My body is aching and my feet are burning. It’s holidays and that means more work more money. There’s this beautiful white couple that has just checked-in. It took me a minute to see that these two are crazy in love they are all over each other and it’s scary. Love like this is scary I wonder what will happen when they break up memories like these are hard to erase. They are here to make more memories I hope Margate treats them good. 

It’s a refreshing place to be a breath of fresh air. The beach is the best for me. There’s also San Lameer they have the biggest golf course and a picnic spot with a waterfall. It’s the best place to be it’s a pity that people from Margate don’t realize what they have. From a young age they want to go to eGoli or eThekwini. I’ve never heard anyone talking about pursuing a career in their hometown. 

Then there’s this man before me in a shiny brown suit he is wearing a blazer and a waist coat; he is drenched in sweat. I wonder why he doesn’t take the blazer off at least it could lessen the heat. The spectacles! They are dusty and I doubt that he can see clearly with those never mind the seal tape on the glass hookers. 

“I’m going to sue this place you think you can fool me? I thought I made myself clear I want a room with separate beds” the man shouts I’ve picked up from the record book that he’s Mr Shandu. I was not supposed to attend to him but because this man is rude I had to do it. 

Now he’s playing with fire who is he to threaten to sue us? I don’t have time for jokes. I’m tired and rude but people from my neighborhood would disagree. They claim that I’m cold hearted and cruel they say ‘ngaginywa iGoli' I left my humanity there. When I was young I was free and I talked with everyone but now I don’t even greet. I bet they use me as an example when they warn their children about Gauteng. I totally disagree though they mistaken my silence with being cold hearted and I do greet people whenever they are close to me. I can’t be practicing door to door greeting people. I prefer my peace and staying indoors. 

“With all due respect sir we don’t have rooms with separate beds. Our rooms have one bed and I’m sure that is stated clearly on the website where you made your booking” I say and adjust my glasses. Yes I wear glasses now but it’s for fun. I don’t have eye problems or anything but when I started working here I needed to look serious so that I can earn some sort of respect which better way than wearing glasses? I look like a serious and woke woman. I’ve seen how people who wear spectacles are taken serious I thought I can also try it. I only wear them at work.

“I want my money back because I’m not sleeping in the same bed with my colleague” Mr Shandu says and wipes his forehead. He is calm you would swear he’s innocent. The lady that he’s talking about looks more than just a colleague the way she keeps blushing sells her out. By the ring on the Mister’s finger I assume that he’s married I wonder what he told his wife. 

“You are more than welcome to leave because there’s nothing we can do. Our lodge is strictly one bedded I’m afraid we can’t help you. But you’ll have to pay half price because we have used the Lodge’s resources we also prepared the room for you” I say maintaining a straight face. He shifts uncomfortably and clears his throat.

“How am I supposed to find another place at this hour? And you can’t take my money! It’s not my problem that you sell your lodge so highly but fail to deliver” he says. I can see that he has gained his composure but I’m not backing down. 

“We will put someone else in your room there are plenty of people making bookings I’m sure they will appreciate the room. Thank you for visiting us” I say and signal for Mimi to come over.

“Eerm wait! It’s fine I’ll take the room even though my wife won’t appreciate me sleeping with my colleague. Come baby let’s go” he says and takes the woman’s hand. 

Didn’t he say that the lady is his colleague? Men! 

Mimi leaves with the couple and I’m left preparing to go home.

“That one! Last week he came here with the same mistress he complained about his room being dirty. We checked the room but it was squeaky clean we didn’t want to fight so we moved them to another room. He said that he wants his money back so that he can leave our lodge is disgusting. I didn’t give him the money of course and he ended up staying I think he’s one of those that expect freebies because of their complaints” Mimi says loudly as usual not forgetting her hands that also do the talking. She has just come back. I don’t think she ever talks without using her hands as gestures. She doesn’t give me a chance to respond. “You’re leaving already?” she asks catching her breath. 

“Yep! You know how much mama hates it when I drive at night. And please make sure that this guy doesn’t cause trouble with the mistress. If I knew his wife I was going to call her anonymously and make her watch her husband and mistress making out. Mmmh! I’d make her watch nje through the key hole” I say and laugh.

“And be responsible for the poor woman’s death when she suffers from a heart attack. This has nothing to do with you and I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone doing that to my family” she says and laughs shaking her head. She laughs for no reason I’m used to her now. 

“Your family? Really now? I knew you would make this about you. I would be happy if Mkhize's wife found you giving her husband a crazy dick ride. I’m sure she would wake up and stop praying about everything beat the hell out of you and leave you on crutches so that you can get a break from clubbing” I say and laugh. 

“Don't think like that I would prefer dying than being on crutches! You’re really leaving? You’re so boring Buhle! I thought I was going with you tonight you have to let loose just once. You need to get umdusho (sex) it’s illegal for a woman to have this type of drought. It’s making you grumpy” she says. 

“Please I’m not in the mood” I say. I know that when she starts talking about my boring ways she never stops.

“That’s exactly what I mean you need a good fuck not love making. You don’t want to go clubbing with me you also don’t go to church what is it that you want?” she asks.

“Let’s see clubs are full of drunk people. There’s too much noise and obviously I can’t stand that. I can’t be bumping shoulders with drunk and sweaty people. And then there’s church your annoying brothers and sisters. Your brother’s act holy but they eat sin for breakfast and dinner they can’t even keep their eyes off our thighs” I say.

“And why would you wear revealing clothes in church? They’re giving you what you want mos” she says.

“It’s my body and I should wear anything I want I can even walk naked if I want. I don’t owe anyone clothing” I say and zip my bags. 

“That’s stupid and you know it. Point is you don’t know what you want. Tomorrow we’re going to church” she says. Yeah right she will be hungover and burping non-stop.

“Goodbye Mihlengapheli” I say and laugh. That’s her full name and I wonder what her mother was thinking for naming a baby ‘never ending days'. Mimi also inherited the trait of choosing bad names.

“Now you’re spoiling my mood. Kiss mama and Fez for me I’ll see you all tomorrow. Senzi's lounge is screaming my name baby!” she shouts and gathers her belongings. 

I take my bags and head to the parking lot. My white baby is there waiting for me. It’s a white Honda BR-V and it’s a seven seater. It’s three years old and fresh I’ve never been involved in a car accident so my baby is still new. I think I have a thing for big cars I can’t imagine myself in a Polo or Tazz. One of the reasons I love big cars is because I’m pretty thick and I don’t like being squashed in a small container. 

I think I’m the best driver I drive so smoothly sometimes I wish everybody could stop and look at me. I make sure that everyone in the road near me is safe I try my best unlike those stupid drunken drivers. 

I pass by the market and get snacks that only I and Mimi eat. Mama doesn’t have a sweet tooth and Fez has tooth-decay. I can’t let her eat sweets it’s better if she eats chips but I’m still not comfortable. I don’t want a toothless baby girl!

Driving inside the premises you can’t miss the coldness and the tension. It’s been like this for the past year mama isn’t so bubbly anymore. She was never really bubbly but she talked like any normal being. I’ve lost two babies before and I know exactly how it’s like to bury your child. I think it’s worse for her because unlike me she has spent years with us. I can’t imagine how it’s like getting attached to a person for years and then lose them to death. I can’t compare my heart break because it’s not the same the pain is less than losing a child that you kept in your womb for months. Also I had spent a few weeks with my babies so I don’t understand how hard it’s like for her.

I assume Fez is already asleep because if she was awake she would have come running to me before I even come out of the car. I knock once and get in. 

There is my mother on a one-seater couch her feet are covered with a throw and I think she’s watching TV. She’s not focused though she is on her own world and I’m sure she hasn’t acknowledged my presence.

Fez our strong little thing. She’s curled up on the couch and she’s snoring! I don’t know how she does it she is forever snoring and I wonder if her nose doesn’t hurt. She’s wearing her favorite white and pink Mickie Mouse onesie she is holding on to her brown fluffy bear tightly.

“Mama” I greet. Only then does she acknowledge my presence. She gives me a weak smile and responds. Where’s her God now that she’s like this? She says that she serves a living God where is he now that his servant is in need? 


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