Chapter 7

Life without a mother's love



We got in his place"home" yah we got home and I went to our bedroom changed into dark blue jean white simple shirt and black leather jacket with white nike air Force did a little bit make up and put my man's cap I went down found him eating well you can never separate him food never 

Me:I'm done(smile)

Menzi:You look great now let me finish here so we can go

Me: Right you'll find me in the car I'm driving (I said so grabbing the keys from the coffee table)

Menzi:What no we will get where we going next year moss

Me: Really now I'll show you (He stood up and ran after me I didn't even make it to the door he was already in front of me)

Menzi:Mama give me those keys you'll drive on our way back now I'll drive so that we don't get late from our appointment

Me:But babe(puppy eyes)

Menzi:(chuckle) Please Mama

Me:(Smile)okay lovenow go lock the door you'll find me inside he nodded and kissed my forehead before leaving my side

Life without a mother's love

Menziwa Ndlovu (Menzi)

I looked at this amazing woman next to me her smile means the world to me and I'd die knowing that I've hurt her in any wayWe just arrived at our favorite restaurant she didn't even wait for me to open her door and went in she love sitting next to window looking outside every chance she got so I reserved her favorite sit I'll be proposing to her today I pray that she agrees ohh god I know I don't always pray but today please be in my favor I locked the doors and went outside finding her already having her mojito 

Me:Mama you couldn't wait for me njena 

Her:Haaa Babe it's been time since we got out you know work has been demanding we couldn't find enough time to sit here and drink our drinks 

Me:Okay Mama but I am here today forever till death do us apart even if work can demand but I'll still have you by my side yezwa 

She nodded and looked outside the window

forever till death do us apart even if work can demand but I'll still have you by my side yezwa 

She nodded and looked outside the windowThe waiter came and took out his book

Waiter: Evening ready to order?

Her:Yescan I have grilled chicken with garlic and salad and another mojito please sthandwa wena?

Me: Chilly steak and chops with chips and Heineken

Waiter: Coming 

He left and looked at this woman again I can't get enough of herI'm in love who would have thought that one day I'll finally find someone I'd wanna spend the rest of my life with 

Her:(Giggling)Stop staring at me Gatsheni

Me:(Smile)I can't stopyou too beautiful my eyes can't move away from you

Her:(Giggling)Ohh please (rolling her eyes) 

Me:Will you be my wife 

She laughed and looked outside the window

Me:MaXaba ngikhuluma nawe(I went down on my one knee and took out a small box opened it and gave her)

Me:Fit it

She looked at me and tears run down her check lucky she didn't put those clays of hers 

Her:(Crying/laughed/smile)Ask me nicely Ndlovu

I laughed and clear my throat

Me: MaXaba Sthandwa sam will you make me the happiest man alive and allow me marry you?

Her:Ohh Menzi you so stupidyes I will(she stood up helped me stand and kissed me with people clapping their hands some taking videos)

Me: Give me your hand(She gave me and I slide it inshe looked at it and came close crying on my chest)

Her: Thank you thank you for trusting me with your heartlife and everything that's about to happen with me inside our marriageI promise to love you forever and alwaysI love you Gatsheni.

Me: Don't cry Mamacome let me wipe these tearsnow give me your million dollar smile(She smiledgod created a dime here)I'll love you rightI don't promise you the world but I promise to always make you my number one priority my loveI'll love you through stormshills and valleys even if the world could go against us but with you in my hands we will forever win (I kissed her forehead and we sat down with her admiring her hand) 

Her:I love you ( whispering) 

Me:me or that ring(Sarcastic)

Her:(Laugh) Already jealous Mr?

Me:You wish  

We laughedate and left.


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