warm body. He put his hands on my waist and pressed my body against his. We were breathing the same airour foreheads were pressed together. I was waiting for a kiss but nohe didn't kiss me.

"I love you Nobuhle. Please allow me to be the master of your heart I will take good care of you. I want you to bear my children I want a future with you" he said. I don't know what to say.

"You don't have to say anythingI'll give you time"he said.

"I don't do love Lonwabo. I don't want to fall in loveI've never fallen in love and I never will" I saidI'm still maintaining eye contact.

"I will make you love meI'm sure of that. You mean you've never been in love? Even in your teenage years?" He asked.

"Yes" I said softly.

"That's a good thing thenI don't have to make you forget anyone. I'll shower you with love everyday"he said and smashed his lips into mine. They were warm and I actually think I'm feeling something for him but I'm not sure if it's love.He kept squeezing my buttshe already had a boner. I stopped kissing him.

"I'm hungry we should get going" I said and tried to move away from himhe held on me tighter.

"Ndiyakuthanda yeva?"(I love you okay?) He said. I nodded. He kissed my forehead and stepped asidehe opened the car door for meI got in and he also went to his side. He started driving.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"My mom's place" he said in a chilled voice. My eyes shot up and I looked at him.

"Are you serious right now?"

"Yes we are going to my mother's house"

"Why am I going to your mother's house?"

"My love we're having breakfast. Forgotten already?"

"Lonwabo I'm not going to your mother's house?"

"Why?" He saidI just looked at him straight in the eyes. I didn't utter a word.

"My mom won't be thereshe lives in Eastern Cape. She only uses this house when she's on this side so relax"he said and held my hand. We rested our hands on my thighs.

We drove to this beautiful secluded area. He parked the car and we went at the backthere was a small dam with ducks floating around. The place was environmental friendlyeverything was green and beautiful. There were plants everywhere I immediately fell in love with this place.

We sat on a table for twowe had breakfast. Lonwabo ate two platesI wanted more but I couldn't ask. I can't be eating two plates in front of my manif I may call him that. Lonwabo is very good in maintaining eye contact it likes he wants to see through me. We watched a movie in the cinema room but it was just us talkingwe weren't focusing. He showed me around the houseit was big and beautiful. We had lunch and went to feed the ducks .

At 17:00pm he decided to take me home. We sat on the two-sitter couch in my house.

"I'm going home tonight baby"he said. I looked at him.

"I'm going to Eastern Cape"he said again.

"Okay"I said.

"Don't be like that muntu wami(my person). I've already told mom I'm comingif I don't go home she would strangle me and ditch me on the crocodile's to feed on me" he said and smiled I smiled back. He stood up and pulled me closer to him.

"I should get going" he said and kissed my forehead.

"Okayhave a safe trip baby"I said and kissed him. He was already erectI've noticed that every time we're close he gets a boner. He gets turned in easily.

"Goodbye my love. I love you" he said.

"I love you too"I said I don't know where that came from. Maybe it's because I'm hurt. He smiled widely.

"Thank you. You've just made me the happiest man alive MaKhumalo. When I come back I'm going to make love to youthat's a promise" he saidI suddenly felt cold. He never leaves my eyes.

"There's something you're not telling me MaKhumalo I can see it in your eyes" he said. I just kept quiet.

"I'll see you when I get back"he said and walked out. It felt like I was seeing him for the last time. As soon as he drove out I criedit hurt so muchit's like I'll never see him again. I cried myself to sleep.


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