I got to the hospital “Busi’ the girl was looking just fine and relaxed it was the day she is released so the doctor kept saying your girlfriend is now ready to go home but she was not my girlfriend. So came time to go I had to look after her till she recover but firstly where is she going to stay I took her to my home my family were shocked to see me arriving with a girl but my dad was rejoicing because he wanted me to come with a girl at home to believe that I’m not gay. My dad was the first person to welcome us in the house and made Busi comfortable mom took me aside to ask if I’m crazy or what’s going on I told her that it’s for few days then the girl will go after she recover my big sister was mad too she couldn’t believe what his eyes just witnessed but it was true I brought Busi in our home without asking or letting anyone know then tension started to run in the house my mom didn’t like Busi even my big sister but as for my dad and little sister they loved her showed her love because they thought she is my girlfriend. Sbu was shocked to hear that Busi is staying with me I didn’t tell him because I knew he wouldn’t like the Idea.

Days and weeks passed and Busi was trying to adapt to the suburb live and trying to fit in the house but mom tried her best to make her unwelcome I was happy that Busi is recovering and receiving a proper medication mom tried to ask dad to talk to me but dad avoided her. One day Busi heard mom talking bad about her and she decided to go without letting me know when I arrived home I find her not around her things were not in the room I gave her to sleep in I had to go out of street of Sandton to look for her my dad offered to come with me we went to street to look for her we looked around and asked everyone we meet on our way till we reach her sleeping under the tree near Killarney Mall not far from Melrose Arch she was tired you see she walked distance and she didn’t took her medication. We took her to hospital to a doctor to check her she was OK

she was tired you see she walked distance and she didn’t took her medication. We took her to hospital to a doctor to check her she was OK then went back to the house she was tired I offered her food and she slept.

I sat down with mom to help her understand and promised me she will let her stay till she recover we agreed on that the time went on me and Busi started to be so close we started to be comfortable to a point we tell each other our dark secrets the bond between us kept growing my friends started to complain that I spend more time with her and thinking we in love but I denied all those accusations but inside me there was something telling me that you falling for her but I kept ignoring that feeling I took time alone asking myself why did I help Busi I couldn’t get the answer I did even go talk to my pastor at church he started talking about living like Christ but this one was different yes I admit Busi is beautiful she a black beauty and she my age but did I just took her in my home for what is it for love or what? I continued fighting this feeling till the day Busi supposed to move out that’s when I realize that I love her I didn’t know how to break the news to her so I came with an excuse to make her stay for few more days for me to come with a plan my big sister noticed that I fall for her but because I know she hate Busi ignored her.


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