Getty and her family looked happily even when she knows that she still need to sort herself out before she can say she’s free as they never expected the worst to happen one of the days happen there was a lady who was claiming she is the cousin of the little girl at school and she was sent to take her home the school allowed the lady to take the girl with her that time it was the last time seen her. The school was surprised to see Getty at school hoping to fetch her little sister home but she was welcomed but the news that someone came to fetch her Getty was calm and relaxed she contact Floyd and Dave to check if they have her with them but none of them know where the little one is then they realise that worst is yet to happen the school panic but Getty knew that this won’t end well if she contact the police she returned back to the house knowing whoever took her little sister has an agenda weeks past and they still looking for little one no one know where she is or who took her. “Whoever took her she want to pick a fight with us” said Dave. “But why taking my little sister why can’t she just come face us like a fighter?” asked Getty. “Remember that whoever did this it’s either she wants something from us” said Floyd. “Do you think they wants diamonds?” asked Dave. “Wait this means one thing if the person who took my little sister is looking for diamonds that means those bastard have people who working for them outside” said Getty. “What do we do now” asked Dave. There was someone who was knocking at the door it was one of their team member. “I saw this outside your door” said a member. “What is it” asked Getty. “An envelope” replied a member. She took the envelope there was a letter inside demanding that they have to bring back the diamonds or they won’t see their little sister they knew that the battle is on and won’t end now. “I don’t know now” said Getty with sad voice. “No don’t worry we’ll get Princess back home safely let me get the together again” said team member. “I think it’s time you visit those who in prison” says Floyd. “But it’s impossible for me to do that” replied Getty. “I know someone who can help us” said Dave. “Is he trustworthy?” she asked. “I trust him let’s go” answered Dave. “The team it’s on its way the time start now” said the team member.

Getty and Dave went to seek help they were meeting an old man who knows everything about prison security and how to get inside without getting caught but Getty had her own doubts afterseeing that the person they meet is an old man. “You can’t be serious” said Getty. “Come let’s get in” said Dave. “What does this old man here know about gang and prison?” asked Getty. “Trust me when I say he escaped from prison several times” replied Dave. “Then if he escaped several time that means he got caught meaning he is not the right person to help us?” said Getty. “Let’s go talk to him” said Dave. Getty went there just for Dave. The old man knew that they are looking for his help which is one of the most risk. “Young girl I can see you have doubts about me but your help is here come have a seat” said old man. “Do you think you can help us?” she asked. “There is no one who can help you other than me” replied old man. “But the police caught you several times trying to escape from prison” said Getty. “No they didn’t caught me I handed myself to the police” says old man. “Why did you do that?” asked Dave. “I was testing ways of escaping prison and now I can say I have more than fifty ways that I can use to go in prison and able to escape” said old man. “Wow I’m convinced” said Getty. “The last time when I escaped from prison it was fifteen years ago since then I never handed myself to police.

The old man gave them what they wanted including some of the tricks he used Getty was looked relieved. “If I may ask why are you looking for such information?” asked old man. “The thing is we want someone inside but as things stand we can’t get him by a help of police” replied Dave.

Dave and Getty went back to the house with information in hand they know whatever they going to do it’s a risk and not guarantee them that they’ll survive and their plan was to go see Boss and Tazz same time but doing that will have to cost them sacrifices. They team took control of security inside the prison to allow Getty and Dave to go in and out to meet Boss and Tazz Boss and Tazz never saw them coming all they heard was when they woke by a hot rope around their neck which is the rope used by terrorists to kill people rope was wired and no one can’t take it out unless its off. Getty confronted Boss about the person who took her little sister. “You sent someone to do your dirty things while you inside?” said Getty. Boss was laying there laughing at her Getty pressed the button to make the wire hot and he jumped out of the bed screaming. “If you think the guards will come running forget me and you we have time to play the still young” said Getty. “Ok I will answer your question stop what you doing to me” said Boss. “Good boy now you talking come out with them I’m listening” said Getty. Boss knew that he don’t have choice but to give out the information that he shouldn’t give away for the sake of his safety. “It’s my boss my boss is the one that took your little sister” he said. “Wow your boss? I thought you’re the boss?” asked Getty. “No I’m not the boss I’m just a mediator” he replied. “A mediator? What if you lying to me?” she asked. “No I’m telling the truth” he answered. “Ok just know that if you think you can lie to me I’m going to blow you up and no one will come rescue you so who is this boss of yours?” said Getty. Getty left as she received the signal that the time is up. “Morris… Are you not going to take out this wire out of my neck since I gave you what you wanted?” asked Boss. “Morris who?” asked Getty. “Morris Harbour” said Boss. “Good” replied Getty. “So are you going to take this wire out of my neck?” he asked. “No I leave it in case you not telling me the truth I blow you up” replied Getty. “Then how I’m going to live with this on my neck?” asked Boss. “I don’t know you’ll make a plan and don’t try to take it off you’ll die and in case you don’t know your friends too have the wires on their necks.

Getty and Dave left the prison they had different information but with the same name Morris Harbour the guy is the tycoon of Diamonds and drugs around the world including Mexico and Russia. Getty knew that it’s not going to be easy to fight a tycoon like this one as she never fought one they had to come with a solid plan and strategy to fight back. Dave knew that let Boss and his friends alive will be problem they had to decide whether to finish them or to wait but they couldn’t take that chance they decided to kill them. The time was ticking as Morris is expecting his Diamonds back. “How are we going to get to this guy” asked Getty. “We don’t know yet but there’s a way toget to him” said Dave. “Time is not on our side if we don’t come with a plan it’s over with my little sister” she said. “We need to stay positive I know this is a tycoon but trust me everyone has his own weaknesses” said Dave. “We’ll have to try to access their security code and see if we can’t control their security” said one of the team member. “You think you can do that?” asked Floyd. “It’s not going to be easy but we can try to do that” replied team member. “Please do everything you can” said Floyd. “This people their system is protected by heavy software if they notice that someone logged into their system they’ll crash our system” says Dave. “No please get new system to back up the work you saved in there” said Floyd. “I’m on it” replied team member.

The team went on to do their best to get into Morris’s system they were successful but it didn’t last as Morris people noticed that someone is trying to enter their system. They did as they said Morris people crashed the system but they were prepared for that. Getty was shock to receive a text telling that she must stop trying to hack Morris System but applauded her for trying as no one did what she did in the history of Morris’s system. The team also with that second of accessing Morris’s system they did able to safe some of the information from backup system. “How did they get my number and how did they know it’s me” asked Getty. “Seems like they are watching you” replied Dave. “We have problem” said team member. “What’s the problem?” asked Floyd. “We managed to get some locations where this guy’s houses are but they are too many of them United State Africa Asia and Europe” replied team member. “It’s too much” said Dave. “The problem is we don’t know which one he use the most” replied team member. “It’s fine we can get people to work with us underground just to keep an eye on those houses” said Getty. “Ok I’ll work on that” he replied. “Wait I don’t think the guy is in the continent right now he can’t risk to come here as he knows that everyone kept eyes on him” said Dave. “Meaning there are people in the country working for him” she replied. “That’s correct so what we need to do is to look at those cell phone numbers you have there

to check who used them or who they belong to.

The search continue showing the progress the team did dig deep and find that the calls are made from the Club Silk which is the club they used to go to Getty couldn’t believe it. The calls were going out of Club Silk to Mexico Town most of the time and surprised everyone the most was the name of the person who the number belongs to the number were belong to a lady by a name Leo she is the owner of the Club Silk. Then they came with a plan of going to vandalise the Club in a way of send a message to the owner but firstly they wanted to meet up with her as they did that but she never gave them what they were expecting to get from her. Getty sat with her for one on one conversation but it didn’t help they burnt Club to ashes as to send the message. Some strangers alerted them about the place where they think the girl might be the place was surrounded by a heavy security. But that didn’t mean nothing to Getty who was looking for her little sister. They went back to prepare for a fight to able to get in the build. The team did penetrate the security to get in but the security never gave up they fought back with all they have Leo came in to help to but she couldn’t help herself as Getty was heading to her to fight woman to woman. The little girl was surrounded by a wires around her body. It was easy for Getty’s team to remove them as they used to that wires.

Weeks and months passes Getty received a call direct from Morris who told her that what happened was just a test to see how good she is in a fight but since she won it she must prepare for a real war that’s coming. Getty was seems to be calm but inside her she know that fighting a person who is all over the world it’s a risk but trying it will be worth it. She gathered all her team alerting them to be vigilant around as she don’t know what’s is next for them everyone was ready for everything that will come they increased their security. The team started to lay low is now the person they fight is not near them but they had to open their eyes and ears. Little was seems to be sound and good and back to school with security around her also the school did upgrade their security for the safety of kids.

Getty was now thinking of handing herself to police as everything was seems to be on track and it’s been a while not hearing from Morris Morris didn’t want to risk after he tried to break Getty’s security but he failed Dave on other hand he didn’t want what Getty trying to do by handing herself to police but they plan it and it was the only way to go Floyd was still on his wheelchair and supporting everyone around him as they took him as a brother. Getty handed herself to the police she was arrested for weeks then released after police conducted the investigation and out that Getty is innocent in all cases. Floyd and Dave were shocked to see a police van outside dropping Getty but happy at the same time. They were not the only ones who were happy but also neighbourhood were rejoicing to see Getty back home and safe. From all things that happened they didn’t stop the use of drugs in the hood. Deaths relate to drugs were on the spot in the hood and it was driving the community crazy including Getty and his brother. Floyd was busy with his counselling and exercising to enable him to walk again there was a hope that one day he will walk. Things started to go out of control in the community after few of young children died of drugs they started to form groups as to protest against police who not doing their work in the hood the community were feed up by what happening in their hood this continued months till police fight community members who were protesting in the streets the community formed a force as now it was a fight between police and community community was asking for a safe place for all the protests started to spread to other neighbourhood community to fight this habit of drugs in their kids they wanted the police arrest those who sell them but the police were not up to it. The media started to give the protests attention Getty was worried about what is happening around her neighbourhood she was watching television with her siblings when something strange happen after she hit the stove with a hand. There was a lighting that occurred all over her body this lasted for some few seconds. Floyd couldn’t believe what he have just witnessed on other hand Getty was scared to see this happening to her body. “What is that? Are you okay did it choke you?” asked Floyd with vibrating voice. “No I’m fine I felt nothing” answered. “No you not we need to take you to the doctor now Dave you’ll drive” said Floyd. Everyone was still shocked but Getty was looking ok after all but as Floyd said they didn’t want to take a risk. They went to a doctor to check her if she is fine.

Arriving from a doctor they didn’t know how to explain it to him about what happened but Getty explained to the doctor about what exactly happened they was seems to be confuse about what he is told and did some test to see if Getty is fine the doctor did an x-ray to see if he can see something but it was strange to see Getty’s body not reacting to an X=ray the doctor start to panic and asked Dave to get in x-ray to check something Dave’s body was reacting to x-ray hundred percent they started to worry as they now noticed that the doctor see something. “Doctor what do you see on my body” asked Getty. “I don’t know how to put it” said Doctor. “Did you see something?” asked Floyd. “Yes what I saw it’s bigger than what I thought it will be” replied Doctor. “You scaring me now Doctor is that lightning affected my body?” asked Getty. “Your body is not reacting to the x-ray” said Doctor. “Maybe your machines are not working” replied Getty. “No the x-ray is work it’s working you can see the guy’s body” said Doctor. “Then what’s that mean Doctor?” asked Floyd. “What I found in her body it’s strange I have never seeing it before her body is generating electricity” said Doctor. “What” said Getty with a shock? This came as a shock to everyone including Doctor. “It’s true but I’ll have to run some more tests to check what is going seems like you have powers and you didn’t know how to activate those powers until you hit something that was connected to electricity” said Doctor. “No no no this can’t be where I got those power?” asked Getty. “We don’t know yet we have to run some this to see where they came from”says the Doctor. “All I saw is that you have powers your body is generating electricity that charged by the sun that means when your powers are activated your body is covered by a black layer of iron surrounded by a blue light which is lightning” Doctor continued. “How did I get this powers and why me?” asked Getty. “Maybe you got them from one of your parents or your grandparent” said Doctor.

The Doctor noticed that Getty is wearing a necklace on her neck the heart of the necklace was blue in colour. “Is that a real necklace you wearing” asked Doctor. “No this is a key that I was gave by mom it’s a key that I have to use to open a small box with” answered Getty. “What’s inside the box?” asked Doctor. “I don’t know I haven’t open it” said Getty. “You have to go back home and come with it or tell your brother to go check it it might have answers we need” said Doctor. “Doctor is right we’ll go take it me and Dave while he continue doing some tests on you” said Floyd.

They went back to go fetch the box as the Doctor continued with his tests on Getty. They brought the box Getty started to get nervous as she didn’t know what to expect inside the box she ended up opening it to find the black iron that was surrounded by a blue lightning there was a button on top of the iron she press it that’s when her body changed to an iron blue lightning they were amazed to see a beautiful body cover that covered Getty’s body but could see the colour clear the doctor switched off the lights to welcomed by blue moon and stars that were surrounded Getty. “This is all yours” said Doctor. “I can hear voices but I can’t figure out where those voices coming from” said Getty. “Now all left from us is to figure out how you can control your powers so you get not harm yourself or people around you” said Doctor. “Doctor what is the meaning of this?” asked Floyd. “Well this means we have a hero of our life time who is here to safe the communities of black neighbourhood” replied Doctor with a smile.


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