Later that morning mom came in my bedroom to wake me she was shocked including everyone I’m first person to wake up in the house everyday but that morning I couldn’t I was cold and mom thought maybe I was dead but hey I’m still alive. She tried her best to get answers on what happened but I ignored the questions comes my way and I went straight to my bathroom. Sbu one of my best friend was in the kitchen with my little sister. “Your father left car keys on the table” said mom. “Okay mom I’ll see you after my classes” I was just replying to cut conversation short because if I don’t do that she’ll will push hard to find the truth in me.

Me and my friend Sbu went into German machine he was telling me about how he got a girl last night and wanted to know where I disappeared to I was annoyed by what he is telling me he’s repeating the same story all the way. Then while I was still driving my mind and eyes shifted like real “Boy look at that robot” said Sbu. “Sorry man” my eyes were focused on what is happening just outside the road next to us there was a girl who was laid on the floor I recognize the face I pulled outside the road

Sbu was angry at me to pull out of the road but I didn’t care much about it I ran to the girl and it was her the girl I met this morning with those boys I tried to greet her but she couldn’t recognize me she was badly injured with wounds in her body and face. “We have to take her to hospital” I sad to Sbu who was just mad at me and couldn’t understand what exactly going on with me. “We can’t skip our classes because of stranger a person you just saw now” he was damn angry at me. “We have to take her to hospital she is hurt” I replied to my friend then pulled her up and walked with her to the car people start to give attention to us including those who were in their cars on a robot but toward the car we were driving it was an AMG.

Sbu was curious to know what is going on with me he was worried that we’ll skip classes and we never skip classes before I drove silently till we get to the hospital her condition was getting worse to a point it gave many doctors attention inside hospital. “Is she going to be fine?” I asked one of the doctor who responded with a smile assuring me she will be fine and gave me forms to fill. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that man we can’t fill those form” said Sbu you could see he is not comfortable. “Why not we the one who brought her here I fill them then we go attend our classes” replied him.


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