Life was good and we decided to plan our wedding we hired a wedding planner who planned everything we didn’t have to worry everything was on point the date was set and every guest received their invitation. It was painful that Busi’s parents were not going to be there but my dad went to talk to the people who running the prison that Busi’s mom is till he find out that Busi’s mother died before she can start her third year in prison and by that time it’s when Busi and her brother were starting to live in streets Busi couldn’t take the news very well but she knew that her parents are now in peace all she had to do is to live her live too the wedding continued my family came we were happy everyone enjoyed himself. The wedding came and went we had left with one trip which was a honeymoon which will be in Dubai for three weeks we paid everything and my big sister took care of our house while we were in Dubai.

That was our biggest moment ever we wished to have together as a couple we shared life together we had different dreams and wishes but we made it work for our relationship to work from our honeymoon we came with full of ideas on how we going to make our home warm every now and then including business ideas we wanted to have big business from PR Marketing and Broadcasting and we had plans we got sponsorship to keep all our businesses moving then we made money together which was our plan we were specializing in different field that helped us to grow our business. Money started to come in

we moved in a new house that fit our status and we had a new baby on the way family was growing I was happy that I’m going to be a father again to a baby girl. We planned on how we going to welcome our new born baby we wanted this time to be different because we have it all to make it so good for our second born.

One day morning I received a call it was around ten it was a doctor alerting me that my wife Busi is about to give a birth I was so excited and happy I took my car keys to hit the road and be with my wife when she give a birth I texted everyone my mom dad and big sister businesses were booming and everything was going according to the plan I drove off to the hospital while on my way there something happened all I saw was a truck colliding with another car then I woke up in a hospital bed surrounded by my mom dad my sisters and my friends Busi and Sbu everyone was happy to see me awake I didn’t know what was going on then I asked mom who broke in tears when she tells me that I have been in Coma for three months after tying to commit suicide because my girlfriend broke up with me because I’m broke then I realize all the good life I was living was just a dream to wake me up my dead is not a businessman and Busi is not my girlfriend or wife she’s my friend and we don’t have money my dad is just a hustler. Tears fell on their own in my eyes I was heartbroken the pain of been dumped and the pain of been poor it real not a dream.


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Michelle 2019-11-02 01:15:01

Wow.what a story I.dnt even have words but at list u have your family

Nonsikelelo 2019-10-29 21:31:12

Eish u my be poor in finances but u rich if u got a family that loves and adore u

M4 2019-09-22 13:04:18

Tjo... Thats very sad. But when you look on the bright side, you might be poor but you still have a family that cares.

Tash 2019-07-31 21:32:37

Wow is it the end