Chapter 5

Life without a mother's love


We've been at Menzi's place for more than 5hours now can you believe how comfortable I am with a total stranger that I met hours ago strange as it is but he is kind and bit fun he has been checking me up and I think this is becoming uncomfortable now I should just go home rest and prepare for work Now that my movie is over there is no reason in staying in 

Me:ugh uhm Menzi I think I should leave now but thanks for your hospitality and giving me warm place and cloths I will repay your clothes

Menzi:This early can't you wait for more few minutes we can watch as many chick flick movies you want I won't even complain(Sigh)

Me:I would really love to stay for me but I have to go take a nap and get ready for work maybe next right? 

Menzi:(Smiles)So there will be next time?

Me:Only if you okay with it but now I really gotta hit the road 

Menzi:(Smiles)Ohh yes we still gonna have many next times millions of them(He smiled like a fool)but can we go to your place take few things you gonna need for at least 3day until my brother comes back from his tripI'm kinda scared to be aloneI feel like we have zombies working down the corridor

I busted into laughter and looked at him

I feel like we have zombies working down the corridor

I busted into laughter and looked at himhe had this unreadable look but you could see he want to join me he is keeping it save only for me to agree he got another thing coming

Me:(laughing) Sorry I didn't mean to laugh at you but are you for real now making up this kinda storydid you listen to yourself (I busted again)I can't believe

Menzi(Laughing)Okay you got meI just don't want you to go I like your company

Me:aww Menzi you just knew me for how long two min already clingy sorry but it's a no from meI can't risk my life like this and my roommate must be waiting for me

Menzi:I totally understand lemme get the keys 


He got the keys and I directed him to my apartment

Me:That building over there

Menzi:Okay can I come and meet your roommate

Me:Seems like he is working overnight tonight I don't see his car 

Menzi:Your roommate is a he(He looked sad rather annoyed)

Me:Yes but he is gay he will be throwing himself over you 

Menzi:Ohh(Deep sigh)

Me:Are you okay?

Menzi:I am mind if I get your numbers maybe I could drive you to work 

Me:You can get my numbers but I'll be getting my car tomorrow they won't be no need for you drive me

Menzi:Okay then still fine with me 

He got out opened the door for me and handed me his hand to help me out

Me:Thanks for today

Menzi: Anytimemind if I hug you


He came close and hugged me for about five minutes

Me:Uhm you suffocating me(Laughing)

Menzi:Sorry just that I am a 

Me:A hugger I get it thanks again

Menzi: Tomorrow I'll be taking you out on a date 

Me:(Blushing)Are you telling me or asking me 

Menzi(Smirk)I'm kinda doing them both 

Me:Ohh wow bye Menzi 

Menzi:Bye Mama he let go of my hand and drive off


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