Chapter 4


Loyiso and I headed out of Marble and waited outside for a cab. The night was still young and neither one of us wanted it to end so I suggested we head to my place and chill out a bit. I had some wine and we both had the desire to keep getting to know one another. 

I glanced over at Loyiso as he stared straight ahead in his own distant place. He was wearing a pair of dark black jeans and a crisp button-up blue top and the aroma coming from him almost brought tears to my eyes. He smelled so damn good or should I say ‘delicious.’ I smiled to myself as I wondered what would happen once we got back to my place. I was holding strong to my “new thing” I really was but I had to be honest Karabo’s odds of winning that hundred rands were looking real good during the cab ride. 

We arrived at my building in about 25 minutes entered the security gate and headed for the elevators.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Loyiso said breaking the silence as we approached the elevators.

I’d always wondered why people used that saying as it made no sense at all to me not to mention my thoughts were worth way more than a penny. Regardless none of that really mattered. No need to break the moment.

“Nothing really” I smiled as I looked down thankful this man could not read my mind.

“Nothing huh so what's up with the big grin?” he asked.

My smile turned into a blush. I felt my face get hot and was hoping that I wasn't turning red.

“Ah she blushes now I'm really intrigued” Loyiso laughed gently. He leaned back and crossed his arms waiting for me to spill the beans.

I shifted my weight from left to right and then back again. Loyiso made me nervous but in a good way.

“Okay if you must know.” I bit my bottom lip feeling a slight sting of pain. I couldn't believe I was about to formulate my private thoughts into words so I took a deep breath cleared my throat and said “Well I was just thinking how I have this this strong desire to uh sleep with you tonight.” There. I said it.

“Really?” he asked.


“Hmmm.” Loyiso stroked his goatee as if half-heartedly grooming it.

I looked Loyiso dead in the eyes. “I can't.”

Loyiso raised his left eyebrow. “Why is that?”

“Because sleeping with you on the first date would make me look like well a hoe.”

“A hoe?”

“A hoe.”


“Yeah” I said firmly.

“Hmmm.” Loyiso stroked his goatee again; I guess that was his way of processing his thoughts.

“Does that ‘hmmmm’ stand for a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?” I asked eagerly awaiting his response.

“That would be a ‘no.'”

“Seriously?” I asked.


“You mean no” I said correcting him.

“Exactly” Loyiso replied a smile crawling across his face.

“Interesting” I said.

“Why so interesting?” he asked.

“Because the average man would think the other.”

“This is true” he said “but I'm not your average man.”



“Hmmm. Well if that's the case” I continued “let me ask you something.”


I took three slow steps toward Loyiso and leaned in with my lips inches away from his neck. I could smell the intoxicating aroma of his cologne and it made me melt like an ice cube on a hot summer day.

“So” I whispered “since you're not the ‘average man’ then tell me – if I were to kiss you here would you think I was you know you know a hoe?” I gently kissed Loyiso on his neck slowly turning it into a seductive lick as I made a circle with my tongue.

Loyiso looked down at me and smiled. “That would be a ‘no.’”

“Hmmmm okay” I sighed. “Well what if I did this?” I allowed my tongue to trail up his neck towards his chin and back down again.

Loyiso let out a sigh as he quickly gathered his composure. “Nope not at all” he said eyes narrowing.

I then took my right hand and slowly glided up Loyiso's chest. I unbuttoned the two middle buttons sliding his shirt over to reveal his erect nipple. I looked up at Loyiso and he looked down at me. Loyiso licked his lips then said “Still ‘no.’”

“Well that's good to know but what if I took it one step further?” I asked.

“You could do that” Loyiso said with confidence.

I took Loyiso's left nipple in my mouth and began sucking it ever so softly. I circled it with my tongue three times before devouring it with my mouth. 

Loyiso let out a small moan. I stopped looked up and asked “Well?”

Loyiso smiled raising one eyebrow. “Nah still not a hoe to me.”

I took a step back stared directly into Loyiso's eyes. “So none of the above would makes me a hoe huh?”

“Not in my world.” Loyiso licked his lips like he had something sweet on them. I smiled and I looked down to see the bulge in his pants growing larger. I glided my hand over him felt it throb. I was wet.

The elevator came the doors opened and we stepped in. Our stares were intense. I looked at Loyiso; he looked at me. I leaned back against the wall as I pressed button “34” for my floor. The elevator began to slowly climb.

“So” I challenged him “if none of that makes me a hoe then what would?”

Loyiso smiled stroked his goatee for the third time and then stepped close to me. I felt his manhood hard up against me. “This!” Loyiso said grabbing me around my waist and quickly pulling me against him. In seconds we were devouring each other like the starving homeless. Loyiso's left hand was squeezing and groping my breast as his right hand slid down my stomach to my throbbing love zone only to come back up on the inside of my thigh and under my skirt. Loyiso pulled off my thong as I quickly unbuckled his Kenneth Cole belt and released the five-O-one button holding it all together. Loyiso's manhood pushed hard against his zipper so with one smooth move I unzipped him and released the caged beast.

The elevator continued to go up as I went down down to pleasure Loyiso with my hand. I needed to know what I was working with before the main attraction began. I glided Loyiso out of his jeans and was pleasantly surprised and relieved at the same time. I began to stroke the shaft of his penis as I gently kissed his neck and chest. Loyiso began to moan as his eyes closed and head fell back against the elevator wall.

I made my way to his face then our lips connected as we began to kiss deeply. Loyiso grabbed my arms and quickly pushed me up against the opposite wall as he pulled my right leg up onto his hip dipped down and slowly entered his hard throbbing penis into me. I felt a surge of excitement race through my body as Loyiso reached down and grabbed my left leg bringing it up to him as he pushed deeper inside me. We moved in rhythmic sync as I clamped my legs tighter around his waist so tight that Loyiso let go of them and braced his hands against the wall in front of him. I grabbed his arms as his thrusts pushed deeper inside me. Our kiss was magnetic sensual and erotic. I felt the sweat rolling down my chest and into my belly button. We locked eyes as he took his right hand and put it under my ass and pushed himself even deeper inside. I let out a loud moan feeling myself racing to my climax. The elevator was slowly moving up up up to the 32nd floor. The anticipation of someone entering the elevator made me even more excited and nervous all at once.

Loyiso began to kiss my chest my neck and my face. “I'm gonna cum” he wheezed out of breath. “Here I cum!” he repeated thrusting faster and faster and harder and harder. A warm sensation surged throughout my body.

“Oh god oh god oh shiiit!”

I climaxed then Loyiso. Our bodies went limp as my legs dropped back to the floor right then left. Loyiso leaned his heavy body against mine trying to catch his breath as if he had just run a -marathon dash in 30 minutes flat. The elevator finally hit the 34th floor and the doors opened. Loyiso looked at me and smiled.

“Thank God for slow elevators” he said.

“Amen to that” I said as we laughed together.


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