The Doctor conducted a research on how Getty can control her power for her safety and people around her she was still shocked and didn’t know how to feel had lots of questions in her mind her brother and her boyfriend were always there to support her. “How do you feel?” asked Dave. “I don’t know” answered Getty. “I understand that right now you are confused you don’t know how to react to what just happen give yourself time” said Dave. Floyd was on other side of the room when he called them to let them know that the doctor is calling for them as he did get some research. “We need to go the doctor is calling us to come to the lab” said Floyd. They were all still afraid of have just happen but Floyd a big brother he had to be there for everyone even though he is in a wheelchair.

The Doctor was waiting for them as they arrived they didn’t know what to expect from doctor as they arrive they were welcomed by big cctv screens in the room the cctv was camera around the neighbourhood communities. “Doctor what’s this?” asked Floyd. “Have a seats this are cctv cameras around the neighbourhood communities” answered Doctor. “Then what are they doing here I thought you said you did research and you have results?” asked Floyd. “That’s correct I conducted research after you left and got results here” replied Doctor. “What did you find Doctor?” asked Getty. “You have a gift that is rare and no one didn’t thought of on this twenty fist century and that makes you special looking at what’s going around your gift the power you have you can use it to benefit the people around you” said Doctor. “But how people around me will benefit from the power that I have doctor I mean I don’t know if I can able to use them” said Getty. “As I said before you are special that’s why you’ve given those powers look around you look at what ishappening to neighbourhood communities the crime is high drugs are all over” said Doctor. “So where does she fit in there? Asked Dave. “She needs to safe the communities fight for them” said Doctor. “Fight?” asked Getty. She was starting to freak out as she now don’t know what the doctor is trying to say. “Yes you’ll have to fight the bad guys to safe the good guys this powers means something you need to use them to help people just understand that this is real it’s not in a movie or something you need to do something about it you can’t be given powers for nothing those who gave them to you they trusted you they believe in you that you can safe people you can be a hero to many people I know you still have many questions but I can assure you that you’ll still live your normal life like anyone else only thing that change is that you now know that you have powers and you need to able to control them to be safe and not hurt yourself or anybody” said Doctor. “I think Doctor is right maybe this was meant to happen let’s say you can try to know how to control them and activate them to avoid hurting yourself then after that you’ll decide whether you want to do what the doctor said” said Floyd. “It’s ok to feel nervous no one would feel fine in your situation so it’s understandable so what do you say?” said Doctor. “Ok I will try” said Getty. “Good you know what to do now take what is yours then the rest will follow” said Doctor. Getty activated her powers from the small box that was inside save glass the doctor activated the cameras that was on Getty’s iron body the one in from and the one at the back. “There is blue light button on your left hand side press it” said Doctor. “What is it for” asked Getty.

Instead of waiting for an answer she pressed it there was two blue line that surrounded her hand it’s did hurt her for few seconds. “That’s button it’s used to activate your powers you can’t always activate your power from the box that blue line with button in the middle will be on your hand forever so when you need to use them you can just activate them from your hand” said Doctor. “What but we agreed that I’m going to decide” said Getty. “I know you can test the button” said Doctor. Getty tested button to check if what Doctor said it was true and it was real. “Now you can activate your powers from that button whenever you need to use them and when you activate the two cameras that are on your body will see everything around you here on this two screens the other screens are for monitoring the street to check if there is no crime that happening or anything and when we ask you to move to certain place listen to us do say you have powers so you’ll fight anything no sometimes starring’s get hurt too are we clear?” said Doctor. “Clear” replied Getty. Doctor activated the information that Getty can use to get to her target fast and in time. “What do you see?” asked Doctor. “What? No no no I don’t think I can do this” said Getty. “What did you see?” asked Floyd. “I saw different people committing crimes” replied Getty. “Those are people you have to face now I’m going to bring what you see to one of the screen I’ll tell you will choose which place you want to go” said Doctor. “I’m take those guys who beating girls” replied Getty. The scene appeared on screen. ”Now it’s time to test your ability Dave you’ll control cameras that surrounded that place and you Floyd take over all streets cameras to monitor the movements I will take care cameras that are on her” said Doctor. “It’s show time” replied Dave. “Remember you fighting the bad guys to safe the good guys now you can go we got you” said Doctor. “Little sister I love you” said Floyd.

Getty went out to the scene to safe the girls that were beaten on the streets there were lots of people watching people shock to see something that they never seen in their life time an Iron lady Getty was coming facing the crowd as the guys who were beaten the girls were busy beaten them there old lady and man trying to help the girls but did have strength to get them up Getty went closer. “Let them go” she said. The bad guys surprised to hear a lady’s voice behind them as they didn’t know who she was they continued by kicking the girls who were laid on the floor until Getty repeated her words again the bad guys turn to give her attention. They were laughing to her after they realise that the lady is wearing iron clothes. “She’s play a hero here can you see that” said one of the bad guy. “I said let them go” said Getty. “Or what superwoman? Don’t come here in our territory and act like you are a superman or you want to die?” asked the bad guy. “You are welcome to fight me but firstly let the girls go” she replied. “No that’s not going to happen” said bad guy. He pulled out a gun to point Getty Iron lady was calm and pulled the gun out of the guy’s hand the crowd was amazed of what is happening as it’s been long time terrorist by this bad guys. Iron lady took the guy and used on the bad guys shooting them on their legs. Some were busy taking photos of Iron Lady. “You can now call police” she said to the crowd that was there watching then left the scene.

At the lab centre her brother and Doctor were happen with her progress and how she conduct herself to what she is doing. Police were surprised to hear what they told by the witnesses who witnessed what happened to the bad guys they didn’t believe that there is an Iron Lady in a neighbourhood and they never entertain the news but it raised concern after the bad guys gave their statement that it’s true they saw Iron Lady with their eyes Getty knew that the whole world will give Iron Lady attention and everyone will want to know who is behind the iron mask but this was not a concern to her as she now what to continue with what she do to fight the bad guys to safe the good guys. Police were all over hoping to catch this Iron Lady to get the answers of how did she get to people’s planet but seems like their plan is failing as Iron Lady has eyes and ears around and reality was she is one of community member who what’s the best for her community the neighbourhood communities came together as they love what the Iron Lady do cleaning the streets taking bad guys out of streets as they believe that police failed to do their work community didn’t care who the lady is but they support her work this made Getty realise that what she is doing was not a bad idea as communities cheering her work. This continued months after months until police comes to a point now they didn’t have a control of streets around neighbourhood communities.

Iron lady was everyone’s hero including old people who was loving her work the work started increase and they called on the team they worked with before as they trusted them. Getty took the job as her full time job to fight the bad guys to safe the good guys The doctor was still on his research to see if Floyd or their little sister might have powers too they find out that the little has something that is developing inside her body but because she was still young they had to wait for her to grow to a certain age The team members were shocked after they were told that Getty have powers they didn’t believe it until she shows them. “If I knew the time we were fighting Morris Harbour we would won him and his people” said Getty. “You still have chance of going back to send a right message to him” said one of the team. “The right time will let me now it’s time to clean up my neighbourhood communities” she replied. “So what’s next?” asked one of team member. “We have lot to do there is a transportation of gold that will be happening tonight we need to stop it” said Doctor. “But we can alert police to go there?” Said one of the member. “No we can’t do that they have people working with inside so we can’t risk that we’ll alert them when we done” he replied Doctor. “Cool understood” said member.

The time was allowing for everyone to take their spot as Getty was ready to work on her full time job the transportation was happening as it was expected the group gold smuggle were loading the boxes inside the trucks the had their own plans as they know that some of police task force are trying to take them down they had to come with a trick by moving trucks that loaded with trucks that not loaded the road blocks were made but the group survived the road block but they never expect what’s comes after them Iron lady noticed that they tricked police but they can’t trick her she was able to sense and see which trucks are loaded and which one are not loaded she catches up with the trucks the drivers were shock to see the iron lady that they saw on television standing in front of them they were forced to stop as they didn’t want to risk. “Get out of our way” said one of the driver. “You think tricking police you’ll trick me too?” asked Iron Lady. “If you don’t I’ll shoot you” replied Driver. “Go on shoot me I hope you’ll succeed” said Iron Lady. She went close as one of the driver alerted their boss what’s happening they knew that the was nothing that they can to rescue them but let them caught Iron Lady used her hand to create a round lightning and throw it to the driver who was shooting at her her mission was complete. The police were alerted when they arrive the found two dead bodies laying around they knew this was written Iron lady all over it. The crime were seems to decline since Iron Lady taking over neighbourhood streets but this didn’t sit well to some of business people including some of police task force as they know that what they have in streets won’t last as Iron Lady is cleaning up. There were disagreements between communities and people of law some saying Iron Lady must go back where she comes from and those who believe that Iron Lady is doing great job by cleaning streets. Police argued that she is now doing their job instead letting them do their jobs without disturbance.

This raised a concern to Getty and discussed what’s next move because now the there are two groups of people who wants her and those who don’t want her The doctor came with a plan the plan is to break the corruption and crime that happening inside law properties including Police department. “How are we going to do that?” asked Dave. “Firstly we need someone who we know that she or he want to stop corruption but he don’t have plan or someone to help him” said Doctor. “I know someone but I’ll have to talk to him first” said Floyd. “Wait this means that cop you bring here will know that I’m Iron Lady?” asked Getty. “That’s why I need to talk to him first and hear if he can meet up with us” said Floyd. “Ok set up a meeting with him” said Doctor.

Floyd met with detective as they agreed on that meeting there were terms and conditions that if detective agree to meet up with the team he won’t tell anyone about what he saw detective agreed to the terms and conditions that were put on the table by Floyd he agreed to meet with full team everyone was there to meet detective he didn’t know what is this about but because he know Floyd he agreed Floyd arrived with detective at the lab centre that was used by the team Detective was surprised to see CCTV cameras and big screen in the room he didn’t know what to expect. “You called me that you and this people are broken the law?” asked Detective Mic. “No we called you because we trust you detective” said Floyd. Detective laughed for seconds. “Trust me with what?” he asked. “Detective we thank you for coming but you should know that what we called you here for is bigger than you can imagine so can be trusted?” asked Doctor. “Doctor I’m a person of law I cannot say I will do whatever you asking me to do since I don’t know what to expect or maybe you can tell me what this CCTV cameras doing here” said Detective Mic. “We called you here because we want to work with you” said Doctor. “You want to work with me? Where?” asked Mic. “Since you are a law person we want to help you arrest those criminals you wanted to arrest” said Doctor. “You think I’ll want to work with amateurs like you you are a doctor just stick to your post and police to do their work” said Mic. “Detective it’s years now hoping to arrest those Russians and Mexicans who bring drugs in the country but you failing because you fight alone let us help you” said Floyd. “No you called me here to waste my time” said Mic. “What if we tell you that we know Iron lady” said Dave. “You think this is a joke?” said Mic. “No it’s true” said Floyd. “You know what I don’t have time for this open the door and let me go” said Mic. He went to the door.

Getty activated her powers and detective noticed a strange noise behind him then turn to look. “It’s true

and detective noticed a strange noise behind him then turn to look. “It’s true I’m Iron Lady” said Getty. “Getty is that you?” asked Mic. “It’s me Iron Lady I know it’s strange but it’s true what you see it’s real so are you going to work with us or not?” asked Getty. Detective didn’t believe what his eyes see he sat down showing disbelief. “Say something Detective” said Getty. “No this can’t happen tell me that I’m dreaming” said Mic. Getty deactivated it while Mic watching. “I understand that you in shock that’s why we called you here we want towork with you” said Doctor. “You want to tell me that all this month’s it’s was you behind that Iron Body” asked Mic. “It was me Detective” replied Getty. “But what I’m going to say to my colleagues?” asked Mic. “No no no you can’t tell anyone about this it’s your secret so you need to think careful if you work with us your job will be easy you see this people here are researchers we are team here we just need you what are you saying?” asked Floyd.

Detective stood there as he didn’t know what to say he was still in shock of what his eyes saw. “Get him water” said Dave. “What if they find out that I’ve been working with Iron Lady?” asked Mic. “No they won’t trust me you see this people here whenever you agree to work with us they’ll be watching you twenty four seven no one will come near you I give you my word” said Floyd. “Ok fine I will work with you” said Mic. “Really thank you detective you won’t regret it” replied Floyd. “But first promise me that my family is protected I don’t want anything to happen to them?” asked Mic. “As long as you with us nothing will happen to your family” said Doctor. “Where did you get all those powers?” asked Mic. “It’s a long story detective but thank you for agreeing to work with us” she replied. “So what‘s going to happen now?” asked Detective. “You going to go back to your post as detective we’ll communicate with phone” said Dave.

As now everyone was on board the train was set to run fast as it can Detective Mic had to risk his job to work hand in hand with Iron Lady. The plan was to open catch all corrupt people inside law institutions first before the

As now everyone was on board the train was set to run fast as it can Detective Mic had to risk his job to work hand in hand with Iron Lady. The plan was to open catch all corrupt people inside law institutions first before they can go out. They started with Detective Mic’s partner in the office Phil as he was known he was an inside man for all corrupt people all cases came in he was the one making that no one is charged and cases were closed bribes were flying in and out of the law institutions but then it did came to an end with partnership of Iron lady and Detective Mic. The law enforcement couldn’t believe it but it was their first break through after a long time trying to fight fraud and corruption inside taskforce but Detective took all credit to that as he knows that he was helped by Iron Lady. The law trusted him to a point now they decided to give him a case of Iron Lady he had to catch Iron Lady and put her in prison he never saw this coming he couldn’t say no to it while inside he know that the person who helps him fight this crimes is Iron Lady.

He alerted the people he work with that he was given a case related to Iron Lady as Floyd knew that they’ll do that they had to come with a plan Mic was worried to a point he think that they know he is working Iron Lady. Mic didn’t know what to do as they started to pressurize him the team knew they had to act fast before someone find out that detective is the person who made the arrest to their inside man in assistant of Iron Lady. But there was someone who link detective to Iron Lady the head masters of crime head about it but they were not sure as it was rumours until they send someone to follow his movements. They knew that they had to lay low for all this to cross but what happening to Detective Mic didn’t stop Iron Lady to communicate with him they were communicating using cell phones Mic gave the team a tip about the girls who were kept in one of the house in neighbourhood community She went there as she know the house she find young men who was busy playing with play station she didn’t knock. “Where they are?” she asked. They didn’t give her attention as they thought she’s just a lady till she used her powers to destroy the screen they realised that Iron lady the real deal. “You can’t do that” said one of the guys. “Well sorry about where are they?” asked again. They never responded then pulled them all up to the roof. “Ok put us down we’ll tell you where they are” said the guy. “No tell me. Where are they?” said Iron Lady. “They are in other room” he replied. She pulled them down hard on the floor. “Do try to mess up with me next time you’ll get hurt” said Iron Lady. She went to the room and let thegirls out there were group of community members outside the house wait for Iron Lady to get out as she was stepping out of the stairs a little boy ran to her. “I want to be like you” said the boy. “You want to be like me?” the boy nodded. “Ok when you finish school one day you’ll be like me right now you need to go to school and be educated ok boy” said Iron Lady. The community member were cheering the name Iron lady when she was going away.

The team did able to clear everything that was behind Mic and he was good to get back to work Mic did able to make more arrest the black neighbourhood communities were starting to put their again on police as it was a plan Getty was now comfortable about her powers as she now able to control them and use them where necessary she was good and happy in balancing her normal life with her life in power Floyd continued with his therapy while their little sister identified as Cathy attending school. The neighbourhood communities was relief with all crimes that were happening but the crime was not cleared all the progress was showing up the hope was there to witness it as you walk the streets it was not the same as before. Iron lady was a topic on the streets of around neighbourhood communities many took her as their hero and some were inspired by what she’s doing for communities. There was a light and hope to old and young the joy that were on their face was priceless Communities started to change their streets to name them after Iron Blue Lady. It was a joy on Getty’s face to see how people showing respect to Iron Lady and that too was inspiring her to work hard to safe the black child’s life and it was declared that indeed in the century they saw a hero in black neighbourhood were people know only superheroes are white people but that was written off in the books of black child.

Getty’s life and her team were going according to their plan as they used to their work one day morning when they report to their duties one of their team member got a strange tip he never thought he will receive the tip was a big deal only from him but to the whole team he was supposed to break the news as no one was aware of what’s going on he had to break it to everyone It was not surprising that Detective Michael was among them. “I got a tip” said one of the team member. “What it’s says?” asked Dave. “You won’t like what I’m about to tell you guys” replied team member. “Say it as it is we’re here to work” said Floyd. “Morris Harbour is in the country” he said. “What?” said Getty. “Repeat that again” she continued. “Morris Harbour is in the country and he will be joining minister of minerals at gala dinner tonight” said team member. “Who is Morris Harbour?” asked Mic. “Unbelievable” said Dave. “Morris harbour is the guy from Mexico or Russia somewhere there we don’t know” said Floyd. “Drug lord from Mexico?” asked Mic. “That one the one and only” answered Getty. “What did he do to you guys that guy is too dangerous you can’t take risks of challenging him” said Mic. “He is the reason why my brother using wheelchair” said Getty. “How?” asked Mic. “You remember the guy Tazz he was working for him” said Floyd. “Then you how did he do that to you” asked Mic. “I was working for them not knowing that I’m working for that cruel guy then I did something stupid they shoot me several time then ended up in this wheelchair” said Floyd. “What guys you can’t risk to go against that man he is too dangerous whatever you thinking to do right now forget about it that guy’s security can’t be broken” said Mic. “Don’t worry no one will get hurt we just need the guy as long as he in our country we’ll get him he needs to pay for what he did to my parents and my brother he nearly took our little sister away from us and to share with you we did able to get access to his system for some time and he did able to try crack down our security but he failed meaning that if he failed by then when we didn’t know that I have power that means we have it all to fight him without thinking twice” said Getty. “Floyd are you agreeing with all this” asked Mic. “Detective we know that you follow the law but this is beyond that if we can’t get this guy now we won’t get him anymore it’s time this guy put in his place I agree with Getty” replied Floyd.Michael didn’t agree with what they are up to but he knew that they have all to get the guy but how is this going to go the government is involved with this Morris Harbour is the government top body also in doing business with the guy Michael asked himself questions that he couldn’t even get their answers the team conducted their research about this mineral minister and what business is Morris doing the country they revealed that the minister will be awarding a contract and license to the tycoon to open mine but the country is not benefiting from it the team planned to stop the event to go ahead. Getty knew it’s not going to be easy but as she know now this can turn to a war against fellow countrymen as it is involved the state the day arrived the ceremony was under way at one of fancy hotel in the country security was tightened in and around Getty and team knew it was time to strike in if not now it’s not going to happen Getty show up at the hotel her power was active she went through reception asking where a meeting is held security didn’t allowing anyone to go in including her she forced to go in search security was on alert they had to stop him by shooting bullets at her but that’s didn’t work as she was moving up security was aware that she is targeting the room that meeting is held and the they had to move people out of the room as possible the military was invited in to help the team knew that they can’t risk to fight military they sent a signal to Iron Lady that it’s too dangerous to continue she must go back the military was granted to bomb Iron Lady the news was all over television making breaking news people believed that Iron Lady won’t just appear in a hotel without a reason they knew that something is up and they supported Iron lady on what she is doing Government were too under pressure as they know that this is a serious matter they had to jump in to cool things down on other hand they couldn’t figure out what is Iron lady looking for and asking if they can meet with her. Morris knows that something is up with him he had to plan to go back to his country as soon as possible but knowing that Iron Lady is involved it will be tricking on his side.

Things started to heat up as now people are looking for answers from Detective Michael who was asked to find out who is this Iron Lady where is she coming from and what she is looking for Detective Michael knew now that he got a tough task to do as government to want to know about his progress this started to spread global as it continue to break down most countries were supporting Iron Lady as rumours comes out revealing that Morris Harbour is military were involved to investigate this was difficult to Michael but he did able to handle everything to cover for Iron Lady the military suspected that Michael is working with Iron Lady but they didn’t have proof to support their speculations they suspended him from his work as investigations were continue but brought him back to his post as they didn’t know who is exactly is Iron lady and all things that continued while Michael was on duty happened Iron Lady didn’t stop to cover for Michael. All this continued till the case died slowly and there was no evidence the state were desperate to negotiate with Iron Lady.


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