Chapter 23



“Dudu’s going to meet us for dinner” Loyiso said.

“What?” I asked as my head jerked up from my menu hoping I hadn’t heard what I knew Loyiso had just said. “Dudu?” I repeated just making sure I’d heard him correctly. 

“Yeah Dudu.”

“I thought we were going to have a quiet dinner just the two of us” I said pleading my case. 

“I know but she called me tonight and didn’t have anything to do. I thought it would be cool to see her since it’s been a while. Besides you guys are friends now right?” Loyiso asked as he stared at me waiting for an answer.

“Right yes we are um friends now” I said as I looked back down at my menu.

I felt instantly annoyed. There was still this unexplainable hold Dudu had over Loyiso that I couldn’t put my finger on although I couldn’t complain one freaking bit since I was sleeping with her. 

 I took a deep breath. I could only wonder how it would feel to be sitting at the same table with Loyiso and Dudu. What would we talk about? What if Loyiso saw right through our façade? What if I broke down?

“Are you okay?” Loyiso asked pulling me out of my internal banter.

“Yes why?”

“I don’t know; you seem a little distracted.”

“I’m fine. I’ve just got a lot on my mind with work right now” I said looking down at my menu again but not really reading it.

“You want to talk about it?” Loyiso asked.

“No I’m good. It’s nothing that won’t work itself out.” 

“Okay” Loyiso said as he looked back down at his menu then back up. “I wonder what’s taking Dudu so long to get here?” 

“Maybe she’s stuck in traffic” I ventured while I was really hoping that she wouldn’t show up. 

I had not seen Dudu since we took our friendship to the next level although it had only been a few days. I wasn’t ready not this soon. I was definitely avoiding her trying to escape this situation I’d gotten into. 

I closed my menu and looked up to see Dudu entering the restaurant.

“Finally there she is” Loyiso said spotting Dudu the moment she walked through the glass doors.

“Great” I said trying to mirror his enthusiasm. Dudu saw us and headed our way. I wondered why she hadn’t told me that she was meeting us for dinner. I felt like I was left in the dark without any time to prepare or to think of what to say or how to act. I hate being unprepared.

“Hey you two” Dudu said as she approached us with a huge smile on her face. Dudu looked amazing and smelled equally as great. Loyiso stood and they gave each other a friendly kiss and a hug. Then it was my turn – my turn to act like the normal friend I was supposed to be. Dudu turned towards me and I smiled and stood and gave her a pat-pat hug then quickly sat back down. As Dudu sat she shot me a look and a quick wink. I didn’t acknowledge it but grabbed my menu to look over it – for the third time.

“So what’s up Lady. Dudu? You look good” Loyiso proclaimed. 

“Thanks had a facial and a full body wrap today” Dudu said.

“Hmmm must be great I wish I could get a facial and a full body wrap on a Monday afternoon” Loyiso joked.

“You could; you just choose not to” Dudu threw back.

“Exactly” Loyiso said. “With my schedule I’m happy if I get to eat.” “So how is the company?” “Busier than ever but it beats working for someone else” Loyiso said.

“How long have I been on you about starting your own company?” Dudu asked.

“All right all right don’t start. Yes I finally took your advice Wise One.”

“Wise One? I kind like that” Dudu said as she reached for the basket of bread.

I found myself silent as Dudu and Loyiso exchanged their playful banter. I stared at both of them; they were both so beautiful to me and I couldn’t help but feel attracted to both of them in that moment. I began to wonder how it would be to have both of them at the same time although when it came time for Loyiso and Dudu to be intimate I’m not sure that it would sit well with me. Then again I thought I had a lot of nerve considering that I’d slept with both of them. 

“So how are you doing Tsholo?” Dudu asked ending my trance and directing all her attention toward me.

I stared into Dudu’s eyes and I saw more than a general question; I saw a stare that I had never seen from her before a stare Loyiso used to give me when we first met one full of intrigue and if I wasn’t mistaken a little lust.

“I um I’m good. Karabo and I are working on a new project and well it’s coming along since we have to get a few or maybe it’s just a couple of clearances to make it happen. Not to mention the project that you’re working on but generally everything is coming together.” 

I couldn’t believe how long and drawn out I’d made that simple statement sound. I totally needed a drink. 

“Well that’s the estate project in Randburg right?” Dudu responded with a smile.

“That it is” I answered.

“I don’t know about you two but I am starving” Dudu said. 

“Me too so where is our waitress?” Loyiso added.

“Maybe you should go see what’s taking our waitress so long” Dudu said as she looked at Loyiso. 

“That’s a good idea. I’ll be back” Loyiso said as he quickly jumped up leaving Dudu and me at the table alone.

Dudu turned to make sure Loyiso was out of earshot and then quickly turned back to me.

“I miss you” Dudu said

“You do?”

“Of course but clearly you don’t feel the same.”

“That’s not true I do Dudu. Why didn’t you tell me you were meeting us for dinner?”

“Loyiso told me not to. He thought it would be his little surprise since he knows we’re such close friends now. If only he knew just how close we are!” Dudu said with a chuckle.

Then to my surprise Dudu reached under the table and touched my thigh and a sweet sensation shot through my body.

“Dudu” I said.


“We’re in a restaurant.”

“No one can see me” she said as she began to caress my inner thigh. “I want to see you later. Can we make that happen?” Dudu asked as her hand moved up my thigh.

“I can’t” I said even though I wanted to. “What would I tell Loyiso?” “Tell him the truth that you’re hanging out with me. He won’t care. 

Besides there’s this new lounge I want to check out in Grayston called 

Basket Bees.” Dudu gave me a seductive smile. “It’s dark and quaint and…”

Loyiso’s voice snuck up from behind. “You guys think you’re fooling me. 

Don’t you?” My heart skipped a beat as Loyiso sat back down. 

He stared at both of us for a few beats and then said “I know what’s going on I’m not stupid.” 

“What are you talking about?” Dudu said as she slowly slid her hand off my leg and casually leaned back in her chair.

I was speechless. I looked at Dudu and she looked at me.

Loyiso broke the silence. “You two are sitting over here trying to plan a surprise birthday party for me but I told you I’m not having it. I don’t want it to be a big deal this year.”

“See how much you don’t know Loyiso?” Dudu said. “Tsholo and I were sitting here thinking of how we could ditch you tonight and check out this new lounge. We weren’t thinking about your funky birthday.” 

“Oh damn” said Loyiso. “I feel stupid.”

“Yeah you should but we still love you” Dudu added.

“Well I’m headed out to watch Liverpool game after this anyway. They’re playing against Man City so I was hoping you two would hang out” Loyiso said as he turned to me. “Is that cool with you baby?” 

“Yeah sure not a problem

” I shot back. I couldn’t believe how easy it was almost as if it was meant to be.

“Cool” Loyiso said as our waitress walked up.

“Great then let’s order” Dudu said as she gave me a look and smile.  

We parted after dinner going our separate ways – Loyiso to his game and Dudu and I to our lounge. I was still a little shaken from our close encounter in the restaurant. I made it clear to Dudu that we had to be extra careful in how we interacted with each other when Loyiso was around and her putting her hand on my thigh was a definite no-no. Dudu agreed but quickly let me know that it would be hard for her since she was so attracted to me; she even threw in how sexy I could be as well. Even though those statements made me feel good I told Dudu that she needed to try harder. 

We arrived at Bee around 9pm. The lounge was small and invitingly cosy. There was a satisfying aroma in the air of sweet lavender. The lighting was dim and sweet jazzy tunes floated through the air. The Bee lounge was distinguished by seating in the shape of beds attached to the walls where one could sit up right or stretch out completely and relax. I saw an open spot in the corner and we headed that way before anyone had a chance to snag it. We crawled in the booth-like bed and quickly ordered up a round of drinks. I knew what I had told Karabo that my encounter with Dudu was a one-time thing but whenever I looked at her I knew it would happen again for sure.

“So how do you feel?” Dudu asked giving me a look as if trying to decipher my thoughts.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you okay being here right now?” “I came didn’t I?” I said.

Dudu raised an eyebrow. “Okay I see we’re doing just fine then.”

I glanced around the room noticing the array of different people couples singles all mingling and getting better acquainted. I wondered if I knew anyone here and if so if they would pick up on anything. 

The waitress brought over our drinks. Dudu handed me mine and after taking hers she then raised her glass. 

“A toast to friendship with benefits and an unspoken affair” Dudu said with a devilish smile and a wink.

I couldn’t believe that I was not only sleeping with my man’s best friend but also toasting to never uttering a word about it. It was definitely something I never could have imagined in a million years. 

I then raised my glass high in the air clinked it with Dudu’s and took more than a sip. I guess I was more than ‘okay’ – I was celebrating it.

As the night progressed so did my buzz and I began to realize that my attraction to Dudu was growing stronger with each drink. That got me wondering if my sexual attraction to her was alcohol-induced or simply growing over time as I got more comfortable with her.

The lounge was getting a lot more crowded and I was getting way too tipsy. I was ready to go home. I downed the last of my third glass of wine as I leaned into Dudu.

“Are you about ready to go?” I asked hoping she felt the same.

“Give me twenty more minutes I kind want to dance. Let’s go dance” Dudu said as she started to groove umlilo by DJ Zinhle

Dancing was the last thing on my mind. I was thinking more of napping. 

“You go” I said. “I’m tired.”

“Okay I’ll be back” Dudu said as she jumped off our booth and disappeared in the sea of people. I lay back as I thought about Loyiso wondering what he was doing wondering if he was thinking about me. I couldn’t imagine what he would think or even do if he found out what was going on. I shook the thought out of my head before driving myself crazy. I ordered another glass of wine and continued to people-watch as I waited for Dudu to come back. 

Some twenty minutes and five songs later I looked up to see Dudu heading back my way with a guy in tow. He was a caramel-colored brother with light hazel eyes. He was tall and very handsome – and from what I could tell he probably had a sculpted body under his blue Gap shirt and leather jacket.

“Hey” Dudu said cheerily. “This is my friend Sandile. We went to university together.”

“You went to Witwatersrand?” I asked nervously thinking he could possibly know Loyiso.

“Well he went to UCT before coming to Witwatersrand” Dudu answered for him clearing up my confusion.

“Oh I see” I said as I breathed a soft sigh of relief. 

“Sandile this is my girl Tsholo” Dudu said. 

I extended my hand to him as we locked eyes and a broad smile crawled across his face. The brother was not only handsome – he had great teeth too. 

“So were you guys in the same year?” I said.

“No I was four years ahead of Dudu” Sandile said.

“He never gave me the time of day that first year which is why I left” Dudu said jokingly.

“Are you kidding me? You just don’t remember. Not to mention you were one of the hottest freshman to hit the campus that year” Sandile said with a flirtatious twang in his voice. Dudu blushed as she looked at me then back at Sandile.

This made me sit up and pay attention as I saw that they kind of liked each other.

“So can I buy you guys a drink?” Sandile asked.

Dudu looked at me. She knew I was so ready to leave. Not to mention three was starting to feel a bit well crowded in our booth.

“Sandile we’re about to get out of here but maybe we can continue this conversation later?” Dudu said assertively.

“No doubt” Sandile responded as he pulled out a business card and handed it to Dudu.

“Thanks I’ll call you” Dudu said.

“Cool I look forward to it” Sandile replied “and it was a pleasure Tsholo.” “Likewise.”

“Have a good night” Dudu said as she played with Sandile’s card.

“You too” Sandile said as he flashed his million-dollar smile then turned and walked away.

“Damn I can’t believe I ran into Sandile Khoza” Dudu said. “He was so damn fine in university and well he still is.” “So you like him?” I asked. 

“Hell yeah kind hard not to. The brother is damn hot!” Dudu exclaimed.

I was starting to feel a sense of jealously that I shouldn’t have felt but I couldn’t ignore my feelings. How could I justify being jealous of Dudu liking another guy when I had a man sitting at home? I told myself to brush it off and keep it moving.

As we headed out of Bee Lounge Dudu needed to stop at the bathroom so I patiently waited outside. As I leaned against the cold cement wall I glanced over to my left to see Sandile staring back at me. He gave me a look that I couldn’t quite decipher as I turned away to look down at my black shoes strap-backs with the maroon tips. One thing I loved was a great shoe if nothing else. I would spend my whole month’s salary on them if I didn’t have other responsibilities like rent food and yes coffee.

I looked back up to see that Sandile was gone. I wondered what was taking Dudu so long so I tapped on the bathroom door then turned the knob. The door swung open. I guess Dudu figured she didn’t need to lock it since I was outside standing guard. As I entered I caught Dudu’s reflection in the mirror as she was stroking on a fresh coat of lip-gloss. Her eyes were a bit red from the three drinks she’d had that night and we both were very tipsy. I shut the door behind me locking it. Dudu turned to me giving me a look.

“You have to go?” Dudu asked now primping in the mirror as if she was getting ready to go out rather than go home.

I shook my head and walked over to her. I don’t know what was coming over me but I needed to kiss her. I stopped in front of her looking deep in her eyes but not really knowing what I wanted to say because maybe it wasn’t words I wanted to share with her. I rubbed her stomach from behind as I moved my hand up towards her breast. Dudu looked down at my hand and up at the mirror returning my stare in our reflections. “What are you doing Tsholo?”

“What do you think?” I responded.

“I think you’re trying to seduce me. That’s what in a public restroom. I might add.”

“Maybe” I said as I turned her around towards me leaning my body against hers as I slowly went in for a kiss which turned into a longer kiss which turned into us kissing and grinding against the wall. I reached to unbuckle Dudu’s jeans when a knock at the door scared the hell out of us. We both jumped way too suddenly and then laughed at what we were attempting to do. The knock got louder and more intense.

“We’re coming!” Dudu yelled back as she adjusted her clothes and reapplied her lipstick.

“We’d better go” I said.

“Rain check?” Dudu asked as she glided her fingers across my right nipple sending a pleasant sensation through my body before heading for the door.

We left Bee Lounge and headed home but I was silent as Dudu picked up where she left off about Sandile. She was definitely high on this guy and the more she spoke of him the more frustrated I got but I sat there and just let her talk since there was nothing I could say without sounding completely nuts. 

Dudu pulled up in front of my house and we shared a silent moment before she said “I had fun with you tonight Tsholo.”

“Me too” I said with a convincing tone. Although my good time ended when Sandile stepped into the picture but I decided to just keep that to myself. 

I started to get out of the car when I felt Dudu touch my arm. “I can’t have a kiss goodnight?” she asked.

I closed the door took a quick look outside just to make sure the coast was clear before leaning in to give Dudu a quick peck on the lips. I opened the door again then felt Dudu grab my hand – again.



“I also liked how aggressive you were tonight” Dudu said. “It turned me on.”



I smiled knowing that my aggressiveness stemmed from pure jealously of her old university acquaintance who had interrupted our night of solitude – but like I said who was I to be jealous? I jumped out of the car and headed into my house to be with Loyiso.


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