I filled the form and gave them to the reception told them we’ll return to check her we went to varsity then our classes came to an end went back to the hospital we waited till it was late at home they were trying to call me to find out where I am but keeping telling them that I’m on my way. The doctor gave us a chance to go in and see the girl she was still sleeping and I sat there looking at her hoping she’ll wake up then I saw her hand move the time she woke up one thing she said was “where am I?” I had to explain to her where she is and she was able to recognize my face. The Doctor came with the bill and I told the doctor to not worry I’ll pay the bill of the girl she didn’t want me to do that but I did we had a long chat till we feel comfortable around each other I asked her what happened and where are others she was with the other day she broke up with tears I knew whatever happened to her had something to do with those boys Sbu called me us asking me if I can trust the girl but the girl needed help that’s all I care about went back inside

went back inside she told me everything from the beginning to the end.

The doctor had to keep her for few days that I’ve already paid for we went home everyone was still up at home waiting for me who can wait for an old boy like me in this cold days but that’s family my dad was there on a couch reading newspaper like old days mom kept herself busy in kitchen baking and two sisters were fighting for a remote as always they all stood up when the door open we had to explain where we coming from tried to lie but my friend Sbu gave them straight answer all were surprised to hear that we coming from hospital they came close to me and ask if I’m sick but mom came to her conclusion that the reason why I went to hospital it’s because I woke up late in the morning but Sbu came out with the truth that we went to see my stranger he just called her a stranger they wanted to know everything but went straight to my bed and lock the door.

Came morning everyone was in the kitchen waiting for me to answer their questions including my five years old little sister she just wanted to know if she’s cute or if we are dating but tried to make them understand I was just helping nothing more then the doctor ruin everything by calling my cell phone then mom answered it she started to ask if she can come with me to the hospital but it was not going to happen.


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Mpho 2019-07-07 06:19:48

It would be nice if u give us details Nd also the conversation between the characters