Many called her Street Kid but I know she was more than that she is special like any other human being one day she asked me to come with me to varsity then we went together everyone was teasing her she cried to a point I felt it in my heart we went back home she didn’t want to talk I gave her time to calm down then few hours later I went to her so we can talk but she approached me first she was calm and happy I didn’t understand what is it but then since we both want to talk to each other he said to me I must go first but it was hard for me till he made it easy for me she was realizing that I love her I was happy to see that she now knows then what is her respond but she didn’t want me to fight with my family especially my mom all she said was she is going back to street and I should forget about her my heart was broken into ten pieces tried to talk to her to convince her but it didn’t work luckily my dad overheard our conversation he sat with her without my knowledge I was surprised to hear her coming to me and telling she’ll stay just for me. I was happy like no one could break me.

My mom tried to bribe Busi to go away but she denied the offer mom offered her five hundred thousand so she can disappear from our lives but Busi was not one of those girls she loved me too she appreciated whatever we gave her and she just wanted to respect my parents. One of the days she was looking at the pictures on the wall and saw one of my picture I was in school uniform from my younger age I still in primary

Busi knew the school because she went to that school but I didn’t know until she tells me that she know the school she told me everything and what she said I knew all about it but I didn’t know her until she tells me about her father Mr Ncube Mr Ncube was my father’s best friend they went into business together till Mr Ncube dies about fifteen years ago we still young by then then everything start get sad every story she was telling me how she and her brother ended on street of Johannesburg it was sad her father had properties in Randburg and Fourways had shares in mines but all disappeared after he dies I didn’t know what to say to Busi how to comfort her but this was a good thing for her and for my mom because mom and dad know her father and they know her too super time came it was very quiet on the table I had to break the news that Busi told me I asked dad if he misses Mr Ncube my dad started to talk about how he and Mr Ncube were best friend not just friend but family friends and they were running successful businesses my mom joined dad they kept talking till dad ask me why I’m asking him that question I didn’t know how to put it then mom said maybe we should go check Mr Ncube’s Kids “That’s not necessary mom” replied to mom. My dad was curious to know I’m saying that then all I said was that “Because we have Mr Ncube’s daughter in the house everyone was shocked but dad realized that Busi reminded him someone but couldn’t know who was then that’s was his answer. 


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