Nothing comes easy in life but having it all you have to do everything to protect it even if it means someone have to die. It’s all started long time ago but this time it’s a mess huge mansion nice cars family but how did they get all this I mean the money? Well here is the story father is a counsellor just around the town then a mother is a clerk but they all can’t afford this all nice things how did they make it to the top no they have kids three kids a boy and girls but do they work girls are still young what about the boy? He is working. All started here.

The family only know that Floyd is working as an engineer in one of the biggest car manufacture and they believed that as everyone knows that its gives out cheques you know too even me I know that. The guy changed cars like Bill Gate even Motsepe was even not too close to that life I’m telling you. But do you think engineers live that life? Hell no it’s a big hell no then the question is where this Floyd guy taking money? The guy is making money from drugs wait a minute did I say drugs? his boss drugs the money he get as a payment can’t even buy him Bmw but he make sure he get more than his boss does just by stealing from him imaging that.

The family was relaxed and never suspect anything but you know everything always comes back to you. The boss figured out that someone is stealing from him but who was he. Well he did dig deep to come to a point he realise the person who is taking food from his mouth is the guy next to him I mean Floyd. Floyd is a boss hand man he know every move that the boss takes even his underwear sizes don’t get me wrong. But it didn’t mean nothing by then the boss felt betrayed by the person he never thought he will. But then that’s reality we get hurt by people who are even close to us and we call them family well that’s another story for next time you can even remember bible says Jesus was betrayed by a person he thought he was trusted. But it meant nothing. The boss called all his boys in front of him as he always do no one suspected nothing it was normal like any other day but something strange happened Floyd was on the line with other boys not next to the boss. “Is everything okay boss?” Floyd asked. The boss went closer and acted like he didn’t hear a word. The room went silent for few minutes.

“I don’t know do you think there’s something wrong?” Boss replied. Floyd kept quit deep inside something tells him that something is not right. “Is he now know that I’m stealing from him? If he did is he going to kill me like he did to other?” Floyd start to shake from that time but the boss decided to not reveal what he wanted to instead he gave them drinks but it was his plan to check who is weak among them. All were looking having a good time around the table that then it was the right moment for Boss everyone was laughing louder to show a good time but all changed the time Boss put the gun on the table then everyone went silent they know it’s strange to see their boss taking out a gun when everyone seems to have fun. “Is there someone who want to say something before I say a word?” he asked. No one couldn’t answer. “Silent means you don’t have a word”.Everyone started to wonder what’s going on inside boss’s mind only Floyd knows that one of them won’t make it home that night. “If you find out that someone close to you is betraying you what do you do?” he asked politely. “You shoot to kill” they all answered. “Floyd” called boss. “Boss” answered Floyd. “If you find out that I betrayed you what are you going to do?” Floyd knew by those questions from the boss there’s no other way he is caught he looked around as he didn’t know what to say to him. “You’ll have to kill me right Floyd? He knew that if he can stay longer he won’t make it home his eyes was all over the room to check if he still have a chance to escape.

“Say it Floyd” said Boss. As everyone hoped that Floyd will answer he jumped to the door to run for his life everyone stood there silently as they know now things are about to get heated. The boss stood there smiling to himself. “Go after him and make sure he don’t arrive home shoot to kill” he said to them. Floyd was running in and out of streets running for his life but as things stand they were too close to get to him just not far from his home there was a dark trees that too close to each other he went there to hide but one of the guys saw him. They didn’t even check if he is there all they did was to shoot to that trees. Floyd tried to hide but few bullet got to him. The guys believed that he won’t make it after bullets they shoot. They left the place then hours left

Floyd dragged himself on the road so someone can see him he was so badly injured but luckily his younger sister was just coming that way and she saw him the girl was shocked to see her brother on that situation but agreed not to take him to his home instead she took him to a secret place where he can get better. Days months passes then the gang find out that the guy they thought he is dead he’s still alive they couldn’t believe what they are told. The gang went out with all they have to find out if it’s true but couldn’t get anything useful information until they start to follow his little sister’s movements.

The girl was alerted by a stranger that there are people who are monitoring her movements She tried to hide but that couldn’t help her as they followed her every place she go things started to go out of control as the gang beefed up the squad to kill the girl as they realise that the girl have her own tricks but she did able to avoid them but every place she hide people get killed. Police start to come after the girl as she is the suspect for the kills that happening around the towns the gang started to lay low as they know it’s too risk to go after her at the same time with the police. The police task force did able to arrest her and sentenced to thirty years. The boss arranged to visit her hoping to find out where her brother is hiding but it was too late when he get there the girl escaped the girl started communicating with her brother. The gang couldn’t figure out how to get the girl.

Few ideas were on the table but the successful one was the one where they were sending one of theirs as a garden boy to spy on their parents so they can get information easily. As parents didn’t notice anything suspicious they allowed the spy to work in their house they gave him all access around the house. The gang thought that the parents have communication with the kids but no. the spy did able to plant record tape inside the house so he can hear everything this didn’t help as the child did able to take it out and play with it the time the guy hoping to get the tape he saw it mixed with the baby’s toy. Few days left the parents were shocked to see the girl showing up home but it was too late as the gang were always have eyes at the house the parents did find out that the kids are in trouble when two gunmen arrive unexpected in the house. The girl took the baby and left the house. The two men know that to get to the girl was to torture their parents till they confess but that didn’t happened has parents didn’t have clue of what’s going. The men ended deciding to kill them.The fight was starting to get tough and tougher as days goes Floyd couldn’t able to walk as he was using a wheelchair to move around. The girl “Getty” was the one who fight the battle for her brother. Getty sat down to plan on her next move to able to protect herself and her siblings she started by taking gun session to equip herself get ready for a war. The gang new that the girl won’t give up on a fight they start to bring people all over the towns to look out for the girl the girl did not left behind as she able to do some connection around. Few days later she decided to go check up on his brother and little sister she was happy to see her brother recovering but all she wanted was to know why this gang want him dead so desperately. “I know you have lots of question in your mind” said Floyd. “What did you do to them?” asked Getty. “It’s a long story but I will tell you you can sit down” says Floyd. “You know I never thought that one of these days I will be fighting a battle that I don’t know about” said Getty. “I know that it’s me who got you all in this mess the person you should blame it’s me. The thing is I messed up I did stole from them” said Floyd. “But you knew it was going to backfire” replied Getty. “All I wanted was to take care my family I wanted you to have a better life” said Floyd. “What did you steal from them exactly?” asked Getty. “Drugs and money” replied Floyd. “What? But how can you steal from someone while you working?” shouted Getty. “I lied I was not working for car manufacture” said Floyd. “Wow! So you want to tell me that all things you have we think we have you stole them? And you lied to mom and dad?” asked Getty. “I know and I want to make things right when I get out of here I want to apologise to mom and dad” said Floyd. “Well it’s too late for that Floyd” she said. “What do you mean it’s too late?” asked Floyd with suspicious voice. “Why can’t you ask yourself why I brought our little sister here” she replied. “Is there something that you don’t telling me?” he asked. “Floyd mom and dad are no more they are dead we are on our own now” Getty replied. “What? What happened?” asked Floyd. Getty went silent. “It’s fine you don’t have to tell me. Getty I’m sorry” he said. “Sorry for what? Are you sorry because mom and dad are dead or you’re sorry because you got us in this mess?” asked Getty. “Both” replied Floyd.

Getty knew that fighting her brother won’t take them out of the mess they are in. she decided to go out to find a strong team that can help them. “Where are you going?” asked Floyd. “I’m going to find a team to help us” answered Getty. “But it’s late” he replied. “I know I don’t have choice those people have eyes all over so it’s better for me to do this right now” said Getty. “Okay. Be safe” replied Floyd.

All was sorted the team was gathered as Getty briefing them about the plan. “You think you have it all to fight them?” a voice coming the room. Getty recognise the voice but she could even get to know where she heard the voice. The boy appeared it was Dave a long-time boyfriend of Getty who disappeared and no one knew where did he disappeared to. “You still alive?” asked Getty. “And I’m health as you can see” he replied with a smile. “The time when I hear that you and your family are in trouble I decided to come I can see that you got a team those guys have everything to destroy you. “Dave not now can’t you see that we are busy?” replied Getty.

She didn’t buy what Dave is trying to do or say and it was too risk to allow him in just like that not knowing his agenda. “Can you wait for me outside please?” asked Getty. She continued with her team as Dave walked out then few minutes later Getty went out to him. “Why are you here because I know you not here to help me?” She asked. “I’m here to help you Getty” he replied. “Stop lying to me Dave you think I will believe that nonsense or did they sent you here?” she continued. “No one sent me here” he said. “Where have you being and why me? Why now?” asked Getty. “Because I love you Getty I miss what we had I miss us” replied Dave. “Do you want me to believe that? After you disappeared without even letting me know where you going? Is that what you want?” she asked. “I didn’t have choice but to do that I was protecting you and your family.” Hecontinued. “Those people who are after you they killed my brother and they were after my family if it wasn’t about your brother we would be dead.” “Wait you’ve just said my brother? Did he know about your disappearance?” asked Getty. “Yes he is the one who helped me to escape” he replied. “Wow!” said Getty with a shock.

Dave knew to come back to Getty won’t be easy as it was hectic on her side but Getty started to believe his story. “But why didn’t you just call me or text me?” asked Getty. Dave went closer to her. “It was too risk for me to do that and I didn’t want to hurt the people I love the most I still love you Getty” he replied. “Dave let’s not go there please” begged Getty. “I know it’s been a long time but my love for you won’t disappear” said Dave. Getty knew that she can’t deny the fact that she still love Dave and to let guy of his looks go she won’t have peace after few seconds they felt the chemistry between them then started kiss ending up to intimating. After sex scene Dave d to go. Getty couldn’t believe that Dave is alive and brought joy to her face. “Look I’ll have to go” said Dave. “How about you sleep over? Asked Getty. “I can’t there are things that I have to do I will see you in the morning” he replied.

Early hour of the next morning the gang team received the message that tells where Floyd is hiding things went on heated as blood continue to boil. One of Getty’s team alerted the team that they have to take Floyd out of the building as they now know where they hiding him but it was too late for that the gang were there ready for a war the team realised that now the war shifted the gang wanted the girl as Floyd is no use on a wheelchair paralysed. Getty and the managed to rescue her brother and little sister. Dave was there too to help. On other side the police continued to hunt Getty her pictures where all over towns.

Getty and team arrived at new place that they’ll be there for sometimes. “I didn’t know that you back” said Floyd to Dave. “I had to come back to help Getty she need me now” replied Dave. “We need to find a plan on how to break this gang we can’t continue like this especially having my little sister here we can’t raise her like we do now” said Getty. “You right you have to see this your pictures are all over the towns police are on alert looking for you” said one of the team. Getty started to panic as she now have to play a hiding game with police.

The gang lost few of their when they clashed with Getty’s team trying to reach the building that Floyd was hiding in this was seems to get tough to the gang as now they need man power to break down Getty but to do that it’s going to need a proper plan. Getty and her team did not sit back as they also planning for their next move.

The night arrived the team were relaxed as they were trying to lay low for some time Getty didn’t want to stay there doing nothing she came with a plan that she didn’t want everyone to know she went in to clubbing gear and went out one of the gang members were at the club that Getty is She was hiding her Identity and face with a makeup so no one can recognise her. The gang approached her thinking is one of the strippers in the club he took her up stairs to have sex with her Getty pretended as if she is a stripper then allowed to play dirty as it was her plan to get any information he can for her to get access to the gang building. Getty continued using her body to seduce the gang till she got what she wanted the gang didn’t suspect anything as she changed her face by using different makeups.

The team were surprised to hear Getty saying she know how can they get access to gang building. “I know how we can get there” said Getty to the team. “How?” asked Floyd. “I did able to get access card” replied. “How did you do it? What I know is that it impossible to create the same as they use so how and when did you do it?” asked Floyd with a concerned voice. “It doesn’t matter whatmatter is we got what we can use” says Getty. “Well it does matter to me so how did you do it and how do we know that whatever you did won’t backfire or come back to us?” said Floyd. “Relax nothing won’t come back to us I’m better than that” she said. “Come on guys we can’t afford to fight each in times like this Getty is right we got what we can use and it can work for us how or when she got it let it be with her then plan our next move those guys wherever they are they are planning something.

Floyd was still concerned about how Getty got the access card as he knows that no one can fake it or steal it but he kept it to himself. “I will have to go to their building to see if I cannot find something we can use against them” said Getty. “No you can’t go there Getty I can’t lose you too those people they’ll kill you like an animal” said Floyd. “I will go with her and one of the team members here” said Dave. “No you can’t go there I know those guys I worked for them so you can’t go” said Floyd. “Floyd I know you are worried but we need to go there to find something to use against those guys or they’ll come here and kill us all we need to be ten steps ahead them” said Dave. “No” replied Floyd. “Ok then what is your plan since you not agreeing with Getty’s plan?” asked Dave. “I don’t have plan for now but you can’t go there those guys are cruel I lost your brother and my parents……….” Said Floyd. Before he can even continue Dave stopped him. “Wait they killed your parents? Why I didn’t told that?” asked Dave. “It doesn’t matter” Floyd replied. “Well it does and that’s the reason we should go to that building or they’ll find us before we can find them and kill us all” said Dave. “Dave is right we running out of time we need to act fast before them” said Getty. “You guys are concerned only about the gang you forgetting that police too e looking for us at this time” said one of team member. “Police are not problem our problem is the gang that want us dead” she replied. “Ok fine you can go but you’ll have to communicate with me when you get there” said Floyd. “Don’t worry we will let’s go” replied Dave.

Getty Dave and two of team went to the gang building they arrived in time as no one was around they had a time to search around the building and came across the computer lab at basement that had confusing information about the gang routines and confidential information the was a car that pulled outside luckily one of them was aware of the movement outside and alerted them to move out immediately and they had time to do that as the buildings was big enough for them to escape without caught but one thing was left behind Getty had scurf around her neck and she left it behind as she was trying to run. The gang arrived one of them was welcomed by a scurf that was laying on the floor in the kitchen. “Whom is it belongs to?” he asked. “Hey I know that Scurf” said other one. “It’s yours? You have to take care of your things they are all over the building” replied while throwing the scurf to him. “No it’s not mine but I know the scurf from the club” he replied. “Club? Then how did it’s get here?” he asked. “I don’t know maybe I took it with me” he replied.

One of the gang was coming from basement he is now the right handyman for the Boss his name goes by Tazz he came in a hurry. “No you didn’t come with it someone was here and whoever he is took also the disk” said Tazz. “How is that possible you know very well that no one can get in without access card” said one of the gang. “I’m know what I’m talking about someone was here do you all have your access cards?” asked Tazz. “Yeah here is mine where is yours?” he asked. “It’s missing” replied Tazz. “Wait if that means the owner of this scurf is the one who took your access card it’s means one thing” said one of the gang. “What are you trying to say?” asked Tazz. “What I’m saying is this scurf looks the same as the one that the girl I was with at the club had and we had sex together meaning you too you had sex with her when she get that access card from you” he replied. “No no no it can’t be her it can’t be that little girl” said Tazz. “She used us to able to get the card that bloody brother of her told her so she seduced us” he replied. “That means the girl is smart than we thought” said Tazz. “The question is what do we do now she got our informationwith her?” he replied. The gang knew that now the girl will come to them prepared and without any sign to attack.

Getty realised that something is missing but she couldn’t think want it is until she touch her neck and noticed that she left the scurf at the building. “I think I forgot my scurf” said Getty. “Where?” asked Dave. “At building” answered Getty. “No it’s fine they won’t even bother to give that scurf attention just let it go” replied Dave. “I don’t think so” said Getty. “What do you mean” asked Dave. “It’s a long story let it go” she said. “What’s going on Getty?” asked Dave. She pretended like nothing is on but Dave didn’t buy her actions. “Nothing stop giving me that look” said Getty. “Ok promise me you won’t be mad at me” she said. “Tell me” he replied. Getty started telling him how it started till to the end. “You used your body to get that access card?” asked Dave. “I didn’t have choice I had to do that Dave” replied Getty. “That’s the reason you didn’t want to tell your brother when he asked you?” asked Dave. “Yes and I won’t tell him” said Getty. “Then what about me were you even thinking about me when you do what you’ve done?” he asked. “Can we drop this please?” she asked. “Ok if you say so” said Dave. He looked so disappoint but knowing it was in their best interesting and she did for her brother.

They arrived at their build where Floyd and other team members are waiting “What did you find?” asked Floyd. “We have a disk with us we don’t know what’s inside it” said Getty. “Then check what is inside there is a screen” replied Floyd. They checked k and find a heavy information about diamonds and drugs locations the gang have. Floyd was so shocked to see that as his Boss never told him about this business before. “You knew about this business too?” asked Getty. “They never told me nothing about diamonds” he said. “Then what do we do maybe it’s time we tip the police?” said Dave. “No it’s too risk we have to be smart” she said. “She is right before we can do that we have to secure our future first we have to go after those diamonds” said Floyd who was moving around in wheelchair. “Then where do we start?” asked Dave. “We have locations here” replied Getty.

On other side the gang had one place to start tracing the girl they went straight to look at the club questioning every workers from bartenders to club strippers to able to get information but none of them had no clue of who they are asking about until stranger approaches them to tell them that he knows the girl but only told them she always comes here for drinks. The gang showed him the picture of the girl to confirm if it’s her the stranger confirmed they rewarded him and asked him to keep an eye if she show up let them know.

Getty and her team continued with their plan to get their hands on diamonds it’s took them days to figure out how and when to attack the locations Getty had her own suspicious she went throw the disk and find that there are also police that are involved in this business. “We have problem” she said. “What is it now” asked Dave. “They have police on their side meaning if we alert the police they won’t go to jail” she said. “They are but I know some of them who want to take them down the entire squad” said Floyd. “This won’t end now we’ll have to fight with police again before we can set the community free?” said Dave. “Let’s just stick with the plan we have now we need to secure our finances with those diamonds we’ll be fine” said Floyd.

Everything seems to go according to their plan Getty Dave and some of the team members went for drinks at the club however they didn’t know that the bar is keeping an eye on them barman alerted the gang that the girl is at the club with other within few minutes they got there but it was too late Getty noticed them from a distance. “We need to get out of here now” she said. “But why? I thought we having good time” replied Dave. “They are here we need to go guys and we don’thave time” she said. Dave looked around his eyes bumped in to one of the gang who was look at them they went out running using the back door but the gang came after them

They arrived at their place everyone took their spot and their weapon the gang’s car was just outside but couldn’t know if they are in the build. They conducted search in the building till one of the gang reach to Floyd who was in a wheelchair looking at the door. “Are you looking for me?” asked Floyd. “You thought we won’t find you?” gang member replied. “You think you got me?” asked Floyd. “Off course we got you here you are and tonight you won’t escape as you did before” gang replied. “I don’t think so” replied Getty who jumped on top of the gang and shoot him. The gang outside heard the sound of the gun inside they knew that something is going on they rushed in to find one of their laying on a pool of blood with no one around Getty and her team knew that if they are not running out of the build they won’t survive as they don’t want to risk the life of her brother and little sister. The gang went on and on searching to check if someone is in there but there was no sign of anyone. “This is my place we’ll stay here for some days while I figure out where to go” said Dave. “It’s too small” said Getty. “I know it’s just for few days” replied Dave. “Guys I think it’s time we act fast we can’t continue living like this we have a child with us” said Floyd. “You right let me make some few calls to see if I cannot get something better” said Dave.

The gang knew that they are knocked one of their which is the sign that there is a no guarantee of winning the battle the time was not on their side as business was starting to move slow compromises had to be made to secure their money and diamonds they planned to shift everything for safety but it was too late as Getty and her team were two steps ahead they raided the diamonds building till they get them the gang never expected something like that the Boss was frustrated and his blood was boiling to a point he ending up killing one of his boys. It was a win on Getty and her team’s side they had diamonds with them and they had to cover their tricks so no one can come after them they moved to a new place where they set down to plan how they can set the gang up with the police.

The Boss was surprised to hear from Getty who called to make a deal the boss didn’t have choice but to agree with the deal that Getty brought on the table. Getty demanded money in exchange with the diamonds the money was more worth than what diamonds worth but the gang was desperate to get them back. On other hand the Boss knew he don’t have the money that Getty wants but he went on agreeing to the amount of the money. “Where will we get such amount of money?” asked Tazz. “Who said we’ll give away that amount of money” replied Boss. “We know the girl is smarter than we think she won’t settle for what we give her?” said Tazz. “She don’t have to accept anything from me” answered Boss. “What do you planning?” asked Tazz. “Before the girl can Count what we gave her she’ll be dead” replied Boss.

Getty know that the offer that she gave them is too much but they’ll do everything to get the money as they are desperate to get the diamonds back. “What do we do now?” asked Dave. “We keep them waiting while we plan how we going to get police to the place” said Getty. “Do you think police will arrest them?” asked Dave. “With the money they’ll be having in bags the police will want to know how come they have such amount of that money” said Getty. “Sound like it is a good plan” answered Dave. “And that means we’ll be rich with the diamonds all we have to do is to sell them then the money is ours then we continue we our lives” she said with a smile on her face.

Days and weeks passes without hearing from the girl they started to get worried as they have to transport the diamond to the buyer the time was not on their side the Boss tried to contact Getty but the number was not going through. Getty knew she got them where she want the Gang couldn’t believe what’s happening. The question was is the gang now giving up to what is theirs or whathappening to them as they were close to give up they receive a text telling them the address to meet. Getty and the team got everything prepared they alerted the police.

The police was on the alert as they know that this is a big break through to catch those who do illegal business the gang never saw it coming they had their own plan but never thought about police being there the time came as everyone was desperate to see what’s going to happen the spot that was set was the old house that Getty and the team used before the gang new the place and they never suspect anything they arrived there and wait within few minutes the police was surrounded the building that’s when the gang realise it was a setup the police raided the building and arrested them with the money they had.

It was a moment of joy to Getty and the team as now they’ll live their life with no disturbance but Getty knew that there is one thing that she need to do to clear her name from police. Police sentenced the gang after long investigations. Floyd did able to get a buyer for diamonds then everyone in the team was rewarded their lives went on Dave and Getty relationship continued as they lived together with Floyd and her little sister. Their little sister started school while Getty was still figuring what to do with the issue of clearing her name to the police it’s took months for her to do that but couldn’t get any idea on how to do it.


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