Chapter 9

Life without a mother's love

Six months later 


I'm sitting in the bathroom on a toilet sit waiting for results when I heard my phone ringI took five of them put them on my bed then answered my call 

Me:Mdu unjani 

Mdu:Ngi right wifey where is Menzi I've been calling him but voicemail 

Me:Ohh he just went out 

Mdu:Okay when he comes back tell me okay argh better yet I'm coming you in balitors right yeah he said he is having lunch with his future wife so I'll be there in few 


Mdu:Yeahhe said so just tell him am on my way okay 


Mdu: Wifey are you there

Me:Yeah yeah we will be waiting

Mdu:Okay cool(hung up) 

Me to me:Okay first he said he has a gold game with Mdu and now Mdu is calling me telling me about Balitors while I'm home could Menzi be cheating ohh no this explain why he wasn't answering his calls in my presence lately wow(I picked my phone and called Karabo she answered on a 3rd ring 

Karabo: Sister in law already missing me? (Laughing)

Me:Kay remember that day when I told you that I think Menzi is double crossing me?

Karabo:I do did you find anything proving you right?

Me:I think I do let's meet at Palivion mall in five minutes

Karabo:On my way

Me:Call me when you reach there (hung up)

What if I will catch him cheatingwhat am I going to do ohh no I'm not ready for thisI didn't even check if I'm pregnant or notjust stormed out off the housegot in the cardrove to palivion mall if I don't find ticket today then I'll say I'm luckyI found Karabo packing right outsideI packed next to her and got out

Karabo:Okay tell me what's going on

Me:Your man called said something about me and Menzi being in balitors and Menzi left me home telling me about going with Mdu in a golf cart

Karabo: I'll be crazy tooit doesn't make sense let's get in and see

We walked in and guess what this MF is kissing this chick in nurse uniform I wasn't ready for this but now I want him to see I've seen himI'm slowly reaching my breaking point but won't show him walked to their table took a cup of water that was in the table and poured Menzi

Menzi:Wtf...Mama I can totally explain

Me:Save itNxa(I stormed out and cried my lungs out with Karabo trying to cool me off)

Karabo:I think you should come and sleep over in my place today until you feel better

Me: okaythanks for being by my side

Karabo:no problem we leaving your car here we will fatch it later when you've calmed down a bit

I nodded and we drove to her placeshe gave me my space and I really felt like I was slowly losing my mindhow could he

how could heafter everythingafter being the woman he wants me to behe still go behind me and cheat worse of it all in publicno Menzi doesn't not respect meI don't know when I dozed off but I felt Karabo smoothly waking me up

Me:Ohh hey what time is it

Karabo: Don't worry about timeI made you food let's eat then we will eat ice cream after(I smiled and she came back with two plate and trayI don't know when and how but I felt the urge of vomiting and I almost let it all out on her plate)

Me:I'm sorry about that but what's the smell

Karabo:(Confused)What smell Yaya

Me:No Kay something is off hereohh my go....(I ran to the toilet and came back)

Me:I'm totally sorry Kaymaybe stress is making me bit off can I just have ice cream and sleep again

She nodded and went to put the plate backcame back with ice cream

Karabo:Yaya your reaction lately are scaring mefirst you were fainting which I doubt you told Menzi about itthe sudden bad smell and vomiting I think you pregnant

Me(Sigh)I think so too I did pregnancy test today before Mdu called but couldn't check them because I was already in a hurry of catching Menzi

Karabo:Now that you know the truth what's gonna happen to you and himwill you fix this and move past itif it happens that you pregnant what's gonna happen

Me:Kay I'll never move past thishe did cheat knowing very well what he is doingI don't need his explanation or stupid reason all I want now is outI want out of our relationship fiancee-ship and out of everything that has him inside

Karabo:And the babe

Me:I want out Karaboout of everythingif means killing this baby then I willI'll never carry a child of a man who have hurt me worse of it all I don't wanna keep this baby knowing I'll leave him/her soon

Karabo: Karabo what do you mean yaya

Me:Can I just sleep please

Karabo:Okay sleepcall me if you need anything okay?

Me:I will thanks please if he comes here don't let him in 

She nodded and left


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