Days and months passes without a sign of Iron Lady military were deployed to protect Morris Harbour who was still in the country the state didn’t want risk of taking him back to his country as they didn’t know what to expect or what is Iron Lady up to. Getty and her team were also in alert on the ground they were collecting all information they can get their life continued normally communities were keen to see Iron Lady coming back because she did safe many lives in black neighbourhood communities.

Government were too conducting their own research on how can they catch someone like Iron Lady the team got back together to continue with their duties they were shocked to see militarydeployed to protect drugs tycoon. “Guys the guy is protected by military there’s nothing we can do as police” said Michael. “But how can state protect a drugs tycoon is that making sense?” asked Dave. “Remember that guy was here to get his license to open a mine” said Floyd. “No the state just protecting their assets” said one of team. “From the guy?” asked Floyd. “I’m afraid so” he replied. “And one thing please Getty be careful now the military are now creating machine that they can use to catch Iron Lady” said Michael. “I thought they wanted to negotiate with Iron Lady?” said Getty. “Well they changed seems like it’s you against them now and trust me they won’t give up so be careful on that” said Mic. “We won’t do something stupid and we can’t allow them to take that guy back to his country” said Floyd. “So what do you have in mind?” asked Mic. “We need to finish him before they can think of coming after us” said Floyd. “Ok please be careful remember you fighting military now” said Michael. “We got this just continue finding more information about their plans” replied Floyd.

Doctor was busy with his research about little Cathy who also looks like she got some rare powers on her too the seems to break down to see what kind of power she have the scan pictures were showing a gold layer around Little Cathy’s body. “What did you get?” asked Floyd. “Your little sister has a layer around her body” said Doctor. “What kind of layer?” asked Getty. “She got a gold layer” replied Doctor. “What does that mean?” asked Floyd. “I don’t know I need to put her on x-ray to see how she react to it then we’ll take it from there seem like your little sisters are elements we need to find out how the two connected to each other” said Doctor. “Ok please do what you can” said Floyd. “I’m on it” he replied.

On other hand team was making progress on the formation of breaking down the military that surrounded Morris Harbour they had to come with a plan on how to get inside the building of eight floors the build was secured with military and CCTV around it no one was allowed to go in except state representative or military the team had to come with a plan to use a drone that will go in un- noticed they used the drone to check the size of security inside and trace Morris movements from room to another.

Getty and the team agreed to send a clear message that they are coming after Morris state started to try to find out why is Iron lady is so desperate to get Morris he had no clue why she is after him to the military were progressing on how to catch Iron Lady some believed that Iron Lady is an Alien but it was just an speculation to military. The team were ready to strike and break the security that is surrounding Morris. Getty knew that it might happen that she won’t come back or she will come back this was a real war between her and military that protecting the monster that she want to face the world was keeping eye at state to look at what it’s going to happen the military had eyes all over to keep an eye to Iron Lady. The moment was close as Getty was preparing herself physically and emotionally the team was fully prepared to what’s going to happen after only a matter of time will let. The Target was set and formation Detective Michael was on standby with his team to go after Iron Lady.

The moment everyone has been waiting for arrives Getty knew there is no turning back their cameras and weapons were set they only waiting for her to activate her powers as she did that one of the military got a signal of her coming and warn the military base that she is coming Getty had had to face all sort of security personnel including all forces of military from air force to Navy before she can get to her Target She got all support she can get from her team including Detective Michael she had a control in all appliances that attached to electricity this one will be a major problem to Military force to break it as she generate electricity the military got a signal that Iron Lady is coming they all waiting for her from all corners of the building they were shock to see power goes down and Iron Lady appears this caught them as they never thought it might go that far IronLady had all control including the military system as it uses electricity one thing that she had no control of it was their weapons she had to duck bullets after bullets the military knew that without control on their system they had to fight Iron Lady with only weapons they have air force were on board the fight lasted for almost ten hours as Iron Lady got charged with electricity and her power got her moving with the help of her team she was able to penetrate the air force as it was the one that gave her trouble followed by navy she was able to get inside the build now she was facing light security as she go floor by floor to the last floor Morris is. Morris was trapped as he couldn’t hide or run away the only way to go out was to go pass by Iron Lady who was coming after all security to him. She did catch up with him the forces were still coming up but they were separated by two floor in between Iron Lady had a chance to chat little with Morris who could even able to move his legs as a shock. “You thought that I won’t get to you?” said Iron Lady. “Who are you and what do you want from me” asked Morris. “I want justice Morris Harbour innocent people died and you still alive” said Iron Lady. “I don’t know what you talking about I didn’t kill anyone” replied Morris. “Boss and Tazz are dead you know something about that?” asked Iron Lady. “If you want me to get people who killed them you know something about that?” asked Iron Lady. “If you want me to get people who killed them I will do that” said Morris. “No those two people deserve to die” said Iron Lady. “Who are you and what do you want from me?” he asked. “I’m your worst nightmare you took away my loved ones you took the life of my parents and my brother is in wheelchair because of you again you crossed the line by trying to take my little sister away from me my little sister. And you think you think your security will protect you or I will be scared to come after you because state is protecting you?” said Iron Lady. “Getty? Is that you? Look I will give you everything that I have please don’t kill me I undermined you I’m sorry please don’t kill me” he said. “I don’t need anything that comes from you I’m here to finish what I’ve started” she replied. The force were coming floor by floor searching for her.

The other side of military did able to trace were communication the Iron lady using coming from and they were able to cut it at sent force to look at the centre who is in there the team realised that the communication between them and Iron lady has compromised and warned her that they lost communication and she is now on her own Detective on other side he had eye on everything that was developing and warned Floyd and the team to move out of the building as possible as they can as the force coming to the building they did that and moved to a doctor’s secret house but they didn’t have communication with Getty and didn’t know what’s happening in there Getty was busy chatting with Morris she didn’t buy what he was telling her and ended killing him the military did find her still in the room and they were able to catch her by using machines they build and reclaimed the power she had with her.

The Doctor knew that with no communication and signal between them and Iron Lady there is something that is not right they received a text from Detective Michael letting them know that Morris Harbour is dead but military did able to catch Getty he warned them that they have to act fast before they kill her Floyd and the team had to come with a plan to go safe his sister but without communication there was a little they can do The Doctor remembered that Little Cathy has powers too and she might be a solution to help Getty the plan didn’t sit well to Floyd. “You little sister can help Getty she is the only one who can do this” said Doctor. “No Cathy is a child we can’t use her” said Floyd. “I know she’s a child but right now we need her and maybe it’s a right time to see how the two can work together we need to check the combination between Iron and Gold how they react together” said Doctor. Floyd knew that this is a gamble he was worried that if something goes wrong he might lose both sisters the doctor and team convinced him to allow that he had no choice. But to agree the military had Getty where they want her they took her to a lab to conduct a research on her she was still on her Iron body cover. The military could see who exactly is Iron Lady the news now started to spread news channel started to gather outside the military baseneighbourhood communities gathered to protest in support of Iron Lady they wanted state to free Iron Lady they believed that she was serving justice the world was on stand still after military reported that Morris Harbour was murder by Iron Lady many Countries were rejoicing to the news as Morris was a drug tycoon.

Floyd was nervous of what going to happen if something goes wrong they knew they had no time but to act as possible to safe Getty they had to get Little Cathy ready physical and emotional with little communication resources they had they had to make sure the protect Little Cathy Cathy’s power was not depending from anything but herself by controlling them this makes it difficult to military to get close to her when her powers are active there is a gold body cover around her and a strong layer that covers her the layer built like a ball around her and it is transparent you can able to see her the layer is a protection to her nothing can break it even if someone use the gun no bullets can go in.

The military was settled as they know that they got Iron Lady the security was not as heavy as it was before that’s was and advantage to the Golden Baby. People were gather outside military base some protesting asking to free Iron Lady some came to witness what’s happening and also media were there to report every moments. There was a strange gold light that was coming towards the military base from the direction of the moon everyone was shocked and they didn’t know what’s to do or what to expect the light kept coming closer and closer till all realise that another super hero is here the moment was captured on cameras the world was watching the military was shocked to see that from their television inside the base they knew that now it’s about to go down those who were there to witness the moments were cheering to a Little Golden baby asking her to go free Iron Lady. The military couldn’t believe what’s is happening some tried to stop Golden Baby by shooting at her but as she was protected by a layer she was untouchable she went in and out searching for her sister to rescue her military did their best to get rid of her but that was not enough Golden Baby was a hero at that moment as the world was watching what is unfolding at Military base.

Golden baby did able to reach Iron Lady but she had to untie her from all ropes she was tied with and took her out of machine that was there it took time for her to figure out how she going to activate the POWERS OF Iron Lady but she was assistant by the team personally by her brother Floyd he took her step by step till they enable to bring Getty back on fit. From awake Getty was very week but the doctor knew what she need he ordered that Golden Baby to find a charge to put it on Getty that worked and without waste of time she was back on track and could notice that her little sister is here to safe her show was just started they had to go out but to go out is to pass all forces that were coming after them their combination were seems to be working as they were two elements Iron and Gold the military didn’t stand a chance as now Iron Lady had a partner and made it difficult for military to use machines they used before to catch Iron Lady it everyone had to safe her/his own life it was everyone to himself the mess was live on camera inside military base. As they come out the bas gate the two sisters knew that their mission is completed and they are safe the media were waiting to hear from them to hear what exactly they are up to and who they are but it didn’t happen Detective Michael and his team arrived in time.


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