Chapter 3


I was nervous about my date with Loyiso I didn’t know what to wear or what shoes I was going to rock. Shoes can definitely make or break an outfit just ask those guys on Precious love books.

In my opinion a good piece of sexy footwear can make any woman look tantalizingly irresistible. On the night of my first date with Loyiso I needed to be a one-woman smorgasbord. I sat at my desk contemplating where I should meet Loyiso for drinks and dinner – he insisted that I pick the place my favourite place but the only problem was I had five favourite places. That’s part of the beauty and the challenge of Joburg; there are many of great restaurants so picking a favourite one was not the easiest task at least for me. I finally narrowed my options and made the selection of Marble Restaurant just in a corner Jan Smuts Avenue & Jellicoe Avenue Rosebank. The ambience alone would make it the perfect place for our first date: it was cosy simple and very classy not to mention their African style food was exceptional. I picked up the phone and made a reservation for two at 8pm leaving enough time to run home to shower and change so I’d get there smelling good – and looking even better. 

Karabo poked her head in my office; she was on her way to lunch and wanted to know if she could pick up anything for me. I told her that I was eating light since I had a date. Intrigued she entered my office.

“Date? Would this date be with that Mr. Wonderful you met the other day at the Gautrain bus station?”

“That it would” I said confirming with a huge smile.

“Oh do tell so where are you crazy kids going tonight?” Karabo joked flopping down on my office couch and kicking up her shoes.

Karabo was wearing a fabulous pair of Saint Laurent-Opyum sandals with silver accents from the new spring line. She’s is not one to be caught in an old pair of any style shoe and by old I mean last season. If Karabo could find the real Saint Laurent she would have his baby just to guarantee a monthly supply of footwear – not to mention a lifetime of bragging rights.

“I just made reservations at Marble” I said.

“Trey nice” Karabo replied as she made herself even more comfortable on my couch. “So what are you wearing?”

“Now that my dear is the one million question.”

“Well of course you have to start with the shoes” Karabo offered.

“I know that’s why on my way in this morning I stopped over at shoe store and picked up these beauties.” I pulled out my new Saint Laurent shoes metallic gold leather with a slender black four-inch heel. Karabo sat up at attention looking ready to salute my new addition to the family as I pulled out the left shoe and swung it around my index finger by the strap as the scent of new leather wafted through my office. “You like?”

“I like a lot” Karabo gushed as she stood up to get a closer view.

She grabbed the right shoe from the box and examined it from all angles. 

“You have really outdone yourself with these” she said.

“You damn right I did R19500’ worth but well worth it.”

“One look at these” Karabo intoned “and I guarantee he’ll skip dinner and drinks and go straight for dessert – which is you of course.”

“That would be lovely but there will be no sex to be had on the first date” I added quickly.

“Oh are you back to the whole celibate thing again?” she asked. 

“Because I never understood that uh ‘way of life’ you know?” Karabo sauntered back over to the couch and sat back down.

“I mean” She said “would you buy a Porsche car before you test drove it or for that matter buy a tube of lipstick without testing it on the back of your hand? What if he’s got some hidden disability you don’t know about that’d be grounds for divorce – and a big settlement too?”

“Hold on now. I’m not saying I’ll wait until we get married” I replied. “Just until I really get to know him type of thing and that could be three months or six months. It’s kind of a ‘new me’ kind of thing.”

“Mmm-hmm” Karabo sighed. “Hundred rands say you sleep with him tonight.”



“Can I get a little bit of support from you?” I asked.

“I’m totally supportive of this new uh ‘thing’ of yours” she added quickly “but I’m also supportive of winning some easy cash.” Karabo laughed at her loopy logic.

“Thanks for the support” I deadpanned.   “Anytime that’s what best friends are for” Karabo said. “Okay have go mogurl.” As Karabo got up to leave my office I picked up my Saint Laurent again and wondered if Loyiso would even notice them.

“Nice shoes” Loyiso said admiring my fancy footwear for a full five seconds before heading uptown to examine the rest of my wardrobe. My wondering quickly came to an end.


admiring my fancy footwear for a full five seconds before heading uptown to examine the rest of my wardrobe. My wondering quickly came to an end.

“Thanks” I said with a big smile. As far as I was concerned my night was already complete; he noticed the shoes wow!. I glanced down to get another look at them myself and yes I did well. I’d decided to accent my shoes with a long metallic gold skirt with ruffled pleats and a simple form fitting wife beater tank top of course accentuated with three beaded necklaces of all different lengths.

I had to admit I looked fabulous.

I’d arrived a few minutes early to get a seat at the bar since Thursday nights were popular at Marble and I wasn’t going stand in my new Saint Laurent for an hour pretending like my feet didn’t hurt. 

 “So what are you drinking tonight?” Loyiso inquired as he waved down the bartender. 

“I’ll just have a Sparkling gold veuve clicquot champagne ” I said. 

I’d waited to order a drink until Loyiso arrived for a few reasons: one I hate to drink alone; two I didn’t want to be tipsy when he arrived; and three I wanted to see if he would order for me. I hate it when a guy invites you to dinner and doesn’t buy the first drink.

“So we finally meet again” Loyiso said as he scanned me again from my head down to my fabulous toes. “I was starting to forget how you looked.” “Wow I guess my first impression must really suck!” I exclaimed.

“It could use some work” he joked.


“That you are” Loyiso said this time with a more serious seductive look. I took a sip of my wine and returned his look with my own seductive smile. 

“So how’s the food here?” Loyiso asked.

“It’s great African food – can’t go wrong with that.”

“Let’s hope not.”

There was a pause; one might call it an awkward one. Since this was the first time Loyiso and I had been face-to-face since we first met I figured we were both just a little nervous. I decided to redirect the conversation a bit.

“So you said on the phone that you were opening up your own architecture company. Where is it going to be?” 

“Over on 3 Alice Lane Sandown Sandton. I got a good deal on the office space so I had to jump on it; not to mention it’s close to my place.”

“That’s right you live near Sunning Hill. How is that area?”

“I love it” Loyiso said. “You can’t go wrong living suburbs.”

“That you can’t” I agreed even though I preferred the Hyde Park side not as much congestion.

Loyiso had mentioned in our first meeting that he was from Durban. A Witwatersrand University graduate and now a resident of my hometown Sandton. I was impressed. I like a brother with some letters behind his name especially someone as sexy as Loyiso.

“So how long have you been living in Joburg?” I asked.

“Well including school twelve years now.”

“You like it?”

“For now” Loyiso said with a smile.

“What does that mean?” I inquired.

“Don’t get me wrong Joburg is a great city but I’m a KZN boy. That’s where my roots are. I’ll eventually move back there considering that most of my family is on there.”

“Do you have a big family?” I asked.

“One brother and one sister.”

“That’s a big family” I said. “Where are you in the line-up?” “Right smack dab in the middle” Loyiso replied.

“What a place to be!”

“Who are you telling?” Loyiso said in mock surprise as he sipped on his Jack Daniels and Coke.

“What about you?” he ventured. “Tell me about your family.”

For some reason I had always hated talking about my family I guess mainly because my family was a bit well different. 

“Well I have a two sister” I began.

“Really?” he replied noticeably interested. “Do you two look just alike since I know some sisters are like that?”

“No thank God we’re different.”

“Ah I see” he nodded “but that must be kind of cool being a sisters and all.”

“Honestly” I answered “it probably doesn’t feel any different from anything else since that is all I know.” I knew what I meant but I wasn’t sure I was making sense to Loyiso. 

“So it’s just you and your sisters then?” he continued.

“No we don’t have a brother.”

“Are you close to your siblings?”

I really had to think about that one. I figured I would have to say no for reasons that I really couldn’t explain. I mean I do talk to them but well I don’t really communicate with them.

“Yes I am.” I hated lying to Loyiso but I wasn’t ready to tell him why I wasn’t all that close to some of my sisters. 

As we continued to talk and I slowly got tipsy on my Sparkling gold veuve clicquot champagne I felt a real connection with Loyiso something I had not felt in a very very long time. 

It was definitely a connection that I wanted to explore further.


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