Chapter 20


The hotel room was dimly lit and smelled like so good. I sat nervously on the edge of the king bed as Dudu finished up in the bathroom. I ran my hand across the embroidered bedspread taking in my surroundings as my mind raced.

I couldn’t believe I was here. I glanced over at the clock; it was now 10:30pm and I wondered if Loyiso was thinking of me wondering when I was coming home. I checked my cell phone to see if he had called but no calls and no text messages. I guess I was in the clear – for now. 

Dudu opened the bathroom door and I immediately tensed up upon seeing her. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was.

Dudu headed towards the bed stopping inches from me and ran her fingers through my hair and down the side of my face. “I think you need another drink.”

“Yeah I think you’re right” I said quickly agreeing with her observation. 

Dudu turned and headed over to the bar and started making two drinks. I watched her from behind thinking of how it would be to touch a woman to be intimate for the very first time. My secret fantasy was about to be put to the test and I was nervous as hell. 

I couldn’t help wondering if my attraction to Dudu was a suppressed feeling or just something new that came over me since she had walked into my life. Either way I wanted to explore more of this or I knew that now there was no turning back.

Dudu brought my drink over then sat next to me on the bed.

“You okay?” Dudu asked.

“I guess I’m a little nervous.”

 “That’s understandable I was damn nervous my first time.” “You?” I asked surprised.

“Oh yeah!” Dudu said as she sipped on her drink. “But I was comfortable with the person I was with.” Dudu put her drink down then looked into my eyes as she softly rubbed the side of my face with the back of her hand. “Are you comfortable with me Tsholo?”

I looked at Dudu for a minute then said “Yeah I am.”

“Good” Dudu said as she slowly took my drink out of my hand and placed it on the bedside table. I felt my heart beating faster and faster as Dudu reached out and touched my thighs her hand sliding in between them as she slowly caressed them up and down. She then made her way up to my stomach and back down between my legs again. The room was quiet and all so still. I could hear my erratic breathing pass through my nose and mouth. 

My heart was pounding a mile a minute.

“Just relax Tsholo let me do all the work” Dudu whispered as she leaned in and kissed me gently on my lips then my cheek then softly rubbed the side of her face against mine. I wanted to reach out and touch her to feel her but I felt paralyzed thinking if I moved I would disturb her flow. I closed my eyes as Dudu slowly went down to kiss my neck covering each side equally; her wet tongue gliding up to my chin. I felt myself getting wet as Dudu’s hand slid back between my thighs and then she moved upward as she continued to kiss my neck softly. I opened my eyes to see Dudu looking at me and all I could think about in that moment was that I loved everything about her: the smell of her hair the smoothness of her skin the feel of her soft lips against my breast neck and face. I remembered thinking “I can't believe I'm kissing my man's best friend.” That thought alone should have made me stop and rethink how my actions were creating the raw seeds of hurt deceit confusion and pain – but it didn't not even for a second because in that moment Dudu's touch made the wrong feel right and the guilt feel as if it had no place in my consciousness. I was lost in her hoping never to be found and desperately hoping the feeling was mutual. “Hey

you okay?” Dudu said pulling back.

“Yeah I’m just enjoying being with you.”

“Me too” Dudu whispered as she touched my face then kissed me gently on my lips. Her mouth was soft as I felt her tongue part my lips sliding it against mine and the moment I kissed her back I felt a sense of passion flow through my body. An energy was connecting the two of us and I could again breathe. 

I reached out for Dudu as we slowly fell back on the bed. Dudu slowly crawled on top of me. I could feel her heart beating rapidly as her body pressed against mine. We continued to kiss and Dudu caressed my entire body. She gently separated my legs as she began to grind against me. I reached out and pulled her closer as we moved together back and forth. 

I felt Dudu reach for my shirt and she pulled it up and over my head. I reached behind my back to unhook my bra but Dudu quickly stopped me. “I told you let me do all the work” Dudu said as she slid behind me and slowly unhooked my bra. It fell to the bed as she kissed the back of my neck and began making her way down my spine and then back around to my front. I leaned back on my elbows as Dudu started to unbuckle my jeans working to pull them off as I lifted my pelvis up to help her and then suddenly she stood up pulling them off with one motion.

I sat up but Dudu slowly lowered me back on the bed and slid on top of me. She straddled me and lowered her head to kiss my stomach. Her tongue felt delightful as it rounded my belly button before teasingly entering it and coming back out again. She continued downward kissing my stomach as she caressed my spot with her hand through my panties. My breathing quickened; I was getting wetter with each touch as her fingers slowly moved my panties to one side and her finger gently caressed my wetness.

Then before I knew it Dudu was slowly sliding off my panties. I let out a sigh. Dudu let out a moan as her mouth traveled down between my thighs. I couldn’t help but to convulse every time she touched a sensitive spot. Dudu continued to kiss my inner thigh and it sent a surge of pleasure and pain through my body. I arched my back and braced myself by grabbing hold of the side of the bed. Dudu continued upward towards my golden brown triangle and I could feel my body temperature rising with each inch. Dudu reached up to caress my breasts as her tongue worked my magic spot from all angles. I was now jerking and contorting uncontrollably like a fish out of water screaming to be thrown back in. I peered down at Dudu and was 

finally able to utter my first words “Oh God Dudu!”

Dudu looked up. “How bad do you want it baby?”

“Please… don’t… stop.”

Dudu smiled a devilishly pleasing smile before diving back into my sea of wetness. I screamed; she moaned as she moved up and down and back and forth. Her lips felt soft and wet against mine. Her fingers moved in and out of me with ease. I was lost in carnal pleasure.

Next in one almost choreographed motion Dudu lifted up my leg and flipped me over on all fours as her tongue entered me from behind. My head started to pound from the intense pleasure I was experiencing. My legs became weak and my throat was dry as I steadily began to climb the ladder of ecstasy all the way to the top. 

 “Oh shit!” I woke up screaming and jumped off the bed. I looked at the clock. It was 3:30am. 

“What?” Dudu said as she woke from her deep sleep. “What’s wrong?”

 “I have to go; I have to go home” I said stumbling through the darkness of the room trying to locate my clothes.

I saw Dudu glance at the clock.

“Oh damn” Dudu replied half awake half asleep. “Do you need me to cover for you or say anything to Loyiso?”

“No I got it under control. I just didn’t expect to fall asleep.” 

I quickly threw on my clothes trying to piece my outfit back together in the dimly lit hotel room. I was feeling frantic awkward and guilty all at once. 

I couldn’t believe I fell asleep – in Dudu’s arms. 

I said my goodbye with a quick peck on Dudu’s lips before running out the door and heading home to my man. 

I arrived home just past 4am. I quietly slinked through the door feeling like I was in high school coming home from a party I was forbidden to attend. My first stop was the bathroom as I did a quick wash up hoping to eliminate the scent of Dudu and our taboo indiscretions. I headed to the bedroom to find Loyiso fast asleep. I took a deep breath as I slowly quietly crawled in next to him; Loyiso turned and half-acknowledged my presence.

“Hey how’s your sister?” he mumbled.

“She’s fine. Go back to sleep baby I’ll tell you all about it in the morning.”

“Okay” Loyiso said as he closed his eyes then wrapped his arms around me.

His sleepy embrace felt comfortable but right then all I could think about was Dudu.


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