I’m sitting across this man who thinks knows me. He is busy explaining that he looked for me everywhere but couldn’t find me. He is talking non-stop it’s like he will soon run out of breath. To be honest I’m not hearing a thing that he is saying. He looks excited and it’s kind of cute. He keeps talking and I’m not focused I’m staring at his pink lips that keep moving more faster and he keeps on licking them. They are wet now and they look soft. I gather my thoughts and look at his face.

“Are you done?” I ask once he has stopped talking. He looks at me and opens his mouth but decides against talking again. He shuts his mouth. After hugging me for minutes I wasn’t comfortable with all these eyes in here so I played cool and led us to the chairs. I didn’t want to embarrass him. That’s when he started talking. I’m not comfortable in here this is my place but the staff is making me feel like I’m a destruction to their peace. I have to address this today. I’m human just like them. 

“Please excuse me for a minute” I say and leave the guy. He didn’t even introduce himself to him we know each other. I find Philisiwe she is the only person I talk well to and she takes care of everything in here. I trust her.

“Phili please call everyone down here. I need them in five minutes” I say.

“Ummmh why sisi?” she asks. I fold my arms and raise an eyebrow. She sighs.

“Before I forget MaCele's husband is dead so I gave her a two weeks leave. He died last week and he hasn’t been buried. I’m not sure if it’s too much but I believe she needs that much time. One week would have been enough if it was a child but it’s her husband” she says. What? Who does that? Two weeks leave while you have lost your partner?

“Two weeks? That’s nothing Phili. She will need more than two weeks months even. She has to prepare for the funeral and stay certain days at home after the burial. And you think two weeks is more?” I ask and she shyly looks down.

“You should have told me I would have come with you to her house. How much did you contribute?” I ask. 

“Mmmh nothing sisi. The thing is we haven’t gone to her house” 

“What?! Why?”

“I didn’t think it would be important. We’re running a business here and imagine how much we would have lost by closing the place down and going to her house” this girl is crazy. She is insensitive but I won’t say that out loud. It might disappoint her.

“Tommorrow we're going there. I wonder how you would feel if the same was done to you. Now please call the staff” I say and she starts walking and calls everyone. After a few minutes they all gather in front of me.

“I won’t be long. I believe that I’ve greeted everyone. I have one concern. Why are you all cold towards me? I’m not paying you good? I mean I’m happy with the way things are done here but it’s like you don’t want me here. Every time I’m here it’s like you all can’t wait for me to go. What’s wrong kanti? You don’t like me? Some even bite their tongues trying to speak English while I know their Languages. I even try speaking Sesotho” I say and at least they laugh but return to being tense again.

“Come on guys. Talk to me. Am I that bad? I promise you I won’t take anything personal even if you can tell me that you don’t speak to me because I have a bad smell” I say and they break in laughter again. I’m joking though I would be disappointed if anyone said that.

“The boss told us not to talk to you” one voice says in the crowd. I didn’t see who said it.

“The boss?” I look at them. They turn to look at Phili.

“Phili what are they talking about?” I look at her and she doesn’t talk. She keeps looking at others with an evil look then looks down.

“She said that we must not make any conversations with you because you don’t like speaking to low lives. Everything we want to say we must say it to her because if anyone tries talking to you you get angry and shout at her. We must communicate with her and she will pass the message if anyone disturbs you you will fire them” the guy says if I’m not mistaken his name is Athi. 

“Ooh! I didn’t know about any of that it’s all new to me and it’s not true. I’m glad I heard this. I don’t have a problem with anyone speaking to me in fact I appreciate it. Please talk with me in future and no one will be fired we should all communicate in order to work well together. I’m sorry for that misunderstanding. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the death of MaCele's husband. Tomorrow we’re going there to offer our condolences. We should also contribute I’m not sure if we’ll give the money tomorrow or on the funeral day but we have to. You can go back to work” I say. Phili remains behind and she is shaking. I am angry at her even though I tried to play it cool. Inside I’m angry and disappointed in her.

“Please don’t fire me I’m sorry. I was only trying to help” 

“With what?” I ask she doesn’t respond. I leave her standing there we will talk tomorrow. I return to the guy and he is smiling so beautifully.

“I’m sorry about that” I say and take my seat. He stands up and claps his hands.

“Wow! I’m impressed we will talk tomorrow. I return to the guy and he is smiling so beautifully.

“I’m sorry about that” I say and take my seat. He stands up and claps his hands.

“Wow! I’m impressed a lady who is in control. I loved seeing you in action you’re on fire mamas” he says and I can’t help blushing. In pure IsiZulu I think he is saying ‘mamazi’ but it sounds like ‘mamas’. I wonder which language he speaks. He takes my hand and kisses it while looking straight in my eyes. After that he falls back to his seat. 

“I think you mistaken me for someone else. I don’t know you” 

“Aren’t you Nobuhle?” he chuckles.

“I am. Who are you and how do you know me?” 

“I’m Nicholas Kgalefa Nkoana. We once met in a club eGoli” club? When was that? I haven’t been to a club in ages I’ve went once to a club. And he mentions a club in Gauteng that means that’s about six seven or eight years ago.

“I don’t remember you” I say and he chuckles.

“Where’s my jacket mamas?” Jacket? What? No so it’s him! When he mentions a jacket I think I know who he is.

“You’re that guy? Wow! You look.. different” I say. 

“Different in a good way right?” he says and smiles. I nod yes he is different. He looks more matured now that time he looked like a teenager. He was wearing earings! That’s a big turn off but at least they are gone now and it doesn’t look like he once had them. His fingers though! He has rings on his fingers his right hand only. What kind of man wears so much jewelry? He is too light skinned and his hair is neatly trimmed to be a fade. No this isn’t my type of guy.

“I didn’t think you would even think about me after the way I left” I say and his face changes in a way I can’t explain.

“I looked for you everywhere I hired someone to look for you and I got your work address. I went there but I was told that you left you went back home. No one knew your home”

“Why would you look for me? What do you want?”

“I want you” I chuckle. He wants me?

“What do you want from me? Your jacket?”

“No I just came here for work and I was lucky enough to see you. I’m not letting you go again” he says and I chuckle again. That’s all I can do chuckle. 

He asks for my numbers and I give them to him freely because I need to get out of here. I’m tired and sleepy.


I’m on my bed thinking about today’s events. Is it fate that brought him back to me? I don’t feel anything for him but his embrace was warm and I felt safe. His image is clear in my mind he isn’t the type I would go for. I just got off the phone with him he was wishing me a goodnight and he asked that I dream about us. 

The only thing I love about him is that he’s tall. The rest are red cards. I love my men dark skinned with no single strand of hair. At least he got off the earnings. He looks like a gentleman though I should hook him up with Mimi. That might work perfectly Mimi needs to forget about Mthandeni. Speaking of Mimi she hasn’t called to tell me how the competition went. I dial her numbers and wait as the call rings.

“Hello” she answers the phone panting.

“Are you alright? It’s like you’re running”

“I’m with Khabazela. Talk fast”

“Geez! You’re having sex? No never mind. How did the competition go?” 

“She didn’t win again. She wants to give up but I won’t let her. She has the body that’s worth no amount of money or diamonds. It’s beautiful and needs to be embraced” she says and I hear a ‘just like her mother’ she giggles. That’s surely Mthandeni. These two! I wonder why she is thinking about the body though. Fez loves modeling and she always watches ladies modeling in TV. I think every child can model and the body is not a problem. The problem starts when you’re growing up but for children all is good. I wonder how Mimi would feel if Fez would continue modeling till she grows up. I can’t imagine a Fez with big breasts in a lingerie for everyone to see!

“I’m sure she’s a mess. Why did you sleep out because I’m certain that she needs you” 

“I’m not sleeping out. I wanted to distress I’m in his car outside the gate” 

“Mimi!” I exclaim and she drops the call. Sex in the car! It’s really nice though. I had the best sex in the car with Lonwabo. I would sit on top of him and let my honey pot swallow him along with his balls. Well it felt like I was swallowing his balls.

The thought awakens something in me and I close my eyes with my hand traveling down to my underwear. I remove my underwear and try to focus. Instead of seeing Lonwabo's face and him breathing heavily on top of me; I see Nicholas. I try blocking him off my mind but I see and smell him I imagine myself in his arms again. No this is not working. I don’t want to think about him I want to think about Lonwabo. This thing of being without a man for too long is messing up with me. Now I’m even thinking about Nicholas. Nah this is not on.

I force my eyes shut and try sleeping. Eventually I drift off to sleep. 


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