It was Saturday night me and my friends were out to a party we decided to take a public transport everyone was having fun except myself I was bored like hell wishing to be home by then so I decided to go without telling my friends because they were all over the club obvious they were drunk the club was live and full but my mood was not there I walked down the street I walked for an hour to realise that I’m lost in the middle of Braamfontein I thought I know my way out but I was lying so I decided to just walk I’ll see where the street takes me by that time it was only me on the street the street was empty and quiet I heard voices coming toward my direction I was scared like hell I didn’t know if I should run or do what but I stayed strong and be brave to stand like a man you know how people take us young guys who stays in suburbs they call us cheese boys.

They approached me I was nervous that’s real true it was two guys and a girl you could see that they live in street of Johannesburg they know every corner of the city one of the boys came closer to me and ask me what am doing in their territory he was asking crabbing my hand so I cannot run I was calm then I told the truth “I’m lost can you help me get to Bree Taxi Rank?” I asked politely the two boys laughed at me then I turned to the girl who was distanced herself from us

after laughing at me one of them responded “If we take you to taxi rank what do we get in return?” “I’ll give you anything you want” I replied just to get help and I knew that by saying that I messed up big time. One of the boys asked me to give him my shoes I took off my shoes and give it to him other demanded my jacket I gave it to him by that time it was cold freezing the girl was watching then after they took whatever they wanted from me one of them said “come with us there are no taxi at this time.” I was wondering whether I should go or not I was starting to get cold and I don’t know where I am then suddenly the girl said a word “Come don’t be scared” she said.

The rain started to pour I regretted the moment I left my warm home and go to party. I knew that no one of my friend will go out to look for me. This street kids made me sleep on the floor it was terrible I wished to make time move faster then I realised that if I can try to open my phone it can but the battery was low I tried till it’s open then called uber guy to come fetch me before he could arrive to my location the boys took my phone and made it theirs including my pants luckily the uber arrived then took me home. The uber guy kept asking me what happened then I told him the whole story it was like a nightmare but it was real happening it was still early hours of the morning that you can see the club still going strong all I had to ask from the guy was not to tell my friends of what happened because there will be no peace and all that made me think that coming from suburbs doesn’t make you different from the world we all own life that’s all matters but the strange thing was that I couldn’t remember the face of those boys but the face of the girl how come. We arrived home Morning Side Woodmead luckily everyone was still sleeping I had time to get to my bedroom.


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Ewu, what a dream. Askies.

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Interesting intro