Chapter 7


Loyiso knew exactly where to touch me to make my whole existence quiver. My body was still tingling from our morning lovemaking. This day Sandileed our fourth month together – yep that’s right; Loyiso had made it through my three-month course and graduated to full-fledged boyfriend and I couldn’t have been happier.

I stretched fighting sleep as I looked across my bedroom through the slightly opened bathroom door to see the silhouette of my man's beautiful body as he towelled off from his shower. The sun had yet to rise but that never stopped Mr. Early Riser from starting his day. Loyiso was a morning person. I unfortunately was not. In our short time of dating I never let this small difference stop me from getting some great loving from him.

I turned and looked at the clock – 5:45am. I lay there staring at the ceiling noticing some cracks and indentations for the very first time. The fan squeaked as it circulated the scent of our morning lovemaking throughout the room. My naked body felt soft as I glided my hand up and down my toned stomach then up towards my breast. I played with my nipples. I turned to see Loyiso watching me; his manhood slowly rising as my self-exploration had triggered his willingness for another go-round.

I winked; he smiled as he walked towards me growing larger with each step. Loyiso approached the bed and kneeled down. He slowly glided his hands over my calves. He started to suck each of my toes tenderly and passionately. I moaned he moaned louder. I closed my eyes as the wetness from his mouth covered each toe then inched up my body. My back slowly arched almost on cue as he reached my inner thighs. His hands slowly separated my legs for easy access as he slowly outlined my love nest with his tongue and then headed back down between my thighs. I moaned with excitement and anticipation. Loyiso then moved back up; this time to explore and taste me before he entered me ever so slowly.

His body was heavy his manhood firm. We moved in cosmic sync. He pushed deeper inside me but I pulled back not wanting to cum yet. I wanted to feel the pleasure Loyiso was giving me a little while longer. He pulled my legs onto his shoulders and went in deeper while he rotated with each thrust.

I tried to talk but my words were no more than low sensual grunts. Loyiso kissed my chest my neck my lips; he made it a point not to leave any part of my body unexplored untouched unloved. I breathed my satisfaction into his mouth; he breathed it back with the same intensity.

Just when I thought it was over Loyiso pulled out flipped me over and entered from behind. I cringed with pleasure.

“Oh God baby you are working me this morning” I groaned.

“I know you loving it. Say you love it” Loyiso demanded.

“You know I do; you know I love it” I agreed passionately.

Loyiso began to thrust faster and faster and faster. He slapped my ass; it stung with immense pleasure and the second slap felt even better. With the third slap he pulled out and in seconds we were back face-to-face. We stared into each other's eyes as we communicated our love without words. I felt the sweat drip down my back as my climax approached rapidly.

“Baby baby I'm cumming” I said.

Loyiso buried his face in my neck as he thrust harder and harder faster and faster as he approached his orgasm in seconds.

“I'm cumming” he shouted.

“Cum in cum inside me give me that creamie”

We climaxed together Loyiso's body collapsing on mine. Our sweat mixed together into one large love spot right on my 700-thread count sheets.

I woke to the sound of the shower. The sun was sneaking through the manufactured holes of my light grey curtains leaving a striped pattern on the honey-apple hardwood floor. I turned to see the clock which displayed 06:23 am. I took a deep breath as I began to plan my day in my head.

The shower turned off and Loyiso opened the door steam escaping as if running for freedom. He began to lotion his body calves thighs stomach back and face.

My mouth was dry. I reached for the half-full bottle of water that lay near my nightstand. I drank the rest and laid it back down. I looked up to see Loyiso in all his nakedness. He stared at me then at the bottle. He smiled; I smiled back.

“You're just going to leave that right there aren't you?”

I looked back down to see the water bottle on the floor. “Nope I'm going to throw it away” I said.

“Uh-huh” Loyiso replied “just like the others.”

My eyes glided over the floor. Three more water bottles.


at least they’re in a neat row” I said with a childish grin.

Loyiso shook his head as he walked towards me; his body was muscular and cut to perfection. Loyiso had the type of body that didn’t need the gym; he was naturally fit and I loved every inch of it. 

Loyiso sat on the edge of the bed as he opened the drawer and took out his underwear and a pair of black socks.

“So what do you have planned for today?” I asked as I rubbed his smooth baby-soft back.

“I’m going to inspect my office remember?” he said. 

“I need to add a conference room upstairs.”

I stretched and yawned. “Oh right” I said.

For eight months Loyiso had been working toward getting his own company. His dream was about to become a reality. The one thing that I loved about 

Loyiso is when he put his mind to something he didn’t stop until his goal was reached. From time to time he would add me to his list of accomplishments but quiet as I kept I was determined to make him mine the moment I laid eyes on him. I had to let him think he wore me down.

“What are you doing for lunch today?” Loyiso asked me as he slid on his faded paper-cloth jeans.

“Karabo and I have a meeting with a potential new client. We're trying to add two more to our roster. Why what's up?”

“Dudu wants to have lunch and I want you to meet her.” I sat up upon hearing the name of another woman.


“Dudu my old friend from university.”

“The model?” I asked knowing the answer but needing confirmation.

“Well not anymore since she had her daughter but she's working at getting back into it; I'm sure.”

Loyiso turned and grabbed a white T-shirt from the second drawer – his designated drawer at my house. I have the third and fifth drawer in his dresser as well as a section in his closet.

What can I say? I love to shop.

“So you're having lunch with her?” I asked.

“Yes love and I want you to come with” Loyiso said as he grabbed a bigger T-shirt and pulled it over the white one.

“Well I can't handsome” I said trying to keep the tinge of jealousy out of my voice. “I told you I have a meeting. Why can't I meet her another day?” 

“Because she's only going to be in Joburg for a few days.”

“Okay well when is she coming back?” I asked not really caring but trying to keep the conversation flowing.

“She'll be back for the opening of my company so I guess you guys can meet then” Loyiso said as he gave me a look.

“That's next month?” I stated as a question although I knew the exact date and location.

“Don't act like you don't remember” Loyiso said.

Loyiso sat back down on the bed and looked me dead in my sleepy eyes.

“Baby Dudu is my best friend nothing more okay? Besides she is looking forward to meeting you.”

“Is that so? Well then I am looking forward to meeting her too.”

“No you're not but it's okay” said Loyiso. “Once you meet her you'll love her.”

“Love is a strong word” I replied.

Loyiso kissed me softly on the lips. “That it is so be careful how you throw it around.” He winked stood and said “I have to run so I'll call you later. If you change your mind we're meeting at at 1pm.”

“Where is that again?”

“It’s on Rosebank.”

“Got it” I said as I sat up preparing to make my transition to the shower.

“Bye baby.” Loyiso blew me a kiss and headed out the door.

I lay back down staring at the ceiling again. I wondered if those cracks were there when I moved in this place. I wondered if Dudu was as gorgeous as I feared. 


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