My mom came back to her senses and everyone wanted to know what happened to her how did she end up on streets her story was heartbroken her mom is in prison for fraud she didn’t commit all her father’s assets went to his family mom started to cry even dad but Busi was a strong young lady who accepted that her dad is gone and her mom is in prison it’s just her and her brother that’s all matters life goes on. My dad took upon himself that he is going to get to the bottom of this but with no luck Busi started to worry about her brother she asked me to help her to find her brother who is in the streets of Johannesburg and he is vulnerable and dangerous he can do anything just to live. I promised Busi that I will do everything to help her she is my girlfriend at the end I had to man up and help her show her that I’ll be by her side no matter what all she didn’t was to go back to Natal she hated that place with all her heart.

I spoke to some of my friends to help me look for Busi’s brother even my big sister joined the force to help look for Busi there was news that Busi’s brother is the one now leading the streets he had young street kids working for him this made Busi angry but we had to support her

this made Busi angry but we had to support her we couldn’t able to get to her brother because they separated the time they were fighting and the reason why Busi ended up in hospital was because of her brother. We tried our best till we come to give up we moved on with our lives and helped Busi to go back to study and we were in the same institution we were happy couple but not married we continued to grow together we started to think about our own family and move in to our own apartment everything moved fast even if we were doing mistakes we took them lightly to just fit in my parents were worried about us moving to our own apartment but it was love we had for each other few months after moving in together I proposed to her and she said yes love was in the air then we had a baby in the process all changed as more responsibility comes in. we had to prioritize on what is important to us I got a job and she also finished her studies our baby boy was health and fit and we decided to buy a house and stop renting I was excited about what is happening in my life and wish all those who were saying I’m gay could come witness the join I’m in. we continued with buying a house and we decided to move away from where we stay to start fresh we bought a house just in Centurion not far from we work just to enable us to take care of our child the location was the best we wanted and the house was a mansion we could afford we were happy even our neighbors came to welcome us in our new home.


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