Chapter 1


I knew the moment I laid my eyes on Loyiso he was going to be my soul mate. My strength my everything. That's a lot to say I never cared or cried when they called me a bitch. 

It didn't matter at all. Well my last committed relationship was a three years. Loyiso was different he was more than just a guy and he was a dream come true with a smile and caramel skin that made me go like crazy. Standing there with a nice body. He commanded attention with just a smell and smile which I found helplessly intoxicating.

I was there in line at Gautrain bus station waiting for a bus ticket so I can go home from work. The station was full of people desperately wishing to go home and I was no different. My wish was one of desperation. I glanced back over to Loyiso AKA “handsome light and delicious” and hoped he was not cheating type wondered if he will leave me just like other fools did. But I think I will take my chances with him.

I picked up my bus ticket and slowly strolled past him over to a seat for two by the wall. Guess what; He noticed me. Loyiso stood about ten steps away from me as he waited for his turn in line. Shifting from side to side with his right hand in the pocket of his well-broken in faded designer jeans I could tell that he had this certain “thing” about him this unspoken presence and energy that held my attention. I glanced around the bus station and quickly noticed this magnetic presence was holding the attention of two other female admirers not to mention a male one as well you’ll know what I’m talking about if you reading Precious Moloi’s love Books. No surprise; this guy here had a magic of talking without even speaking. He was definitely doing a mind tricks on me and every man and woman who are around him damn.

I had to up my game and chances of being the one for the guy so I slowly crossed and uncrossed my legs as I shifted my body in his direction. I had his attention. I shot him my best smile. He quickly noticed my “come get it while it's hot” gesture. Too bad the old man standing next to him acknowledged it too. He purposely placed his hand on his back and leaned in to say something to him in an all too familiar way as He glanced back at me so nicely. 

Goosh! After seeing that I took one last swig snatched up my purse and quickly headed to the nearest exit. Old man watched every step as I made my way out of the Station.

I stepped outside of the comfort of air conditioning into a thick affronting wave of midsummer afternoon air. It was hot and it was humid. The humidity had a way of setting up residence between my skin and my clothing pulling them together like magnet to metal. I hesitated for a moment thinking maybe I should go back in – but no I was already over it. My self-preservation mechanism had kicked in anticipating defeat. Instead I headed up Presidential Street towards Kent Avenue. The afternoon rush hour traffic was just starting to thicken. A confluence of sound from the passing of buses cars and the nearby Gautrain bus created a sweet melody of sorts. I took a deep breath and relished in why I love Johannesburg; the hustle and bustle of the city’s Newtown is infectious. The skyline’s varied and unique architecture is as diverse as the sea of people ever passing by. Joburg is a big city yet the occasional smile from a random stranger can make you feel like you are in a small and familiar town. Mostly I love Johannesburg because it is home. 

I didn’t totally appreciate this great city until I moved to Mahikeng right after high school so when my best friend Karabo called to let me know that her estate agency was looking for a new accountant I emailed my resume and documents to her.

I knew once my resume was in the hands of Karabo that job was damn mine. Karabo was not only my friend; she was my copy if you know what I mean which for her translated into “I will do just about anything to get my best friend in the same city as me.” Needless to say week  later I was on my way back home to City of Gold Johannesburg to start yet another new life complete with a great paying job and a luxury apartment on the near Sandton City Hyde Park . 

That’s one of the many things I love about KB. She knows girlfriends are not a luxury but a necessity. She always likes to say “If you can’t count on your girlfriends for good and bad times who can you count on?” Yeah she always makes it her mission to show her girls that they are important in her life and I for one appreciate that even though sometimes I’m a mess.

After navigating the way to business suits I arrived at my regular newsstand. An abundance of magazines featuring covers of air brushed businesswomen and businessmen millionaires and billionaires that looked up at me and beckoned me to read buy and subscribe. I put down my purse and picked up my absolute favourite magazine in the whole country even the world “Women in Business” – well at least my favourite for this months. My girl Karabo Seboko was on the cover. I quickly flipped it open to see a Black Real Estate ad. TT Mbha a black real estate businessman. As usual his skin is flawless his teeth are perfect and his body is amazing. This is the man who makes you think of spending your life savings on a multi-million dollar house. He is one of those black child we looking at those who made it in this cruel unequal planet but he was brave to make it.

A movement caught my eye. I looked up to see Him Mr Handsome from the bus station. He was standing few steps away from me and looking straight at me.

He stared. I spoke still looking at the Real Estate ad but giving all my attention to him.

“If I'm not mistaken I think someone is following me” I said with a smile.

“Is that right?” Loyiso said.

“Very much so” I added.

“Well in my line of work that wouldn't be a good thing” he responded.

I slowly closed my Women in Business Mag turned my body toward his while giving him a quick once-over – damn he was fine! 

“So what type of work would that be?” I asked.

“I'm an architect and real estate photographer” he said with a smile half-grin. As his smile grew showing all of his perfectly aligned pearly white teeth. He extended his hand towards me. “I'm Loyiso. 

Loyiso Jali.”

His hands were big and strong his voice smooth and hypnotic. I was in awe of this guy and I didn't know why.

I slid my small hand into his warmth feeling his roughness in our connection. 

“I'm Tsholofelo Moabi.” 

“Pleasure to meet you – Tsholo. That's a different surname. How do you spell it? 


“No M-o-a-b-i.”

“Ah with an ‘a only’ I like that. Like it a lot.”


“So Moabi – do you always flirt with strangers in bus stations?” “That depends.” “On?” he asked.

“If you're open to strange women flirting with you while you’re with your old grandpa” I answered.

Loyiso chuckled as he looked from side to side. As he making sure someone was nowhere near?

“That's quite presumptuous of you just assuming someone’s my old Grandfather.”

“Right. So is he?” I couldn't believe how forward I was being

but if it was going to win me the prize I had to act quickly.

Loyiso shifted from left to right and subtly scan me up and down as if he were inspecting a used car to buy looking for flaws that weren’t immediately visible.

“He’s an old man who I happen to know. So yes you could say he is an old guy” he said as he emphasized “friend” with the lifting of his left eyebrow.

I knew Loyiso was playing a game of semantics with me and I didn't care. It just made him even more attractive.

“Well I think Mr old man in the brown jacket would definitely say he is ‘the’ old grandpa the kind entitled to family.” “Nope definitely not family.” “You sure?” I questioned.

“Positive. He got the memo” he said.

I laughed; Loyiso smiled.

“Ah the memo but the question is did he read the memo? Because you see if he didn't read the memo that's how miscommunication starts” I continued “which leads to assumptions which quickly turn to attachment taking us back approximately fifteen minutes to the bus station when your grandpa – your ‘friend’ – shot me a look of death for even thinking about looking in your direction.” 

“Ah ‘miscommunication’ – a very important word in the dynamic of family affair” Loyiso said.

“Crazy but true” I added.

“Indeed” he said.

“It’s something you should know being a matured guy and all” I said with a smile.

“You have a point. So in the future I guess I’d better stick to voicemail.” “Good idea” I said.

We both smiled a bit at our witty flirtatious banter. We definitely had a connection. For me well that prize was as good as mine.

“So Tsholo is there any way I could get in touch with you to finish our conversation?”

“That depends.”


“How quickly you’ll be to will to finish that conversation.”

A bigger smile crawled across Loyiso's face. “Consider it done” he said with confidence.

We quickly exchanged numbers and a few more lines of flirty banter gave each other a friendly hug and said our goodbyes. I walked away. Loyiso walked to the couch disappearing just as quickly as he had appeared.

I looked at my watch. My five-minute coffee break had turned into a 45 minute meet-and-greet on canteen. I took out my phone hit “Contacts” and the letter “L” and Loyiso's number came up. I stared at it wondering if he would really call – but what is more important I wondered if I would still be interested once he did. I took it all in as I headed back to my office just upstairs.

As the elevators opened to the fifteenth floor offices of Seboko and Associates Estate Agency I quickly remembered why I’d left for my five-minute reprieve. Stress hung in the air as I headed towards my office. A big new project was starting to take shape and I wanted everything to go perfectly. After settling in my assistant Phemelo buzzed to remind me of a 10:30am meeting although that wasn't necessary since Karabo was walking through my door before I even had a chance to hang up the phone.

“You're back. Just how long does it take to get a cup of coffee?” Karabo plopped down on my plush terra-cotta couch – with black white and red throw pillows it was my office focal point and my source of pride. If it could speak I would name it.

“I was only gone for few minutes.” Although it was closer to 40 why state the obvious? I knew Karabo was timing me; she always did an annoying practice she started in high school.

“More like an hour.” Karabo raised an eyebrow as she laid the new project plans on my damn table. 

Karabo and I met Tumisho year in high school when his family moved to Johannesburg from Polokwane. I guess you could call Karabo a black beauty. Her dark brown skin and black eyes were not an everyday sight in Joburg but go down to the Bree and there are women with those attributes on every corner. Karabo and I hit it off instantly. It was like we were born to be best friends and that’s what we became.

So fast-forward 10 years and now it’s like we were born to be best co-workers at Seboko & Associates Estate Agency. As far as I am concerned we are an amazing creative team. Karabo and I had been working on landing the “The HUB” account for two weeks. Karabo has a creative flair like no other not to mention a hustle that is relentless as well as admirable. “The HUB” is the new Media Company – best described as a best media company globally – and I knew we were the women to breathe life into it. The HUB is a big media company with range of entertainment genres and representing major names in film and television to music industry. So Karabo and I came up with a variety of different building plans to go with their style: “modern glass architecture contemporary commercial” just to name a few.

Landing this big client would definitely get Karabo noticed as well as make my stay a lot more comfortable. It was my first assignment since starting the job and I wanted to come out of the gates blazing.

“So what do you think of these styles?” Karabo asked still analysing the plans. She was always trying to find ways to improve things.

“They're hot as hell! One look and the client will be all over it. I'm not crazy about the model but the idea is off the hook” I said.

“Oh the designers is just for presentation” Karabo said “let's be clear on that. She will be replaced once the project is ours. Right now my main concern is landing this big account.”

“We will” I said with confidence just to remind Karabo that I had her back 110%.

“I love your positive energy Tsholo. Keep that up. We need it around here.” Karabo glanced at her watch. “We present in an hour. Meet me in my office in 30 so I can brief you.”

“I'll be there” I assured her.

Karabo scooped up her boards and turned to leave but quickly swung back around to face me. “By the way why were you gone so long?”

I let out a huge smile unable to control any of my facial muscles.

Karabo returned my smile with a smirk. “Thought so. Okay then what's the brother's name?” “Loyiso” I blushed.

“Well Loyiso had better be damn fine keeping you out of the office when we have this project hanging over our heads.”

“Oh he's definitely something to take home for all to see” I said proudly. “Those are always the best. See you in 30” Karabo said giving me a wink as she left my office.

I leaned back in my chair as I replayed my close encounter with my Mr. Handsome in my mind. I drifted into a fantasy – only to be startled by the ring of my cell phone. I grabbed it off the desk and smiled as it displayed “call from Loyiso.”

I just loved winning the prize. 


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