Chapter 18


It was 6 am in the morning and I was up making eggs toast bacon and coffee. I couldn’t sleep; I had a lot on my mind. So as a distraction I decided to surprise Loyiso with breakfast in bed. I figured since I did kiss his best friend that I would shower him with affection to help subdue my guilt and make things right again. So I turned on some cool jazz my way around the kitchen.

I was in the middle of scrambling four eggs with mushrooms green peppers and cheese when the phone rang. I couldn’t imagine who would be calling me so early on a Sunday. I glanced at the caller ID to see my parents’ number and knew immediately it was my mother.

“Hello darling” my mom sang into the phone.

“Morning Mmantwa; what are you doing up so early?” I asked. 

My mother hated when I called her by her first name which I did from time to time. I always told her it was her own fault for sending me to those model C schools where the teachers insisted that we call them by their first names so I figured it was okay with my mother as well.

“Sweetheart I wanted to call you to let you know that I am having a dinner party next Saturday and I’d like it if you would bring your new boyfriend. What’s his name again?” “Loyiso” I said.

“Say again?”

“Loyiso” I said again.

“Spell that honey.” 

“Loyiso L-o-y-i-s-o Loyiso.”

“Oh Loyiso I got it” my mother said.

I didn’t know if mom was developing a hearing problem or if all her years of teaching model C school had made her extra anal-retentive

I told my mom that Loyiso and I would be there on Saturday. I hung up the phone and thought to myself that I knew the day would come when I would have to introduce Loyiso to my family and since I was shaking up with this man it was high time they all got to see what I was working with. I continued to cook

and my cell phone went off. I glanced at the message from Dudu: 

Are you available for drinks tonight? 

I quickly texted her back and let her know that I had plans. I sat my phone down and continued to cook when it went off yet again. Another text from Dudu: Can I come? 

One thing I had learned about Dudu was that she was not shy about inviting herself anywhere at any time. I knew what Dudu was doing and I couldn’t let her get the best of me. I didn’t feel right about what had gone down and the longer I avoided her the better the chance that my guilt would fade away. I quickly texted her back: Sorry business meeting call you later.

Still feeling guilty I finished my breakfast preparation by 8:00pm. I continued to meticulously place my scrumptious creation on a silver-serving tray and carefully balanced it as I slowly walked to the bedroom. Loyiso was still asleep. I set the tray down next to the bed and slid in next to him. His body was warm and soft and I loved the way he smelled in the morning. I didn’t want the breakfast to get cold but I also didn’t want to deliberately wake Loyiso up. So I did it on the sly – with my cold feet. I slowly slid my icy cold feet over to meet his legs and sure enough the brother popped up like a corn kernel in a hot pan.

“Morning baby” I said in a soft sweet voice.

“Baby your feet are cold as fuck.”

“That’s because I’ve been up making you breakfast in bed.”

Loyiso looked at me then slowly sat up and looked over at the dresser to see – sure enough – breakfast in bed.

“Wow thanks baby! What did I do to deserve all this?” Loyiso asked.

I wanted to say “Nothing just me kissing Dudu and feeling guilty about it.”

“Can’t a girl show her man just how much she loves him?” I inquired between kisses as I covered Loyiso’s neck then slowly made my way down his bare caramel chest. I looked up at him and he was all smiles.

“Damn Skippy you can. I like how you think.”

I continued to kiss his chest as I headed all the way down to please him. 

“I bet you do” I said as I went to work on my man. In that moment my guilt was gone.


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