Morris’s wife needed to fight back and get a revenge from people who killed her husband she wanted Iron Lady dead to see that happen she had to come with a plan to see her plan become reality she had people working for her already Charlotte Harbour wanted Iron Lady dead and she was obsessed with that. She had people work for her also in the country and they did able to come with a plan on how to get Iron Lady. They knew that putting Michael on the edge will work on their favour. They followed Michael’s family’s movements finding out where his wife works and where kids schooling it was easy to do that as Michael didn’t know there are some people following him they collected all information they needed what’s left was to pay a visit to Michael’s office.

Michael was shocked to hear that he has a visitor in his office one of morning when he get in he find he tall Russian man who was seated reading a magazine “I heard you want to talk to me?” asked Michael who was curious. “Detective Michael it’s good to see you in person” said the man. “What can I do for you?” he asked. “Mr Detective you don’t mind if we sit first?” asked the man. “Off course now you can go ahead” said Mic. “I want you to do me a favour or should I say I want you to do me something big?” said the guy. “And what is that something big?” asked Mic. “I want you to kill Iron Lady I know you working with her I’ll compensate you very good Mr Detective” said the man. “What? You want me to kill Iron Lady?” asked Mic. “That’s correct you know Iron Lady is a big problem not just here in your country but also across the board so what do say think about five hundred dollars in your bank you’ll able to leave your payless job and start your life somewhere” said the man. “What’s your name?” asked Mic. “Call me Owen” replied Owen. “Ok so Owen what makes you think that I have capacity to kill Iron Lady” asked Michael. “Well isn’t that obvious that you working with her you have everything you know to work against her Detective and that will be easy for you to kill her” said Owen. “If man like Morris Harbour failed to kill her I don’t think I will accessed too I’ll be calling death from far” said Mic. “Just think about your two beautiful daughters and wife don’t you think it’s time to fulfil the promises you made to them?” asked Owen. “You’ve been following me?” he asked. “I can say that but I was doing it for finding useful information Mr Detective and to keep things straight this is not a deal it is an instruction hope you’ll tell me what is the plan forward in just twenty four hours I’ll be waiting” said Owen.

He stood and walked away Michael knew he is in trouble and with the guy he even don’t know what is his agenda he figured out what to do but he ran out of plans but to let Floyd know about this Owen guy. He went out to meet Floyd and let him know what’s going on Floyd didn’t believe what’s he is told they agreed that Michael continue to negotiate with this Owen guy while Floyd and the team figure out what to do Michael continued negotiating with the guy for few days Floyd and team didn’t find anything about this guy. They were surprised to hear Michael telling them that the guy agreed to let him go but with what cost he didn’t know Owen did find out that Michael is about to buy a new house with security then Owen alerted his boss Charlotte. They had to come with a plan of sending a property agent to Michael to convince him to buy one of the house the agent comes with. The house have a heavy security features that Owen and his boss can easily gain to control Michael was impressed with the features the house comes with and bought the house everyone was excited for him as he know the house is safe that the house they lived in before.Michael and his family moved in the new house everything were on point Charlotte Harbour knew it was the right time to strike back what comes to Detective Michael no one thought of it Owen started by following the movements of Michael’s with and kids he knew that Michael working late hours this will work on their favour. Owen activated the security lock to lock all the building from windows to security doors while the wife and kids of Michael sleeping. No one had access of going in or going out one of the elder kids woke up as she was struggling to sleep and went to a sitting room she felt something is not right when she notice that she can’t see outside the window went to wake her mom who also that took her as a shock they alerted Michael he came back home as saw what was going on her wife and kids were trapped inside their home he tried to break in but it didn’t help Owen knew that he got him where he want him

Owen knew that he got him where he want him this stressed Michael as he could understand what exactly happened and why is this happening kids were scared one thing he had to do was to call Floyd. When Floyd arrive he knew that this is serious matter Wife and kids are trapped inside the house. The team were conducting their research to find what could this be but they were surprised to see Michael’s neighbour arriving with phone claiming the caller is looking for Detective the caller was Charlotte Harbour who they didn’t know about. “Detective Michael it’s good to hear you sounding good and well” said Charlotte. “Who is this” he asked. “Your old friend hope your wife and kids will be ok” said Charlotte over a phone call. “You the one who did this what do you want from me and who are you exactly?” asked Michael. “Take it is young man I can see that you brought your team that’s a good way to rescue your wife and kids let’s hope they’ll find them alive” said Charlotte. Michael tried to match the voice but he couldn’t able to notice who was she the lady dropped the call. “Who was that” asked Floyd. “I don’t know seems like we’ve been watched all this time even now” said Michael. “What is she want” asked “I don’t know and I don’t care all I care about right now is about my wife and kids I have to think about how I’m going to take them out of this house alive” said Michael. “We on this together we’ll help you man” replied Floyd. Then text message came in to Michael’s phone reading “I hope this time around you’ll do what I’m asking you to do I thought Owen will do better but you showed that you are trusted by Iron Lady all I’m asking you is to kill Iron Lady then I will take care of you you have a week to do that and please don’t do stupid tricks I’m watching you and don’t worry about your wife and kids not hearing what’s happening outside they are safe they have enough food for a week so take time to plan” on text. Michael and Floyd realised that this is about Iron lady.

Getty and Dave were busy observing the house around checking if there is something they can come with to break in but it was not impossible to do that. “What do we do now?” asked Michael. “There’s only one thing we can do to know where exactly we dealing with” said Dave. “Do you have a plan? Asked Floyd. “We need to find the agent who sold the house to you” said Dave. “I have her address should I give it to you?” asked Michael. “Yes please” replied Dave. Michael gave him address the team continued with their investigation and they found that the property agent was registered as an agent few months ago this made the team suspicious they had to come with a plan to meet up with the agent which they did and organised a meeting. Dave and one of the team member went to meet up with her to seek information the day of the meeting came and pass they found out that the agent was hired to do so by a Russian guy named Owen who they knew about and the team believe that the guy is around and they have to find him before things get worse. Getty had to come with a plan to able to trace the woman who called Michael she revealed that the woman called Michael is Morris Harbour’s wife. “Guys you won’t like what I come with” she said. “We here come out with what you have” said Floyd. “The lady who called Michael is a wife of Morris” said Getty. “No ways” said Michael. “Yeah she is looking for a revenge what we can do right now is to find this guy called Owen he is the one who is getting instructions from this woman so once we done with him we’ll know exactly who is in control of the security of this house” saidGetty. “How are going to get him?” asked Michael. “You’ll have to call him ask to meet to discuss the plan what you have to do is to agree that you’ll kill Iron lady then one of our team will able to follow the guy to where he stay then will know what to do from there” said Getty. “What if the plan doesn’t work the guy has security” replied Michael. “I will follow him” said Dave. “Trust me it will work will have to try every plan we have to safe your wife and kids” said Getty. Michael did set the meeting with Owen to meet up at his office Dave was on standby to follow the back to his place Owen was staying in a hotel and that made easy for the team to able to go search the hotel room and they find out he is the one who is controlling the security of the house that Michael bought.

Michael received the text to remind him that the time is moving he need to act fast if he still want to see his wife and kids the team decided to wait for the last hour of day to come before the can act to their plan they knew that this will frustrate Owen and Charlotte this was their plan to buy time so that Getty can able to get in the hotel un-noticed Owen Security were alerted that Iron lady is in the building but it was too late for them to fight her back Iron lady went in and fight with all she had to get the access to Owen’s room Owen was in the room promising that if Iron lady comes near him he will blow the house to ashes Iron Lady came with a plan to negotiate with him to buy some times to get closer to him. The plan worked and Iron Lady got access to security but Charlotte had access to bombs that were planted in the house she noticed that Owen is not communicating with her as he knew him that’s when she realised that something is wrong and text Michael to tell him that if he killed Owen she will kill his wife too the team started to panic but Iron lady was on time back to the house to deactivate the security she get there as one of the room was on fire but Michael’s wife and kids were safe as the room that was on fire was a warning to Michael Iron Lady went inside and did able to take them out safely Charlotte was surprised to see Iron Lady inside the house She tried to blow it down thinking she will kill her but that was not enough to kill Iron Lady.

Everyone was safe and Michael received a new house that was secured by the team in help from Iron Lady.


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