Chapter 6

Life without a mother's love


It has been a whole month since I started hanging with Menziduh okay it is not hanging we kinda in a relationshiphe asked to be my boyfriend on our first dateno lie your girl was charmed so she did what a girl gotta do so you actually looking at Mr Ndlovu's Girlfriend (Wink).Phila left and went to Capetown he got a promotion there being head of surgery I'm so happy for my friend at least something good is happening at him on my side work is tiring beside that all is wellI was just packing few clothes I'll be wearing while visiting Menzi yes this is our first visit surely we will be having sex so your girl did a number on Mrs Xaba she got shaved and cleaned it has been a while without having some good deed today I'll be giving it all my all the performance you y'all don't wanna know 

I took my bag and went downstairs just as I was putting my shoes he bulged in yes he never knock or tell when he is coming it's like he wanna find me in action

Me:I feel like I'm gonna remind you that this is my house Menzi you can't be coming in as you like

Menzi:Ohh Mama Sorryyou done so we can go(He came close and kissed meI pulled out) 

Me:Yes let's go(He took my bag and apple on my counter that's how free he is

I pulled out) 

Me:Yes let's go(He took my bag and apple on my counter that's how free he is he even cook for himself when I'm busy or asked him to get me something from home yes he own his keys now I walked behind him spanking his ass and locked the door)

Menzi:You gonna pay for spanking my ass and very hard(wink)

Me:Sorry Gatsheni I was just fooling around (Giggle)

Menzi:I love it when you me Gatsheni (Wait did he blush ohh my God he did great weak sport found)

Me:Babe did you just blush 

Menzi:I'm not Gay Ayandastop it let's go drop this off we going out today

Me:Babeeee you could have told melook at me I look like I just got up from bed

Menzi:You are fineyou should always wear my T-shirts they suit you

Guys I'm wearing one of his T-shirt and simple laggings and slippers I was really expecting to stay indoors with him cuddling not going out

Me:At least lemme change this shoes 

Menzi:Also change that leggings you only allowed to wear them indoors look at this ass damn women too reviling

Me:(Laughed)I would really like to see how other men will react to this view 

He gave me the eye

Menzi:Don't try me Ayanda Xabaa

Me:(Smiles)I'll change when we get to your place Gatsheni

He side smileI swear calling him Gatsheni is his weakness

Menzi:Homeour home not my place 

I nodded and he hold my hands that was on my tight from my hand to brushing my tight

Siyathandana by Boohle played and I increased the volume singing along 

(K'dala ngiba tshela nqawe

Kuthi siyathandana

Mina nawe 

Siyofa siphinde sihlangane

Futhi siphile ndawonye 

Oh baby)

Menzi:We will be dancing to this song on our wedding day (I turned and looked at himour eyes locked and he unlocked and looked at the roadI just smiled and we sang along)

Us(oh baby 

K'dala ngiba tshela nqawe

Kuthi siyathandana

Mina nawe...)


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