I’m woken up from my deep sleep by someone squeezing the life out of me. I scan the surroundings and realize that I’m at the hotel but guys. My hotel is beautiful and the beds are comfortable. Nick's body is on mine and he is sweating mumbling words I can not hear. His other hand is on my waist and the other is on my breasts I try moving away but he holds on me tighter and his other hand moves to my neck. I scream as he starts squeezing again. He quickly sits up like there’s a thorn in his back.

“Fuck! Baby I’m sorry are you okay?” he asks and tries taking me in his arms but I push him away.

“You nearly killed me!” I shout.

“I’m sorry baby I’m really sorry. I just had a nightmare”

“Want to talk about it?” I ask. He shakes his head aggressively.

“No let’s rather sleep. I’m sorry again” I nod and fall back on the bed. This is just a dream! He’s not willing to share a dream! What will happen when he has to share serious matters? I think this relationship is just a joke. 


His finger slides in on my underwear he rubs on my clit and I moan. This is how he just woke me up I can live like this. He makes me lie on my back and removes my underwear. He buries his head on my honeypot and I feel his tongue inside me. He moves his tongue inside and he rubs my clit with his thumb. He stops and moves up to my face.

“You remember that I once told you about the magic on my rings? I’m about to show you that magic” he kisses me briefly and goes down again. He inserts one finger inside my pot and I quiver as I feel the cold metal (ring) on my hole. My moans are loud and are filling the room. He inserts another finger and moves them both inside me. It’s been six years! Six fucken years!

“You’re so tight baby! Yes scream louder for daddy!” he says and bites on my clit. 

“Yes Nicky! Yes yes yes!” I find myself screaming the words. He removes his fingers inside me and moves them up to my clit and down again to my hole. When the cold metal makes contact with my clit I squirm I know I’m close. So soon! He repeats and when the ring touches my clit again I release my juices on his hand. My body shakes I’m waiting for him to enter me now. Ngi ready. He moves up with his whole body and kisses me.

“I love you” he says breathing closer to my neck. Ooh shucks! Do I respond? Nah it’s still early for that. I just want him inside me then maybe we will talk about love. His bulge is in direct contact with my honeypot and I start grinding against him. I draw him closer with my legs but he tries getting off. I pull him closer to me and I feel like I’ll cum again. He feels so good on that fabric of his boxers. I thank my fat thighs at this moment because they are the only things holding him in place.

“Not now mamas. I’m not ready to have sex with you yet. You have to understand that sex is not only physical but it’s emotional as well. I can’t sleep with you” he says. I let him go and sit up I want to see his face. He’s got to be kidding me!

“I don’t understand Nick. You don’t want to have sex with me?” 

“No it’s not like that. I still have demons to deal with I don’t want you picking up on my bad aura” demons! What the hell?!

“You’re a devil worshiper?” it sounds more of a statement than a question. He laughs shaking his head.

“No that’s not what I meant. You saw the nightmare I had last night baby it’s not the first time” he says. I won’t ask him then if he wanted to talk he would have done that last night.

“Can I have a look at him then? I just want to make sure he’s okay” I say pointing at his bulge. He laughs and drops his boxers. I kneel before him and watch his beautiful penis in front of me. Yes it’s beautiful and inviting. It is neatly shaved strong and big. I lick the tip and Nick tries moving me away I hold tightly on his butt and suck his penis. His hands move to my head and he holds it. 

I brush and caress his balls with my hands I brush them slightly with my finger tips and he goes deeper into my mouth. I can feel him on my throat. The way he’s groaning! It’s like he is a woman he’s calling my name and swearing. He humps me harder and I go harder on his balls. He removes me quickly from him by my head but I grab his butt again and suck him. I spank him and he releases on my mouth groaning like a wounded animal. He indicates that I spit on the towel that he’s holding instead I stand up and head to the bathroom. I spit and rinse my mouth. He gets in the bathroom and holds me from behind.

“I love you” he’s doing this again. I’m not ready! What am I going to say to him? IIt’s like he can hear what I’m thinking because he rubs himself on my butt and gently goes for my anus. I quickly move away from him before he starts.

“Relax. We’re not having sex yet but when we do I will give you this and you will sure love it. I’m a sex freak baby when we have sex we will do everything stated on the sex book. You will never seek sex anywhere” he says and licks my nipples. 

He picks me up and throws me to the bed again. He parts my thighs and kisses my inner thighs. He travels to my hole and kisses me there. I squirm and raise my upper body slightly all I see is his head. He moves up and kisses me I can taste myself on his lips. He removes his ring on his middle finger and puts it on his finger tip he smiles. 

I feel his finger inside and he circles it inside me. The feel of the cold metal ooh God! I’m excited I feel like everything is alright like everything is on it’s rightful place I feel loved I feel needed. All these emotions are overwhelming I want to cry. He circles the finger around and sucks on my clit more harder I can’t hold it any longer. I release on his face. This is good! It’s good more than sex itself.


I haven’t left this room since morning and I’m even afraid of going out. What will the team think? They will think that I sleep around with anyone. When room service got here I didn’t even show my face. I’m in a couch with Nick and we’re eating chips it's already midday. He’s telling me about his childhood and his children the older girl is trouble. You can even see it on her pictures she is a drama queen. I also ended up telling him that Fez is not mine.

“Eew! Nick you’re feeding me chips with the same hands that were inside me! The rings!” I exclaim. Those hands were deep inside me including those rings. How can Nick be so unhygienic? Everything here is clean but he just had to be this reckless! He laughs.

“What are you laughing at? It’s not funny. I’m sure there are millions other women who you have used the same fingers and rings. Their cum mixed with mine and now you’re feeding me!” He laughs again.

“You look so cute mamas. Don’t worry about that. I antisepticize them every night or morning I have an antiseptic for them. I suppose you didn’t see me this morning I took them off and cleaned them so you don’t have to worry. I wouldn’t do that to you I wouldn’t bring diseases to a woman I love” he says. I believe him I’m sure he wouldn’t lie to me. 

“I almost died!” I say and he laughs again. He suddenly becomes serious.

“I don’t like keeping secrets and I always prefer nothing but the truth. About yesterday the dream. It was my father. I was watching him burn someone was burning him alive. He cried out for me to help him but I couldn’t reach him. I watched him burn but he doesn’t burn to death. That gives me hope that maybe he’s still alive” he says. Shame my baby looks so sad.

“I’m sorry baby. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to look for him and this time I won’t stop until I find him. I won’t stop at anything I gave up the last time but this time I’m not failing him again. I will find papa” he says. I’ll pray for him he really wants to get his father back and I’ll also help with my prayers. I hope he finds him.


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Bareng 2019-05-08 00:06:53

I enjoy reading your books, your a good writer and I can't wait to read more