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A very ambitious lady who’s into reading and writing. Writing makes me feel like I literally own the world. Whenever I am hurt or happy I don’t mind writing my emotions down. I see myself as a writer, an actress… I actually see myself as the heroine of lots and lots of movies. I see myself acting in the movies that I directed, or wrote. I can sing and dance. I started writing when I was 13/14. Writing is the best feeling ever – you get to express how you feel through writing, there’s never a day that passes without me having to create a story in my head. Every time when I go to bed, I close my eyes and start creating my own story in my head. It is the best feeling ever, sometimes I find myself smiling or laughing because of what’s happening in my head. I’m very passionate about writing and I believe I have many stories to write. I thank God for the talent I have, it’s really amazing.

The imperfection of life


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Blood is thicker than water


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My marriage is collapsing and we just got married


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The Outsider


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My Broken Life – Diary Of An Unhappy Lady


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The complete opposites


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fragmentation and rejection


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Echoes of Loneliness


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